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Hollywood's Homosexual Mafia  The arts community has long had a disproportionate number of homosexuals and Jews. More than half of the leading power brokers in Hollywood are Jewish, and about a third of the powerful are homosexual, including David Geffen, Ray Stark, Calvin Klein, Aaron Spelling, Steve Tisch, Barry Diller and agent Sandy Gallin. This creates an atmosphere conducive to pushing "gay rights" and inimical to "gay bashing."

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: David Geffen & Terry Semel

Ok, I think the import/impact of this deserves its own thread.

These two have BOTH funded Neuropsychiatric Wings in LA. Semel at UCLA Neuropsych and Geffen at Cedars Sinai.

I did not realize the two of them were born the same year and 3 days apart in New York.

They are BOTH "coincidentally" BILLIONAIRES.

As of course is their buddy Spielberg, who is rumored to have special apps in his trailer to assist with programming stars for their roles.

What IF Geffen and Semel are funding a constant stream of MK's and Monarch's to be used to enrich themselves and TPTB?

As we know, the CIA and Military Industrial Complex are deeply embedded in Holy Wood.

I think this is what is going on with these two and this is part of the genesis/origination of the "method" and the "madness."

They are GUARANTEED tweeked and retweeked robots to exploit, retool, "handle".