Dave Chapelle

When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry

for anyone who doesn't know
- Dave Chapelle refused to put on a dress in a movie because he thought it was humiliating.

The writers of the movie begged him to over and over but he refused. They came back in a matter of minutes with a fully revised script (which is impossible to do so fast unless they already had two versions of the script ready - i.e. they were prepared for him to turn down that scene).

This made Dave very suspicious.

He then noticed that almost every famous black man in cinema has at one point or another been forced to wear a dress or humiliate himself somehow. (You will find that this is absolutely true):

Eddie Murphy:

Martin Lawrence:

And now, the HACK no-talent writer made famous by TBS, Tyler Perry:

So basically, if you want to be rich and famous, and black - be prepared to wear a dress.

David explained all of this to Oprah and others and one night, he was approached by a group of 'insiders' (including Oprah) who told him if he wasn't going to play along that very bad things would happen to him.

He immediately left America and went straight to Africa, abandoning his primetime Comedy Central tv show...

it was at this time that the media spread rumors of him being insane, etc.

When he returned, he was understandably reluctant to tell the truth about why he left. But the truth remains...

And the Wayans Brothers dressed up as white blonde girls ...