Interview of Dr. William (Bill) Richard Deagle, MD

The Alex Jones Show | November 16 2004

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AJ: If I try to read his bio, it’s literally ten pages long. He’s worked for the U.S. government at every level. He’s now gone back to Canada, I guess to get out of this police state – but out of the frying pan into the furnace. And he has written some articles for the web - a very bold person, telling the truth. He’s Dr. William Richard Deagle, MD, and every other D you can imagine. I’ve never seen anything like this. This guy has worked in cybernetics, secret operations. The list goes on and on. Medical examiner, just everything else. It just goes on and on and on. Doctor, good to have you on with us.

WD: Thank you, Alex, now that we are speaking on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Hopefully, people will wake up and realize that it’s the eleventh hour for America, too.

AJ: It is. Sometimes, it is the eleventh hour, eleventh day, the eleventh month.

WD: Of course, the initial day was called Armistice Day because that’s when they signed the Armistice. I guess I want to kind of focus, rather than being on too many topics today, but the thing that concerns me most is the story that goes back, that I sent to Paul Joseph Watson, that was posted on Prisonplanet, back on September 8th. And that show goes back to a personal experience because it’s good to have documentation for people on the inside besides things that are in the public media. I was an occupational physician for Penrose St. Francis hospital in Colorado Springs in ’94 and ’95. And my boss, who was Maj. George Swinder, was not available to do the exit examinations on the forensics munitions team that went from Ft. Carson to the Oklahoma City Murrah Building. And when the team came back, I had to do their examinations to clear them that they were medically well, from exposure to whatever they were exposed to – inhalational particulates, chemicals, whatever. And one of the gentlemen that I had to examine had a little nervous breakdown in my office. He wanted me to do a sperm count and other blood tests for radiation injuries.

AJ: Stay there. We’ll talk about this and I do want to get into 9/11 as well, your prior knowledge of that as well, and a government anti-terror meeting. We are talking to Dr. William Richard Deagle, medical doctor – when we get back ladies and gentlemen. And we checked him out. He’s been in these projects. It’s documented. Brace yourselves.

AJ: Think about that. We’ve contacted Larry Silverstein’s office. It’s been all over the news – now national TV, both ABC and NBC have done pieces on it. But Larry Silverstein is quiet about it, he said they blew up the building on Sept. 11th. We’ll play that clip later. Going back to Dr. Deagle, we have the article on, where these troops come back to Colorado Springs. He’s checking them out - the ordnance teams that were sent to Oklahoma City. And I’ve heard this years ago from different government sources but we couldn’t confirm it. And now we get into radiation – micro-nukes. Continue, Doctor.

WD: What happened is, this guy started really having a bit of panic attack right in my examination room at the St. Francis hospital in Colorado Springs. So I said what’s going on – these are military personnel and they’re used to being in difficult situations. The same teams were in the Khobar Towers forensic evaluation over in Riyad, Saudi Arabia, I guess a couple of years before that. I said, “Look, I’m not going to do anything for you until you come clean because I have to know what you were exposed to, if it was chemicals or dust or whatever.” He said it wasn’t any of those. It was radiation. I said, “Come on.” He said, “We got exposed to radiation.” And he said, “Look at this.” And he showed me this weird rash. And I thought, that looks strange. And he said, “Look, I want sperm counts. I want blood tests.” And I said, “Look, you’ve got to tell me the whole story of what happened.” He said, “Look, you are not going to put my name on there” and I won’t. But he told me everything.

He said, “We removed two baseball-size micro-nuclear weapons that were on the pillars of the building and a very large C4 pineapple that could have vaporized the building. He also told me that the debris was hauled away by Wackenhut under armed security and they were told that all of their bags were searched and checked with radiation detectors.

AJ: We have video and news articles about that. We know they had detectors out there. We know they took it to a Wackenhut landfill – buried it and poured concrete over it. And men with machine guns guard it to this day.

WD: Right, in fact, he was told that if you remove any debris that he would be killed. And these are military personnel, these are a top forensic team basically that’s why they are sent from Fort Carson. These are forensic munitions experts for both chemical and nuclear and they went over to the Khobar Towers and he said, “The building wasn’t blown out by this load of ammonium nitrate bomb. And I’m a chemist as well. That’s what I did before I was in medicine. I was a biochemist and bacteriologist and I did some research in that area. And I said, “Look, ammonium nitrate, tell me.” And he said, “Well it’s one-seventh of the amount of ammonium nitrate that just blew the windows in in the Khobar Towers building. The entire front of the building was sheared off.” And I said, “Where were these nukes from?” He said, “They were placed there by ATF and FBI special units.” I said, “My God, you’re not telling me the truth.” And he said, “Yes, I am.” And he said the federal judge was paged out and “We were told that if we ever spoke about this that we would be terminated.”

AJ: Well I know that the BATF told police on the ground, we interviewed them for “911-The Road to Tyranny,” that they got a page not to come in. Two minutes after the bomb went off, they were in full mock gear, full bomb gear, and some of the bombs did not go off. There’s video of them removing these bombs.

WD: Right and I want to tie that in, without spending too much time on that, into the other thing. In 1997-98, I worked for Reserve Admiral John Hughes in Denver and we had the contract for all the hazmat for the state of Colorado. So I did the examinations pretty well and everyone who had any incidents with moving our radioisotopes out of Rocky Flats, or our warheads and our nerve gas, was heading usually across state to Utah to either be stored or disposed of in their disposal facility. And what happened is, we also did the simulations for Operations Top Off and Dark Winter. We did a simulation on 17th Avenue in which we had a little mock spray unit with an air pressurizer spraying a mist out of a second-floor window in an apartment on 17th Avenue in Denver, which is like big canyon walls – buildings. And the idea was we would have hazmat officers and EMTs go to the local hospitals and simulate symptoms and then the hospital emergencies were to try to figure out what would happen and do a public health analysis to try to figure out where the release was……..

AJ: Yeah, that was public. But I want to go back to the guy and the micronukes. Did you test his blood?

WD: Yeah, I did actually. We tested him and he called me back and I told him to go get the other tests at his [garbled] which ones to get. And those were okay but he was pretty panicky. You know I put that on the shelf because it was my first exposure to the really weird stuff. Now, of course, there’s a number of other stories we could get into because I worked on many classified projects in Colorado, underground, taking care of some of these various different people working on very, very classified projects.

AJ: Yeah, sir, I don’t want to get into anything classified.

WD: Yeah, I know you don’t want to get into that, so what I thought I would do is tie it into 9/11. In 9/11, what happened is because we worked on Operation Top Off and Dark Winter. What happened is I met in March 1, 2001 with Dr. Jay Reddington, who is one of the senior guys in our project, with the national director for the CDC, the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, for bioterrorism and the FBI director for bioterrorism nationally. I was invited to a private lunch with them to talk to them about what’s happened in the last few years in terms of what we did to try to solve our………

AJ: [W]e are honored to have riding shotgun with us, Dr. William Richard Deagle, MD. And we’ve got his basic bio posted. We are going to post more of the article he’s written and what he said in a section on and for folks. We’ll also put a transcript of this interview out there on the site as soon as one is prepared by the great folks that do that for us. But Dr. Deagle, we’ve got some time here so go over how, you are already seeing pieces of this, working for the government, working in classified areas, and then right before 9/11, you have written all this down and put it out publicly. It took a lot of courage. Right before 9/11, you are in a meeting and hear something very interesting. Tell us all about it.

WD: Well, I met Jay outside of the conference room of the Infectious Disease and Bioterrorism conference that they had at the Adam’s Mark Hotel in downtown Denver of March 1 of 2001. And I was talking to him and, of course, I asked him questions to resolve these public health and notification event and analysis problems and he said, “Why don’t you join me for lunch today. And the director for the FBI and CDC are there and we’ll talk about this.” And we had a couple of hours for lunch. We had a long time to talk. And so I’m sitting across and we’re talking about what happened in Dark Winter and Operation Top Off and then plans for more simulations. And the FBI director breaks in and he says, “You know, there’s going to be an attack on a northeastern city in the next 24 months.” And I said, “Come on.” And he said, “Yeah, 95% certainty of it.” And he looked at me real serious. You know it’s like take me serious now, we’re not just having a friendly lunch here. And I said, “I want you to repeat that.” And he said, “Look, there is a 95% chance there will be an attack in a northeastern city in the next 24 months.” And I said, “Repeat that.” And he said, “Yeah, there will be – 100% chance.” I said, “Come on, how do you know that?” And he said, “We’ve been doing these simulations and these other things.” And I said, “Well, what do you mean?” I said, “Which city?” And I mentioned different cities. And we got down to New York. And I said, “What scenario?” And he said, “Because I’m familiar with the nuclear division of ACOM and I have training in infectious disease and bioterrorism.”

We talked about airplanes going into buildings. We talked about suitcase nukes. We talked about the release of bioweapons in the subway systems. And I said, “Well what are you doing about it? And obviously if there are people doing this you have the capacity, I know because I work with these projects where you are monitoring everything – communications – and everything in the United States. Why would you not just go pick up the people who you think are doing this?” And he didn’t have an answer and I said, “Well what are your plans?” He said, “There will be an attack and we’ll kill 50 to 500 thousand Americans and bring in the national and implantable ID.” And I said, “What? You’ve got to be kidding.”

And he said, “No, I’m not, I’m serious, this is going to happen.” I said, “All the work we’ve done isn’t stopping anything.” I said, “I don’t see since we’ve had our meetings after all these Dark Winter and so on, that any progress has been made to help the primary front-line EMT, hospital, emergency, primary doctor, anywhere, like Denver, which is……..”

AJ: Well they admit 98% of all this funding is military. It’s bullets, not doctors as one of your colleagues said a few years ago about Dark Winter and Operation Top Off conducted in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and other states. And, again folks, we posted an article the doctor wrote a few months ago. But we did a lot of research on him and he is all the things he says he is. And I’m looking at his bio here and so much of it is classified that we can’t even get into here on the air. I mean, you are on the record at these meetings, in the press. It is on record. You were in these meetings with these people and now you are saying all this on the air. And it meshes exactly with what we have already learned ourselves at our own independent investigations and from a hundred others major whistleblowers, doctor.

WD: Yeah, it is very disturbing that it’s not being taken more seriously by the public. For example, for my patients, I recommend that they all carry a NIOSH N95 mask which stops particulates. A friend of mine, Steve Queen[?] who actually works with the military and has a private company in Colorado Springs is putting together an emergency kit which is really important. And I’m going to post it on my site which is a banner on your website. But it’s But it’s really important that people start taking personal measures because they are not protected. These major cities – the government is doing nothing. I mean they came out a couple of years ago with duct tape and hundred mil poly. It’s crazy. And so I asked him. . .

AJ: I want to go back to the specific meeting in the Adam’s Mark Hotel, March 1st, 2001, you’re meeting at the bioterrorism medical conference and the FBI director and others are there. And you’re there with them and he’s openly saying there’s going to be this massive attack in New York, we are going to take everybody’s rights, put the implantable chips in, right after the attack, they announced.

WD: Yeah, he said martial law and implantable chips and everything.

AJ: And then, I mean is this when things finally started clicking for you?

WD: Everything came together then. Two years before that, in 1999, my friends were in Delta Special Ops because I taught the course in February of 2002 in St. Louis at the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and Bioterrorism. I was the main speaker and in our class not only the doctors but also Special Ops and Delta so I know these guys. And so in ’99, they were studying the information on homeland security, the actual pieces of the Homeland Security Act two years before 9/11. This is really…

AJ: Again, Bill Clinton gave a speech in ’93 about homeland security. He used that term.

WD: You’re right on, Alex, and it’s a good thing you are ringing this bell because the Liberty Bell in American is cracked, if not broken. And we’d better face it that not only will Americans’ liberty go because they will use America and its incredible military prowess to crush the rest of the world into this strait jacket.

AJ: Yeah, we are being captured by a small elite and then are going to be used as the muscle globally to enslave everybody else.

WD: Oh yeah, absolutely. Who can make war with America? Who is insane enough to go to war with America? Who would go into war? Like I talked to the guys in the tank division …..

AJ: Why would real Arab countries really launch attacks, knowing it would bring down the greatest military ever seen?

WD: Exactly, I talked to guys in the tank division because I took care of them when they came back. I was one of the doctors who helped discover the cause of Gulf War Syndrome, which of course is depleted uranium and the anthrax vaccines that are relabelled 20 years old, etc. But one of the guys was saying these guys in the first Iraq war that were the Iraqis were just looking, they could barely see us. And we could see them and we’d just lock on and press a button and it was just like a video game – boom, boom, boom – all of their T70, T80 tanks are just evaporating literally in front of them. Why would anybody be insane enough to fight with the American armed forces? Are they out of their minds? That includes everyone – Russians, Chinese, anybody.

AJ: Well, now we have the video of marines, in marine uniforms, in actual tanks now, a small protest on the street corner, peaceably, and the tanks come up and troops scream at the people, with the police. I mean they really, these are probing, conditioning exercises.

WD: Yeah, it’s trying to convert the American military to the national federal police. And, of course, it gets more disturbing than that because obviously what are they going to do? Recruit all of the young people and turn our entire country into an armed force? And if you don’t have your ID on you, you are immediately taken to detention to verify who you are with your own blood samples and iris scans and biometrics?

AJ: By the way, that’s in Patriot Act II. It’s now passed the House and Senate - in conference committee. The illegal aliens are given a waiver, by the way, they don’t have to do it. That’s actually public folks. Doctor, going back, I want to get to some calls here. Dr. William Richard Diegle. You are in this meeting with the FBI director. He’s saying all this. What was your response and what were you thinking and what else did he say?

WD: I just didn’t believe it. I got very upset. I said, “What are you going to do – let thousands of American citizens die at the hands of your incompetence?” I said, “Where are the showers for decontamination?” I talked to the guys at Fort Carson and other military places, there are no showers. I don’t see proper decom manuals facilities at any of the hospitals. I worked, at the time, just previously, at one of the largest hospitals in Colorado. Where are the emergency push carts for the drugs and the other things? Where are the treatments for people with burns and radiation injuries if there’s a radiological bomb? I mean, I don’t see anything. I said, “You don’t even have particulate masks for people if they have particles – be they alpha particles or radiation particles or biological weapons. You have nothing.” So I personally bought particle masks to give to all my patients which I did over the last few years. And I gave them to them and said, “Look, keep these with you in a zip lock bag and if something happens, you at least can stop the particles and you can get a poncho and do some other simple things.

AJ: Meanwhile, they are giving potassium iodate to all the police and firefighters and federal workers but not telling the public to get it.

WD: Absolutely, they should all have it. I told all my patients to get this potassium iodate. The government is going to have it all locked up and it will be under their control. And if you don’t go to them, you won’t be able to get any. But you can now buy it on the internet and get potassium iodate.

AJ: So, I want to continue. So you are at this meeting, months before 9/11, was anything else said after you stood up to the FBI director?

WD: Yeah, I asked them other specific questions. I said, “ What are you going to do about this and this, in terms of …” I said, look, we talked about airplanes. I said, “No airplanes are going to go in there” because I said, you know, “My uncles used to fly planes and I used to fly these light planes with them. And you can go a mile off-course and you’ll be taken down by a jet.” Okay, and I said, “And then suitcase nukes, obviously you can see from space” because they can see if there are any radioisotopes in every major city, they fly jets over, every week, over a city and they can see from space if there’s radioisotopes.

AJ: By the way folks, they can see them with the newest ground penetrating radar. It’s declassified and that’s twenty years old. They can see 400-feet through solid rock. With the cheap models they’ve given police, they can see 4-feet through concrete.

WD: Yeah, and I told them and challenged them. I said I know this so you’re saying that somebody’s got suitcase nukes. All you have to do is send the police down there and pick them up and that’s it. I said…….

AJ: You know the ground penetrating radar is different from the radiation detectors. They are even more powerful because of the signature of these. And I just read the reports. You are obviously the scientist and the doctor who knows about this. So, to be clear in your article, you talk about this, you just mentioned it. The FBI director and others were talking about planes flying into buildings?

WD: Oh yes. They talked about that.

AJ: Not my words, your words, please state it for us.

WD: That’s what they said. I said that’s insane.

AJ: What specifically did they say?

WD: They said we’ve had simulations in the past. We are having future simulations of airplanes being used as fuel-air bombs to go into major populated areas and tall buildings.

AJ: And we know they had drills from ’95 right to the morning of 9/11 with the exact same drills being run as exactly what happened at the very exact same time as the cover. And you said to them, “Well wait a minute, when you get off-course a mile, they launch F-16s.” What did he say when you said that?

WD: He said, “Well, we’re still doing simulations.” I said, “Look, I have guys that I know inside the Pentagon and there’s two teams of fellows that can go on a high speed elevator to the roof. And these two teams have stinger missiles. They can launch a missile over…”

AJ: And there is video of those guys on top the White House and Pentagon. I remember it was the ‘80s. [crosstalk]

WD: He said what are you talking about. And I said [crosstalk]

AJ: I remember seeing the guys on the roof with the stingers.

WD: Right and I also said, “Why didn’t you post guys like that or have AT artillery weapons like they did in Baghdad in the first Gulf War?”

AJ: Right at that very time, they were having the Genoa, Italy summit with missiles on the roof.

WD: Right, why don’t we have that capability on the top of all major tall buildings, like the Chicago tower, Sears tower. I asked them. So every time he would raise something that there was this scenario, I’d come back with an answer. I said this is really getting aggravating. I said you people are going to be incompetent until half a million Americans are dead.

AJ: He was setting the stage and admitting – it’s going to happen. We’re not going to stop it.

WD: Exactly and I got really angry. I said that’s it. I said you guys are going to destroy this country by your incompetence and inaction or complicity. And at that point everything shut up.

AJ: What did the director say when he brought up microchips?

WD: He said they are going to bring in martial law, totally suspend the constitution, and give the national IDs to all American citizens and the implantable microchip.

AJ: And at that point after you had this meeting, what did you go and then do?

WD: I told my wife. We have a very open relationship. And I kind of wrote this down because I wanted to recall all these events exactly. When he mentioned the word microchips, I got really, really angry. He could see the blood vessels, I’m sure, sticking out my forehead, I was so upset because back in ’99, one of my contacts had actually shown me the national ID or one of the different types of ID that are out there being manufactured. This one was made by Health Card Technologies out of Madison. And they also showed me the implantable chips that are encapsulated either in Pyrex or titanium.

AJ: And again, that’s because out in Colorado, you were working in some classified programs.

WD: Right, and so I have all these contacts. And, of course, what’s amazing is they’ll know something really specific in one little area and they want to know everything else that you know because as a physician you work in all these different facilities and you know a broader picture than they do. So they often exchange. And the most upset people that I’ve had were people who were former Special Ops Delta military and pretty high up in the inside, that were really disturbed that this is an abuse of the American military putting people in harm’s way without proper protection. For example, they knew darn well when they were blowing up these chemical sites in Iraq, that we had run out of capsules to protect our guys from the chemicals. They knew that when these shells were hitting the sides of their Bradley fighting machines, they were getting depleted uranium and it was still in their lungs. I did chest x-rays and you could see their lungs filled with depleted uranium particles all through their lungs. This is very disturbing. They’re putting our boys at risk with no proper protection and with no proper backup.

AJ: Now they are shipping all the old guys out and bringing a new poor crop of ignorant people that don’t know what’s happening. Fast forward to 9/11. The morning of 9/11, how did you first learn of it and what did you think going back to that meeting a few months before with the FBI director.

WD: That day I was driving my kids to Chatfield high school because my two older sons were going there. It’s a couple of miles from Columbine. And I lived in Highlands Ranch which is just outside of Denver. And when I heard it on the radio, I couldn’t believe it, I had a sinking feeling like oh my gosh. I was holding the steering wheel like I’m going to lose it on the road. I was just so shaken by the fact that this happened because I knew that they did it. I knew that they did it. And then when I heard it was buildings, because I’m a chemist………..

AJ: I knew they did it, too.

WD: I knew, I just knew in my gut. My gut told me they did it. They did it. And I knew it was planes going into buildings. And I said well look jet fuel doesn’t even get that high. I knew it had to hit 2600 degrees to even melt the steel. I thought oh my God, I know that this was brought down probably in the same way as they brought down the Oklahoma City building. That’s why I mentioned that story first. And my contacts since in the last few years have told me exactly what you said, Alex, you are right on the money on every single one of these stories. You’re right there – is that they brought those buildings down with pre-placed munitions in the walls and in the structure of that building right down to bedrock.

AJ: And that’s why for a month it was still molten metal down in the bottom because of the incredible heat generated and that was what the satellite, public photos showed

WD: Absolutely, and the reason why it was so hot is because there were hot radioisotopes still down there cooking away. That’s why five weeks later it’s hot and you know if it was jet fuel, it would not be hot five weeks later. It’s only going to hit 1600 degrees.

AJ: It’s unbelievable. We are going to come back and take calls, my friends. Doctor, can you stay with us into the next hour?

WD: Most definitely.

AJ: Alright, we are talking to Dr. William Richard Degle, MD. And they are going to have more attacks in this country. And they are going to have martial law unless we cause an awakening right now. On, the info is posted.