McGowan, Dave    Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation

Interview with Dave McGowan about Laurel Canyon


Hippies came out of no where and sort of co opted it, I think it was quite deliberate...they wanted to give the anti-war movement a face that would be completely unacceptable to mainstream America...I mean everything about them was offensive to mainstream America, to middle America, the hairstyles, the clothing styles, the open drug use, the music, everything about them was designed to repel mainstream America and prevent the anti-war movement from gaining any additional speed by putting this face on it...I think the whole hippy flower child thing.....was a creation of the Intelligence community to take the steam out of the anti-war movements and various  other movements...Black Empowerment, Women's rights, Civil rights movement. (25:29)
....The battle cry of the hippy movement was turn on, tune in, drop out...telling people don't worry about it, get high (49:13).

The figureheads of all the big LC bands--Frank Zappa,...John Phillips,...Jim Morrison,...David Crosby,...Steven Stills, on and on, every one of these guys is a product of the military intelligence establishment...I find it very hard to believe that the only people in the country who had musical talent happened to be sons and daughters of the Military community...Jackson Brown, Amy Lou Harris..

Some of them knew too much, maybe others just for the sensationalism and the trauma it inflicts on the American people....I believe that as the main motivation for taking out Kennedy...his death was hugely traumatic to the American people..