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Death Towers: 'The Emperor has no Clothes!'

Don Croft
Death Towers: 'The Emperor has no Clothes!' - May 12, 2006 07:32
I compiled a list of observations that rational people can use to understand that the millions of death towers that were thrown up in mid-2001 are not for cellphones.  The next step for the rational mind is to understand, of course, that they're weapons deployed against the population of our planet.  This induces a sort of awakening among the PJ folks who aren't entirely committed to remaining asleep.

By the way, PJ folks are just like us except that they don't particularly want to wake up. Most of us are awareness junkies; we're not particularly better than anyone else.  Arrogance is a trap that even the most subtle mind will likely step into and Carol mentioned the other day that taking on this healing work requires us to develop our characters and personal integrity.

 When we ignore that requirement, forward progress takes the form of wading through $#!+ and  falling on our faces ;-) so why not be genuinely humble and outward-looking?

I hope you find the following useful:

If you think those millions of new neighborhood towers around the globe are for cellphones,  here are some questions you can ask yourself, assuming that you'd like to break free from old, self-limiting programming and the What To Think Network:

1)Why is cellphone reception disrupted near all of the towers, and was generally better before they were erected, four years ago?

2) Why are no towers at all seen in the countryside in some areas where cell reception is excellent?

3) Why are most of these eyesores in neighborhoods, typically next to schools, hospitals, office buildings, factories, malls, stadia, etc., where the most people gather at one time?  Why, for that matter, are a few of them in the upscale neighborhoods clumsily disguised as gigantic trees?

4) Why are these towers equally distributed in places like Tibet, rural Africa and other poverty-stricken regions where there are very few, if any, cellphones in operation?

5) Why are some of the more depressed urban centers, like Kuwait and Beijing, so plagued by these new towers that they loom on every block in the most heavily populated and miserable areas?

6) Why, conversely, are so  few towers seen in Moscow and rural Costa Rica, where cellphone reception is consistently cheap and excellent and where  local people are told that it's all done via satellite?

7) Picture phones in North America are advertised as using satellites for transmission, so why do we still assume that these ugly, omnipresent and sickening fortified towers are 'for cellphones'

8) Coke and Pepsi have been in a bloodletting struggle to dominate the global cola market for generations, so why are the various cellphone companies, who presumably invested countless  billions of dollars in new towers all of a sudden, four years ago, not aggressively competing with each other to recoup that immeasurably massive capital outlay? Where did they get the money for all that unnecessary, costly tech? Why spend it if it's not even necessary? Cellphones are getting cheaper to use, not more expensive.

9) Why does the smog clear away in the area, also the chemtrail remnants overhead, when a dozen or more contiguous towers are 'gifted' with simple, cheap orgonite in a single day.

10)Why are the power cables running up every new towers an order of magnitude fatter than the single powerline leading into the fortified bunker at the base of the tower? All of them, by the way, are fortified as if to withstand an artillery barrage or bomb. For that matter, why do so many of these new towers not even connect to the power grid?

11) Where does the electricity for these new towers actually come from, since there's rarely any generator noise coming from the fortified concrete  bunkers, which we can presume host large emergency generators? If you live in a less-developed area of Africa, by the way, you likely hear these diesel- or propane-powered generators running most of the time and there's likely an armed guard in the enclosure.

12) Genuine cell transponders require very little power and can be mounted on phone poles, roofs and even treetops, so why the expensive fortification and massive powelines running from the bunkers to the panels, dishes, horns and rods on these towers? Presumably you understand that satellites already handle much of the traffic and that the French have been shooting communication satellites into orbit for decades with cannons (a lot smaller than the Jules Verne version, by the way), which is several orders of magnitude cheaper than using missiles.

13) Why are so many kinds of transmitter devices hosted by these towers? Nobody knows what these transmitter devices do because the information is not available, which clearly indicates military involvement. This secret is as well kept as the Manhattan Project was.

14) Why are you warned not to stop your car engine near some of these towers? There are posted warnings at many of these sites not to approach the enclosures due to dangerously strong electromagnetic fields, too.  Your inexpensive cellphone (mine cost ten dollars) efficiently provides so much power for getting and sending communication signals that if you but an egg between two operating cellphones it will get cooked pretty fast, so that's obviously where most of the work is being done, not at the transmitter locations or even at the little communication satellites, which swarm our skies now. Try that simple experiment, then use an earplug and mike or the speaker from then on, okay?  Keep that thing away from your brain, friend!

15) Why are many of these towers in the US not even listed with the Federal Communication Commission? Carol and I have disabled thousands of these towers here and abroad, as many people in this network have done, and we see that a lot.

16) If you're energy sensitive, why do you feel sick every time you get within a mile or two of one of these new towers? A large percentage of the population is naturally energy sensitive, by the way.

17) Why did most of these death transmitters suddenly get erected, worldwide, in the fall of 2001? Why are so many people nearby getting cancer and dying now? Why has human behavior near the towers become so erratic and even violent?

18) Why have there been no mentions of these eyesores on TV news shows, the radio or in newspapers in most countries? The largest death tower array we've ever seen is just uphill from the HOLLYWOOD sign in Los Angeles. Note that shots of that sign in movies filmed in LA since the fall of 2002 are usually panned in a way that blocks the view of those dozens of (disabled) towers.

19) If this disturbs you, what will you do about it? 

These simple, obvious questions are probably more effective for getting you to question the What To Think Network and your own deep-sleep programming than if I were to drop a boxful of copies of NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY on your head, don't you agree?  By the way, that conspiracy primer is a free download from http://reactor-core.org/none-dare.html  

When we first discover that humanity is being routinely and thoroughly exploited by a few people we experience genuine paranoia.  Digging deeper makes us genuinely angry.  What we're inviting you to do, now, is to go through those necessary stages of spiritual development and personal discernment and discover some genuine self-empowerment, as we've been doing, by intelligently distributing orgonite, which simply absorbs and transmutes ambient deadly energy into life force, perpetually.

After the initial horror, it gets to be a lot of fun undoing what took so many generations of determined parasites so long to meticulously erect. We personally believe that the chemtrails and death towers, which were to have been the capstone of their 'novus ordi seclorum' is rather their swan song by now. Nothing but good can come from their timely demise now.

If you can consider that everything in creation is an energy dynamic, then the implications of anyone's easy ability to change bad energy into good energy this way, now, is profoundly empowering.  The currency of the old world order is exploitation, murder, ignorance and human misery. How can that ever compete with abundant life force and its attendant spontaneous health, safety and prosperity?  In five years of existence nobody in this network has been seriously harmed, despite our demonstrated success in disabling countless billions of dollars worth of the other side's primary  weaponry.

What we've all been doing has absolutely nothing to do with dogma, ideology or organization, of course. Those three things usually divide and disenfranchise people, probably by design. The end of this global tyranny puts power in the hands of local citizens, by default, and we will all recreate government in a short time by phasing out the corrupted versions that we've endured until now and replacing them with less centralized, democratically elected, well-coordinated and genuinely representative ones. The eventual form isn't important; the process is.

The internet itself is a good model, of course.  It operates extremely well, worldwide; absolutely everyone benefits and nobody is exploited.  The internet made the current, fast expansion of this network possible.

You were probably led to believe, via early programming, constantly enforced, that humanity is hopelessly corruptible and corrupted.  When you start to do this work you'll see another version of reality that's more hopeful and you'll likely start making genuine friends within this network. 

It's possible that you've never even had a real friend, especially if you live in a Western country and this discovery, too, is perpetually empowering and exhilarating. How much happiness can you stand?

Many people now believe that we've entered an unprecedented stage of human history and development and that the easy ability for anyone to disable these sickening, debilitating technological horrors with cheap orgonite devices is the best evidence of that, though the deeper proof will come from distributing orgonite among the population in the form of widespread,  transmuted attitudes and behavior.

I encourage you to empower yourself by gifting the death transmitters where you live, though it's not unlikely that somoene else has already disabled them in your town, in which case you can go to work distributing orgonite throughout neighborhoods and places where people congregate in large numbers, then return and witness the immediate positive transformations in human attitudes and behavior there.

The African gifters have started from that point, by the way, and they get to the towers as a secondary campaign.

You can gain profound confirmations and empowerment by distributing orgonite in unhappy neighborhoods, in your workplace, home, favorite stores and along the highways in order to generate the physical, obvious confirmations that the people who disable the death towers have been accumulating for the past four and a half years. 

If you're a salesman (presuming you're not an exploiter), keep some orgonite on and around you and witness an increase in sales, for instance, and also generally more sanguine customers in your presence.

If you're a teacher, keep orgonite in your classroom to see the beneficial effects on you and your students; distributed it throughout the campus to witness a sharp, immediate reduction in violent behavior and even suicides.

If you're a healer, see how much more effective you'll be with orgonite in the immediate area.

If you work for a corporation, watch how fast the exploiters will lose ground within the organization and the more constructive employees will band together rather than be pitted against each other by management.  I don't know if this would work the same way in McDonalds restaurants, whose management protocols were designed by a couple of top CIA psychiatrists in the 1960s, but who knows? 

Toss/hide some orgonite and watch the show! We know MalWart is a lot easier to shop in after we toss orgonite on the roof or under the ice machine. Before, it's nearly intolerable to be in a MalWart if you've become accustomed to living around orgonite.

I'm hoping that you'll by now, at least,  view the What To Think Network with new eyes and will free your local territory (the hearts, behavior and minds of the Pajama People, who are the majority) from the matrix of denial and programming which has made tyranny and exploitation possible on our lovely planet for so long.  That overarching, omnipresent network has been losing ground to the internet for years, of course, and we're obviously not responsible for that trend. As I said, it's simply time for individuals to empower ourselves.

We feel that if the death transmitters had never been erected it's possible that so many people wouldn't be waking up to the reality of global exploitation and tyranny by now.  We're not making exhorbitant personal claims or even selling you anything.  The information you can get  from us doesn't cost a nickel and you don't need to buy anything from any of the vendors who are listed on this site in order to fully empower yourself.

The chemtrail program was essentially and spontaneously disabled by only a few thousand people who had made or bought orgonite cloudbusters for their yards between the summer of 2001 and the summer of 2002 but the real-time, public record, in the form of thousands of posted accounts of this network's  progress until August, 2004, on the Yahoo cloudbuster board, cloud-busters.com and ethericfreedomfighters.com was expunged from the internet by duplicitous webmasters before a few of us took it upon ourselves to start hosting our own internet boards in the US and Europe.

If you've been to places like Death Valley, Tucson and the Kalahari Desert lately you've seen the gorgeous evidence of uncharacteristically heavy and persistent rainfall in the past couple of years and this is the confirmation for the 'other' physical campaign that this grassroot, expanding network has been successful with, so far:  disabling weather warfare technology in entire regions.

Towers are mostly used for that war against humanity, too, though other forms of transmitters, including 'weather ball' and 'bowling pin'  facilities spread across the landscape.  All of this is just as easily and handily disabled with simple orgonite as the death towers are, so on your gifting sorties you can simply look for standing towers, radomes and other weird transmitting structures and 'gift' them.  The weatherballs have particularly long range for weather warfare and are more directional and coordinated (scalar), so it's a good idea to disable all of those sooner than later in order to prevent hurricanes and other violent weather.

If you want instructions for making and intelligently, economically distributing orgonite to heal your region's environment, download the free  'Gifting Compendium' from ethericwarriors.com in English; from Quebecorgone.com in French and from orgonise-africa.net in German.

If you are not fluent in any of these languages but want that information I can probably connect you to a reputable gifter in your own country or who is proficient in your native language if you contact me, Don Croft, at info@worldwithoutparasites.com  

If you're the first gifter in your nation we'll support your initial  efforts and any gifter who gets in trouble with psi or electronic assaults but hasn't learned to counter that can contact us for help and training.

The 'third' spontaneous, grassroot campaign that this network has initiated is the systematic disruption of the various occult/corporate cabals who have long been secretly engaged in mass murder and exploitation. We do it by aggressively tossing concentrated healing energy at them, often after the psychics among us have identified the targets.  I recommend that you first gain some empowerment through your own gifting efforts before you acquaint yourself with this technique, which you can surely master, by the way.

In the first few years those of us who gift effectively were besieged with aggressive surveillance by various government and occult agencies and by constant psychic/electronic assaults and it forced us to develop these simple protocols for protection and efficient reprisals.

By now, there are so many people doing it that the walking resources of the occult/corporate order are spread pretty thin and we've been so consistently successful that their attempts to disrupt us seem rather half-hearted in most cases.

If you ever get hit hard by these goverment and occult/corporate parasites you can take that as a solid confirmation that you're now considered a viable threat to the established but waning order.  Congratulations, if so, and welcome to the network! Now, get busy and neutralize your oppressors as a public service. ;-)

It's probably not necessary for you to delve more deeply into the weirder aspects and implications of The Way Things Are--the other side has been playing a very, very deep game, perhaps for millenia--but anyone who wishes to dive into that (it's kind of fun) can do it in a balanced, safe way as long as he or she has first gains some conidence and competence with the recommended self-defense protocols.