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A Timeline of Events and Dates

1700's - Illuminati, allegedly - (Adam Weishaupt-Founder, Jesuit Priest and Freemason)

Illuminati name translated to "bearers of the light" - Lumen
derived from Lucifer, ancient "angel of light"

1812 - Mayer Amschel dies, will sets up the "house of Rothchild" and family laws for their business to operate by.

1815 - Rothchilds trick British stock markets as the "battle of Waterloo" concludes and vastly multiply their fortunes.

1861 - America's civil war, orchestrated by European bankers, English cotton manufacturers and the US southern cotton aristocracy. President Lincoln turns to Russia for help ; Czar Nicholas gives unequivocal help. Russian fleet arrives and hesitates England and France long enough for the North to eventually win.

1865 - President Lincoln refuses to pay exorbitant interest on money provided by Rothchilds (who financed both sides of the civil war.) Some time later was killed by assassin.

1900's - Illuminati: - Allegedly, Rothschilds/Cune, Loeb & Co. (Jacob Schiff)/ Rockefellers

1913 - Federal Reserve Act put into law by Rockefellers on Dec 24 1913. Only 3 U.S. congressmen were present as it was Christmas Eve. Act was passed by congress to set up a privately owned "central bank". Paul Walburg is the first chairman.

1913 - 16th Amendment (IRS TAXES) added to U.S. Constitution.

1914 - Australia enters world war 1 ( dominion of Britain), the newly formed Commonwealth bank finances our financial needs for world war 1 etc, without interest payments or need of foreign debt.

1917 - Czar of Russia is killed by Bolshevik revolutionaries. Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin are financially backed by Jacob Schiff with 20 million in Gold (paid by Rothschilds/Illuminati).

1920 - League of Nations proposed by Woodrow Wilson and came into effect 10 Jan 1920.

1921 - COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (CFR) created by Rockefellers/ New York, deemed as Illuminati Organization in US.

1921 -1924 - The Australian commonwealth bank which was up to this point the "peoples" bank, manipulates on "the right to draw" Commonwealth notes without gold payment or security to eventually demand and force drawing rights of 31,000,000 pounds.

1921 - Royal Institute for International Affairs created by Rothschilds/ London.

1929 - Rothschild/Rockefellers/Carnegie/Morgan (CFR) created stock market crash, worldwide depression ensues.

1929 - Australia moves off the "gold standard" under the Scullin government.

1930 - August 18, Australian government imposes "sales" tax for the first time.

1931 - Australia's "Scullin" led government faces complete financial breakdown when proposals made to the bank are refused and money is cut off. Australia enters a financial depression. (sir Robert Gibson is the then Commonwealth bank chairman )

1933 - President Roosevelt (CFR) declares US. bankrupt - Signs over US. monetary power to world bankers (Rothschilds/Rockefellers - Illuminati) {March 6 , closes banks and prohibits the export of gold}

1939 - Hitler Invades Poland - Financial backing by Rothschilds/Warburgs/ Krupps.

1939 - Rothschild companies financially back both Hitler and Stalin for World War II. {Sept 3, Britain, Australia and France declare war on Germany}

1941 - { Dec 8} US. enters World War II ( Allegedly planned by Rothschild/Schiff/Rockefeller/ Roosevelt).

1945 - World War II ends - UNITED NATIONS created as solution to war. America drops Atomic bombs on Hiroshima { Aug 6} and Nagasaki {Aug-9}, Japan surrenders{Aug-14}.

1945 - June 26, Australia sign the UN charter in San Fransisco to become a member. The next 50 years sees many countries become gain independence from the commonwealth and / or become a republic.

1947 - May 25 , Australia becomes a member of the International Monetary Fund and International bank for reconstruction and development. {Nov 30, Australian regular army established}

1948 - April 7 , World Health Organization was established. { May 14, Israel proclaims it's independence and become embroiled in wars with the Arabs.

1949- April 4, NATO founded.

1950 - Land donated for UN Headquarters/New York, by Rockefellers.

1950 - June 27, UN starts Korean War. { China enters war as an ally to North Korea, Nov 26}

1959 - UN starts Vietnam War.

1963 - Nov 22, President John Kennedy killed by "One World" conspirators - News media reports only one gunman (Lee Harvey Oswald) - 5 bullets found from different guns. Prime , witnesses for multiple gunman theory found dead or missing.

1963 - Jack Ruby kills LeeHarvey Oswald - Ruby dies in jail of mysterious illness.

1967 - Dec 17, Australian prime minister Harold Holt disappears mysteriously while swimming at Cheviot beach and never found. - John McEwen sworn in as new PM. (Dec 19)

1968 - April 4, Martin Luther King murdered April 4, riots break out across 126 US cities.

1968 - Robert (Bobby) Kennedy murdered in June , hours after winning the Democratic primary election.

1971 - June 7 , Australia is made a full member of OECD.

1972 - Dec 11 last Australian troops leave Vietnam - US president Nixon withdraws troops from Vietnam bombing halted Jan15, 1993, bowing to extreme public pressure.

1973 - Dec 8, Australian referendum rejected for government to control prices and incomes.

1973 - David Rockefeller forms TRILATERAL COMMISSION (TLC)/ New York.

1974 - Sept 25, Australian prime minister Whitlam devalues currency by 12% and links it to an average of other counties.
(further devalues by 17.5% , Nov 29 1976)

1975 - April 13 , Civil war in Lebanon between Christians and Muslims.

1976 - Jimmy Carter (CFR) elected - Zbignew Brzezinski (CFR/TLC) appointed National Security Advisor. Five other high level members of president's staff all members of CFR/TLC.

1977 - Carter signs UN charter removing US. sovereignty under UN military command.

1980 - Dec 2, The Australian federal government lifts controls regulating bank interest rates on customer deposits.

1981 - Congressman Larry McDonald calls for comprehensive congressional investigation of the CFR and Trilateral Commission. Congress is urged to investigate these organizations.

1981 - July 31, The Australian federal government abandons wage indexation.

1982 - April 2, Argentina seizes Falkland island. Begins British "Falkland war" (June 14 -Argentinians surrender.)

1983 - Larry McDonald is killed along with 268 other passengers on Korean Air Lines (KAL) flight 007, shot down over Sakhalin Island in the Sea of Japan. All bodies recovered, except the bodies of the pilot and copilot. Some of the suspicious information regarding KAL 007 include:

* Flight was off course with plenty of fuel. Commercial flights commonly take a short cut over Sakhalin when low on fuel. Radio response in Russian airspace commonplace, with Russian pilots monitoring path of commercial planes.
* Russian pilots radioed KAL 007 with no response from pilots.
* Russian pilots fired warning shots with visible tracers past cockpit, KAL pilots did no acknowledge warning shots or tracers.
* Two parachutes were seen by inhabitants of Aleutian islands prior to plane being shot down.
* Flight recorder recovered by US. submarine, data classified by CIA.

1983 - Andropov (USSR) dies of mysterious illness, Chernenko appointed.

1983 - March 8 , The Australian dollar was devalued another 10%.

1984 - Chernenko (USSR) dies, Gorbachev appointed USSR Secretary General.

1984 - August 1, Australia's banking industry was de-regulated under the "Hawke" government. Sept 11, foreign banks invited to establish in Australia.

1985 - Gorbachev introduces Glasnost and Perestroika to USSR.

1985 - The Australian parliament passed the "Australia" act on Dec 2 which cut the last constitutional and legal ties with Britain.

1986 - April 29, Chernobyl (Wormwood) nuclear disaster. USSR requests massive aid from USA and Germany. Public opinion of USSR swayed.

1986 - Feb 28, PM Olof Palme of Sweden assassinated.

1988 - Nov 8, George Bush (CFR/TLC/FreeMason) elected president.

1988 - Aug 18, Queen approves the first "non British" governor general for Australia (Bill Hayden).

1989 - Nov 10, Berlin Wall falls - East Germans pour into West Germany. US military is regarded as "obsolete" by media organizations.

1990 - July 30 - Conservative British MP Ian Gow killed by a car bomb, IRA suspected.

1990 - Aug 2 , Iraq invades Kuwait. UN starts gulf war. President Bush verbally announces a "NEW WORLD ORDER" on tv.

1990 - Aug 25, UN approves sanctions against Iraq.

1990 - Australian PM Bob Hawke addresses the National Press club, Tells us how reforms to the constitution have been effected by government and the high court to change the role and responsibilities of the 3 levels of government. The high court has done more than all the referendums have done in effecting these changes, and all without actually changing the written constitution { through "interpreted law" - sort of like "creative accounting"}.

1991 - Aug 20-25, Fake coup attempt of Gorbachev in Soviet Union. Yeltsin named leader.
( Gorbachev receives Nobel peace prize earlier - Oct 15 ,1990)

1991 - Jan 13, Yeltsin elected president of Russia. Crisis in Bosnia develops. Russia is "now" seen as US ally and friend.

1991 - Jan 17, Operation desert storm to liberate Kuwait.

1991 - May 21 , Indian PM Rajiv Ghandi assassinated.

1991 - Sept 6, Russia, Congress of peoples deputies voted to surrender their power which brought an end to a 74 year Russian empire. Dec 21 USSR dissolved and becomes a commonwealth of states.

1991 - Dec 20, Australia elects Paul Keating as new labor PM - time reveals his unique style.

1992 - Nov 3 , Bill Clinton elected as US president. (time reveals his unique style.)

1993 - Jan 1, European single market comes into operation.

1993 - Gorbachev starts Gorbachev Foundation USA in the Presidio in San Franciso.

1994 - Clinton proposes National Health Care. National ID card would be required. ( Australia has it's own "Australia card" debarkle)

1994 - H.R. 666 passed by congress allowing illegal search and seizure.

1994 - NAFTA implemented allowing US and Asian manufacturers to have plants in Mexico, where wages are controlled at poverty level and environmental requirements are not controlled or monitored.

1994 - GATT agreement signed and implemented.

1996 - April 6, Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi killed in air crash.

1994 - April 26 , start of multi-racial elections in South Africa, ANC leader Nelson Mandela solidifies the nation after old leaders "de Klerks" concessions.

1994 - Vladimir Zhirinovsky gains popularity in Russia based on his ultra nationalist platform. Zhirinovsky plans to take back all former Russian territories including Poland, Finland and Alaska and also plans a warm water sea port for Russia in the Indian Ocean. Many claim Zhirinovsky has knowledge of UN takeover of the United States which is why he claims in his book "that the USA will collapse and will be without food and many people will immigrate to Europe and Russia". Zhirinovsky is allegedly regarded as the New World Order version of Hitler or Stalin.

1995 - InfoPet injectable transponder introduced as a way to monitor pets. Many Christian books and videos appear claiming that the injectable transponder is actually the "Mark of The Beast" prophesied in the Book of Revelation.

1995 - Federal building in Oklahoma City bombed. Government suggests possible link to patriot militia groups. Patriot groups claim government conspiracy relating to bombing. Government discredits and begins media assault on patriot organizations and militia groups.

1995 - Uni-bomber strikes 2 days after the Federal Building was bombed . Media does "blitz" on militia groups trying to portray them as dangerous and possibly behind these bombings. Prime Time Live, 20/20 and Nightline all carry cover stories of militia organizations attempting to portray them as a dangerous bunch of "kooks" and "paranoid-right-wing paramilitary" organizations. NBC, CBS and ABC simultaneously carry stories on local militia organizations in an attempt to scare the public. Similar media blitzes are done in other countries around the world.

1995 - President Clinton and Bob Dole sign bills enabling 1,000 more federal anti-terrorist agents and also implement tough new "anti-terrorist" legislation. Public opinion is swayed by Oklahoma and Uni-Bomber bombings to allow more freedoms to be taken away in favor of "tougher anti-terrorist" laws. Some patriot groups claim both bombings were created by the New World Order movement to scare the US public into accepting greater anti-gun control and greater "anti-terrorist" Federal control.

Australia later introduces new powers for ASIO and police to fight terrorism and computer crime too. { powers to hack, read, write and "MODIFY" files on computer systems, phone patches, search and seizure etc.}

1995 - Nov 4, PM of Israel, Mr Yitzhak Rabin assassinated.

1996 - April 28, Port Arthur, Tasmania 35 people shot dead by a single gunman. Australia introduces tough new gun laws and reforms shortly after. (A lot of suspicion and controversey still remain over the investigation and "reported facts" on this. The gunman had a better kill ratio than the best elite forces could do. The speed in which the media "blitzed" the public and new government gun reforms smacks of "deals and favours owed", and did they already know this event may happen?? or were they or another "allied" agency involved??)

1997- July 1, Hong Kong, a British colony since 1842 is given to China after an agreement signed in 1984.

1997 - May 1, UK election, youngest ever PM, Tony Blair wins ( The "new" labor party , replaces John Smith who died suddenly ).

1997 - Aug 31, "Princess of peace and the queen of hearts", Lady Diana Spencer dies in a car crash. Many unanswered questions remain over the circumstances and the investigation, much of what was reported was incorrect. She was a "good" person, and through her position was able to "make a difference", at least for a short time, (was this the reason??), many around the world mourn her death.

1997 - October 7, IRA peace talks.






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