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David Cole: Monstrous Traitor

Robert J. Newman

Note: The following piece was posted by the Jewish Defense League at: http://www.jdl.org/Traitor_amer.html . This piece probably represents the single worst piece of hate ever posted on the World Wide Web. We have reproduced this piece here to help explain what happened and what was done to David Cole. We denounce this and all other forms of hate.

JDL in America

David Cole: Monstrous Traitor
By Robert J. Newman

He has managed to stir the gullible masses with hatred, lies and deception. Just like a low-lying snake that slithers from dark place to dark place, he spreads his venom to innocent victims.

This is David Cole, who takes pride in his demonic occupation: Holocaust denier of the Six Million Jews.

Cole is a young Jewish man with an evil plan: To alter history and to deny documented facts. A revolting and horrible monster is this so-called Jew.

He rubs shoulders with the neo-nazi criminals who do their evil deeds for Adolf Hitler and who, to this day, continue to spread anti-Semitism through the guise of Holocaust revisionist denial.

What is a David Cole? Is it a sickness? Is it a mental disease? Is Cole merely a human parasite who clings to his ardent Nazi supporters and friends who back his ideas whole-heartedly? After all, this Cole mania that the media have played on, don't you think it's time that we flush this rotten, sick individual down the toilet, where the rest of the waste lies? One less David Cole in the world will certainly not end Jew-hatred, but it will have removed a dangerous parasitic, disease-ridden bacteria from infecting society.

David Cole laughs in the face of his own people. He takes pride in seeing Jewish Holocaust survivors suffer. He laughs and snickers when someone mentions the words Auschwitz, gas chambers and crematoriums.

Cole's denial is really a denial toward his own people. He hates the very fact that he was born into this world a Jew. But more than anything else, his denial is an enormous crime against humanity.

This despicable low-life beast is worse than the Julius Streichers and Joseph Goebbels. He is more evil than they were-because he is a Jew! This pathetic excuse for a human being is a neo-Nazi traitorous sell-out to his own Jewish people.

An evil monster like this does not deserve to live on this earth. All the news stories about his life only encourage Cole to feed his sick ego even more, bringing attention to his depraved lifestyle. Cole is an abominable psychopath who must be stopped.

The word revisionist is a direct insult to the Jewish community, to Holocaust survivors and to the memory of the millions murdered. It is especially insulting to us Jews who are out to crush these vicious Holocaust-denying Nazis.

Just as we must get rid of this monster, Cole, we must also get rid of the word "revisionism" from our vocabulary. This awful word and Cole, too, must be eliminated altogether. There is no argument. There needs to be no more debates, only the elimination of the Holocaust deniers.

Cole is a sickness, a horrible aberration that is spreading like a cancerous sore. David Cole is being used by and manipulated by the neo-Nazis to further promote their agendas of hate.

He is a Jewish puppet for the Ernst Zundels, Bradley Smiths, Willis Cartos and all the white supremacist, Nazi-loving, murderous gangster thugs. They would love to see all the Jews of the world gassed and incinerated again in the burning furnaces of Treblinka, leaving smoldering ashes in its wake.

This world would be a happier place, indeed, when all the Jew-baiters and Jew-haters have disappeared, especially the most vicious hater of them all, David Cole.

Reward for Information

JDL wants to know the location of Holocaust denier David Cole, pictured above. Anyone giving us his correct address will receive a monetary reward. Contact us through e-mail immediately if you have information leading to the current location of David Cole.