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Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2005 11:16 am    Post subject: Demon Busting
Below is an email from White Wing, a friend of mine who gifted an hhg and some sage bundles to her friend who was being tormented by a demon.

About two weeks ago a friend who lives in Cullman, AL, drove up for a visit and while he was here he talked about a problem that had begun to plague his family to the point of being unbearable. Apparently his mother was being tormented by a spirit of a deceased former Monsignor from her childhood. The ghost was following his mother around and living in their cabin by the lake. She was being driven half crazy by his constant activity around the house, and the dog was acting scared and sick all the time. The hauntings were getting more and more powerful, and beginning to effect everyone in the family's behavior and causing an escalation in negativity in the whole household. The mother had started to take antidepressants and nothing was working to correct the problem. The mother invited over a psychic friend to chase away the demon, and not only did her efforts fail, but the psychic suddenly started experiencing serious illnesses after her attempt to oust the demon. My friend was at his wit's end, watching his family go to pieces. The mother is also psychic and could see that this was the ghost of her former Monsignor around the house and in the garden.

I gifted my friend with some sacred ceremonial sage bundles and a lovely piece of orgonite that Louis created, along with instructions on how to use the sage to smudge the house and use his intent to charge the orgonite. My friend charged the HHG with the intent to drive away all unhealthy forces and send unconditional love and healing energy to everyone in the family while holding a sacred space in the cabin and around it.

One day when his parents left for a few hours, he smudged the house and buried the HHG in the crawl space under his parent's bedroom. Shortly after he started smudging the house he saw the dog chasing an 'invisible' entity out into the woods. After smudging the whole house and surrounding yard, he sat and did some meditation to see if he could still detect any bad energy left from the entity. He couldn't.

Upon his parents return, he asked his mom to see what she could 'feel' differently about the cabin, and she said she knew that the 'demon' ghost was gone. She then pointed to the floor at a spot directly over where the orgonite was buried, and said, "you put it right there, didn't you?". My friend was overjoyed, because she said she could feel it working, and the little HHG makes everyone's feet tingle upon entering the cabin. In the ensuing weeks, the family has gotten back to normal, the dog is happy and content again, and there have been no more signs or sightings of the demon. Even the psychic lady is no longer having troubles.

Way to go, Louis! Another one bites the dust!

Your friend,

White Wing
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