Dr Bill Deagle MD

May 1st 2008 is a special day for Jesse C. Trentadue. This is the day he finds out if a Federal Judge permits an already mandated Video Deposition to take place of Terry Lynn Nichols.

In Feb 2007, Jesse C. Trentadue Attorney, spent one and one-half days with Terry Lynn Nichols, obtaining his deposition. In it, he stated that there were many other parties involved and that the operations were overseen by FBI. Jesse won a Federal injunction allowing a video deposition of Terry Lynn, but the US Dept of Prisons and FBI had filed motions to quash his video deposition of Terry. May 1st 2008 is May Day for the Old World Disorder, as this Video evidence will demand finally a Grand Jury, that will make complicit two and possibly three Presidencies, FBI, ATF, and US State's Attorney in Colorado, Arapahoe County Sherriff, and many more.

"On March 20, 2008, Plaintiff receive from the FBI's Philadelphia Office documents relate to information provided by informants to the FBI regarding: Tim McVeigh, Elohim City, the Aryan Republican Army or 'ARA', OKBOMB, BOMBROB, Richard Lee Guthrie and the Mid-West Bank Robbers, one of whom was Mark Thomas." ..." Donna Marazoff is or was the girlfriend of Mark Thomas and the mother of two of his children. The Court will recall that Thomas was a member of the Mid-West Bank Robbery Gang, a member of the Aryan Republican Army."

"With this background, the Marazoff 302 is very significant. In this 302, the FBI documents that Marazoff reported that prior to February of 1995, she and Thomas had been discussing the federal government's involvement in Waco and Ruby Ridge. According to Marazoff, Thomas became "very irritated" during that conversation and said: "We are going to get them. We are going to hit one of their buildings during the middle of the day. It's going to be a federal building. We will get sympathy if we bomb the building"[T]he people who will lose their loved ones, will realize how bad it feels." (Marazoff 302) (emphasis added).

"Interestingly, Thomas and the other Elohim City, ARA and Mid-West Bank Robbers crowd do not seem to have been subjects of interest to the FBI when it came to the bombing of the Murrah Building, and one has to wonder. Why? The answer to that question may likewise be the basis for the FBI Defendants' suspicious of Plaintiff's reason for advising the Court about this recent release of additional informant documents. This Saturday will be the 13th anniversary of the Bombing. That attack was the biggest act of domestic terrorism in the 20th Century and resulted in the deaths of 168 people, including 19 toddlers as well as hundreds of injured victims. Perhaps this approaching anniversary is why FBI Defendants' are so suspicious and wary of the motive behind Plaintiff's filing of the Notice of Release. But, if Plaintiff wante to present FBI Defendants in a bad light, he would have included the Marazoff 302 and similar FBI documents in his Notice of Release of additional informant documents. Dated this 17th day of April, 2008. -- Jesse C. Trentadue; Pro Se Plaintiff "

As Exit Medical Examiner at CCOM, St. Francis Hospital, I personally examined all five Special Ops Bomb Forensics Military Officers. One of the officers spent several hours provided extreme details of the scene, cause of the demolition and operational control of the site by Wakenhut Security. He wanted further testing from positive radiation exposure, and told me how the entire operation was run by FBI and ATF and how all their bags were weighed and scanned for radiation traces of removed debris particles and chunks. They were warned, "Don't remove any material from the site or we will track and kill you." When it became evident that he told me this information, he was court-martialed and I was summarily fired and threatened.

Your stomach wretches when you read the attached Marazoff 302 documents, the depos of Terry Lynn Nichols, death row Oklahoma cohabitant David Paul Hammer, Kevin Lagan, etc. and the news of additional bombs removed from the US Federal Murrah Building by local news. It is evident that a comprehensive criminal cover-up was and had been continued by FBI and the Dept of Prisons trying to block the video deposition of Terry Lynn Nichols. Terry's deposition is quite damning, and lined up with my affidavit attached and these other documents. We need a Grand Jury to obtain suppressed videotapes around the building and safe harbor for other whistleblowers to come forward for a new OKC Murrah Demolition investigation.

As we remember the Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19th, 2008, Patriot's Day, remember it also memorialized the dates of OKC, Ruby Ridge and Waco in our souls. Only with a Grand Jury and indictments will we be free of future OKCs, 911s, and the nukes activated in multiple US Cities or release of pandemic death. OKC Murrah revelations are the 'can-opener' of 911 WTC Demolition. National crimes were committed with advanced explosives, micro-nukes, and thermate. A 'real 911 WTC Full Grand Jury Investigation' must follow swiftly and in parallel with the OKC revelations presented here on the 13th Anniversay of the OKC Murrah Demolition. It was the self-inflicted wound of OKC and 911 that propelled the USA into two and now a possible third unjustified and illegal war, blown the US Dollar and economy, and brought the world to the brink of WWIII.

Let us take a deep breath of hope, and invigorated with courage step forwarded into a tomorrow. A day when the 'terror state' is dismantled, national IDs and North American Union are bad memories and adventurous wars promulgated on self inflicted terror will never more happen in this great United States of America.