Wilder, Arizona

Israelites, Mind Control, Ms. Wilder

by Brian Desborough

The attack on Pearl Harbor
The Knights of the Round Table
The Council of Nine:

This is a response to the E Magazine criticisms raised by "Wendy Loveless" in regard to my "Who were the Israelites" article. Regrettably, most of my leisure time is spent helping survivors of mind-control projects, consequently this reply is less detailed than the subject matter deserves.

The primary purpose of my article was to inform Israeli students that archaeological evidence clearly refutes the biblical claims that Israel is theirs by divine right. A secondary purpose was the debunking of the elitist and odious claim promulgated by proponents of British Israelism that the Caucasian population of Britain and America is descended from the Davidic bloodline.

Having been engaged in advanced research and development projects for some three decades, I'm well aware of the necessity for researching a subject from first principles. Wendy appears not to have followed this procedure, instead gleaning her information primarily from the books obtainable from the website mentioned in her E. Mail. This is the website of a book publisher located in Salt Lake City - a center of Kolob worship; the Mormon Church has a vested interest in promoting British Israelism dogma.

This publisher offers books promoting British Israelism by such authors as the late Colonel J.C. Gawier, Keeper of the Crown Jewlefs under Queen Victoria. The British Israelite movement derived its initial impetus from the attempt by the Crown to improve Victoria's popularity by falsely claiming that she was of the Davidic bloodline.

What British Israelite authors apparently have failed to realize is that archaeological excavations in the Holy Land have clearly demonstrated that the lives and deeds of King David and Solomon, as depicted in the Old Testament, are apochryphal stories written during a much later era, in order to justify the dominance of the Levites over Judean affairs. In a similar manner, much of the Lebor Gabala - an Irish history compiled by Celts and early Christian monks, also is largely apochryphal.

Because apochryphal stories are a means by which oligarchical powers are able to exert influence over the masses, perhaps it behooves us briefly to digress and peruse some major apochryphal tales:

The attack on Pearl Harbor:

This was not a surprise attack by Japan, as popularly believed; it is a matter of record that several weeks prior to the attack, U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull informed his journalist friend Joe Lieb, that Japan would attack Pearl Harbor on December 7th., 1941. Lieb leaked the information to the U.P. wire service. Only the Honolulu Advertizer bothered to publish the U,P. news release. The attack was a reprisal for the Rockefeller-instigated cancellation of Japanese oil concessions in China. Fearing that Japan might attack Russia, where the Rockefellers had vested oil and lumber interests, J.P.Morgan's nephew was appointed Ambassador to Japan, in order to induce Japanese warlords to attack the USA instead.

Another related apochryphal story is the supposed date of Rockefeller puppet Franklin D. Roosevelt's death. In actuality, he was assassinated the previous year, his identity being assumed by doubles. In his memoirs, Roosevelt's son, Elliott, stated that Stalin had informed him that his father was assassinated by "the Churchill gang".

The Knights of the Round Table:

The truth behind the legend of King Arthur has been obscured both by political expediency and the mists of time; are the stories of his exploits and his last mysterious boat trip to Avalon true? Did the knights of the Round Table exist, and was there a Merlin - or is it all a romantic fable, swallowed hook, line and sinker, by gullible New Agers?

Early English history followed an oral tradition, and was not committed to writing until several centuries after the alleged birth of Arthur. Unfortunately, key manuscripts, such as the Northern Annals, disappeared in the 13th. century, and are no longer available to historians. Consequently, the two principal sources of the Arthurian legend are the Histories of the Kings of Britain and Chronicles of Scotland, by the mediaeval historians Geoffrey of Monmouth and Hector Boece, respectively.

Arthur purportedly was born circa 475 A.D.; at the time of his birth, Rome had withdrawn its four occupying legions, and the eastern half of Britain was under Anglo-Saxon rule. Geoffrey locates the scene of the Arthurian battles around Camelot Dun (Winchester), which is a chronological problem, since that part of England was already occupied by the Anglo-Saxons by the time of Arthur's alleged birth.

Some historians assert that the battles were fought in Cornwall, which in earlier times was a larger region than at present. This is problematical since the Anglo-Saxons did not lay claim to Cornwall, thus eliminating the potential for armed conflict.

Gerald of Wales (c. 1147-1223) claimed that Glastonbury was the fabled Camelot, and that the grave of Arthur and his queen was opened there, in 1191, but there is no historical record of conflict between Arthur's knights and the Anglo-Saxons domiciled in the Glastonbury region. Gerald was under the patronage of the Benedictine Abbot of Glastonbury; making the spurious claim that Arthur was buried at Glastonbury would not only be good for the lucrative pilgrim trade, but would also discredit his rival, Geoffrey of Monmouth, who was an Augustinian.

The majority of mediaeval manuscript references to Arthur's chief residence, located it in the northern English city of Caerleon (Carlisle). In all probability, this particular Arthur was a minor Romano-Briton border chieftan, who fought his battles locally along the English / Scottish border. He probably would have been buried on St Patrick's Isle, in the Irish Sea, which used to serve as a necropolis.

Ordinarily, the exploits of a minor border chieftan would not receive national attention, however, Dubricius, the Archbishop of Carlisle, was purportedly born circa 450 A.D., making him a contemporary neighbor of this border chieftan. On his travels, Dubricious possibly championed the exploits of Arthur over those of rival border warlords. Dubricious may well have been one of a long line of Merlins. "Merlin" is an agnomen - a title, not the name of a person. Merlin is the Old English term for a blackbird., which suggests that the person who was appointed the Merlin was associated with the druidic order known as the Black Man during the lst. century A.D.. The successful candidate for the office of Black Man had to be adept in the esoteric arts, particularly that of rainmaking. The fact that the Merlin is best known for his occult powers, rather than for his religious prowess, implies that Geoffrey of Monmouth may have confused a Black Man of the 1st century with the major Christian evangelist Bishop Dubricious, who lived some three centuries later.

The unpopular and mentally-unbalanced King Henry 2nd. (1133-1189) became alarmed upon learning of an ancient prophecy which claimed that King Arthur did not die, but would return again. Hailing from Anjou, the French center of occultism, Henry had what he claimed was Arthur's grave at Glastonbury excavated, thus 'proving" to a superstitious populous, that Arthur was really dead and therefore could not return to lead a rebellion. A lead cross was recovered from "Arthur's" alleged grave at Glastonbury; the cross was inscribed with a text in debased uncials. However, this type of font was not utilized until after Arthur's purported era.

Apparently dismayed at his propensity for appearing naked in public and chewing straw, King Henry's wife, the very capable Eleanor of Aquitaine, returned to her extensive French domains, where her daughter, Marie de Champagne, commissioned Chretien de Troyes to write an Arthurian romance. Since adultery was a favorite pastme at Marie's court, Chretien, who specialized in writing lurid tales involving rape and mayhem, created a fantasy, in which Queen Guinavere commits adultery with Lancelot. Chretien probably added factual history to his apocryphal romance, for he had access to at least one manuscript from Beauvais Abbey, whose monks were instrumental in reorganizing the administrative structure of Scottish abbeys during the 12th. century.

I believe that the story of the Arthurian legend as we know it today is, in actuality, an apocryphal composite created by mediaeval writers who confused the life of a 5th. century border chieftan with that of the lst. century Pendragon known to the Romans as Caractacus, who bore the tribal appellation "Arwiagus" (Arthur) derived from the British "Arto", meaning "Bear".

A person of high ideals and founder of the first Christian church, whose daughters became the toast of Roman society, Caractacus became famous throughout Europe. Caractacus's half-sister Clarine married the Ban of Benwick and gave birth to a son - Lancelot.

The claim made by Geoffrey of Monmouth that the Arthurian battles were fought in Southern England would not be correct for a north-country border chieftan living in the 5th. century, but would be in conformance with the known military campaigns of Caractacus, during the lst. century A.D.. The legendary Lady of the Lake may have been Caractacus's purported sister Anna, who was married to Aaron Rheged. He bore the appellation "Lychlyn", meaning "Lake". Since the Phoenicians had established colonies in Britain since circa 2900 B.C., the sword Excalibur may represent the Phoenician Sun Cross. This was portrayed on Hittite seals as a human arm holding an upright ankh, symbolizing Divine victory, The myth regarding Arthur withdrawing the sword from the stone may be symbolic of the separation of the inner spiritual light (represented by the sword) from the rock, indicative of the material world.

In founding the first Christian Church at the Palaticum Britannicum in Rome, Caractacus probably realized that the Druidic priesthood had been unable to inspire and unify the British with a spiritual zeal, and therefore attempted to accomplish this task, through the promotion of Christianity, the early British form of which is exalted throughout the Arthurian literary corpus.

There is no historical evidence that the biblical Joseph of Arimathea ever founded the first British church at Glastonbury, as is claimed by writers possessing a Christian bias. It would be unacceptably poor scholarship, however, not to determine whether the legend arose from confusion with another Joseph who may have been associated with the early British form of Christianity. According to the Welsh Triads, Christianity was introduced to Britain in 37 A.D. by Ilid, who founded a church at Inyswitryn, now known as the Isle of Wight. The church's administration and the name 'Inyswitryn' was allegedly transferred to Glastonbury in 63 A.D..

According to one tradition, Ilid was a cousin of Caractacus. Interestingly, Caractacus's Aunt Rhieinwylydd married Bicanys, of Phoenician descent; he was a tin trader. After his retirement, his business affairs were managed by his son Joseph, who purportedly relocated to Arimathea. The biblical Joseph of Arimathea therefore could possibly be British.

The Council of Nine:

Just as the UFO community is heavily influenced by disinformation disseminated by well-known authors and lecturers known to be members of an intelligence organization called the Aviary, so the belief structure of thousands of gullible New Agers is manipulated by individuals claiming to channel information emanating from the "Nine Principles of God".

Even if we ignore the blatant historical inaccuracies and thinly-veiled racism emanating from this purportedly divine group of celestial beings, the military and intelligence background of Dr.Andrija Puharich, the founder of the Nine cult, should be sufficient to question the veracity of the channeled comments.

The Nine were first channeled in 1952 by an Asian mystic at Puharich's laboratory. Puharich later formed the Round Table Foundation purportedly to continue receiving transmissions from the Nine via other channelers. The foundation was disbanded in 1958, but channeling continued at Puharich's laboratory. Prominently associated with Pucharich in this venture were New Age guru Dr. Jim Hurtak and convicted felon Eira Einhorn. The Esalen Institute and the Stamford Research Institute were also involved. This should have raised a very large red flag, since both institutes have participated in mind-control research (Charles Manson was an Esalen visitor).

Moreover, Puharich served as a military officer at the U.S. Army Chemical Center in Maryland at the time the center was conducting LSD experiments. Puharich also worked with the CIA's evil Sydney Gottlieb on the development of directed-energy mind-control techniques, at the time the Nine were initially channeled. Pucharich later developed the first micro-chip tooth implant under a CIA contract.

Puharich later fell out of favor with the intelligence community after successfully developing a free-energy device (U.S. patent 4,394,230). He died following a convenient fall down a flight of stairs.

By means of psycho-acoustic devices, Puharich had the capability of projecting voices into the minds of "channelers", who believed they were in communication with a divine source. This insidious activity, which presumably is being conducted by other mind-control programmers since Puharich's death, has enabled the Illuminati to control the belief-structure of a very large segment of the New Age community. Hopefully, the above apocryphal tales will serve to demonstrate the necessity for commencing selected research projects from first principles.

In stating in my article that Tea Tephi was a Danite Princess who settled in Ireland circa 1250 B.C., I was merely quoting a claim published by Christian Fundamentalist organizations. Personally I believe that Tea Tephi's voyage to Ireland is an apocryphal tale. All the bible tells us about King Zedekiah's daughters is that the princesses disobeyed Yahwey and fled to Egypt., not Ireland.

As previously mentioned, the ancient history of Ireland as portrayed in the Lebor Gabala and such works as the Book of Ballymote is largely apocryphal, which is why it is imperative to return to first principals in order to determine the source of such stories as the origin of the Stone of Scone. We also must avoid linguistic pitfalls when determining what early historians meant when they mentioned lvernia or Hibernia (Ireland). This is because the coastal region of England extending from the county of Dorset to the Solent used to be named Iwerne, which is cognate with 'Ivernia'; its inhabitants were known as the Gwyddel, often translated as "Irish".

In the interests of good scholarship, we must search for any other historical reference to a matriarchal figure possessing a ceremonial stone, (preferably descended from a Middle Eastern tribe or clan) whose arrival in Ireland substantially predated that of Tea Tephi.

Our search for such a person begins not in Ireland, but at an elevation of 5200 feet up the western flank of Mount Ararat, at the town of Van. Believed to have been founded by Queen Semiramis, according to Armenian tradition, it is located near Lake Van. In prehistoric times, this lake supplied the headwaters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

The ancient tribal people who originally inhabited this region were known variously as the Vans, Bans, Wans, Fens or Fins. Their tribal name became appended to the names of countries and townships which sprang up as they migrated westward to Britain and Ireland. Thus the ancient name of Britain was Alban, later Albion. Paisley was originally Vanduara and the name Findhorn still survives. Van Lake, in Wales, was traditionally sacred to a Lady of the Lake.

According to tradition, a matriarch and her serpent-worshipping clan landed in South-Western Ireland at Duna-mark, which is in Bantry Bay, not later than 1000B.C., which predates the era of Tea Tephi and that of the first Jewish diaspora. The matriarch's name was Ceasair, which is cognate with "Kvasir" ("wise person of the sacred cauldron" mentioned in the Gothic Eddas). According to the Eddas, the matriarch of the Vans had a consort / son named Baldr, cognate with the "Balor of the evil eye", who was the champion of the Irish Feins. A later Irish hero was Fal, Fal's Hill being at the ancient capital Tara. Very significantly, Baldr, Balor and Fal were tribal champions, and all were possessors of a magic stone. In later Irish legends, Fal's Stone cried out during the coronation of Celtic monarchs; it is purportedly the coronation Stone of Scone.

In similar fashion, the legend of St. Bridget appears to have been derived from the tale of the matriarchal sorceress Frigg, the "Mother of the Wolf of Fen", 'Fen" being cognate with "Van". Frigg allegedly was the leader of a group of serpent cult priestesses known as "the Nine Maidens". Maiden Stone monoliths bearing serpent emblems are found in various parts of Britain.

According to my esteemed friend Mr. Credo Mutwa, the Sanusi and official historian of the Zulu Nation, ancient races were forbidden by their overlords to depict dragons, hence the adoption of serpents in lieu.

The Tuatha de Danaan were a later serpent-worshipping wave of Van immigrants, their champion "Lug" being the counterpart of "Loki" , a champion of the Vans who opposed the Goths, according to the Eddas. Both used a sling shot as a weapon.

The last known clans of the Vans in Ireland were known as the Fomorians, and in the Eddas as the "Baombur"; they were purportedly defended by dragons. The serpent-worshipping Fomorians were vanquished by the solar-worshipping army of Part-olon circa 400 B.C.. Part-olon was a Phoenician, who, according to ancient British chronicles, arrived in Ireland from the Mediterranean via Scotland ( a Hitto / Phoenic seal depicts their arch-deity Mikal defeating a winged dragon). A solar-oriented army defeating a serpent tribe is probably the origin of the fable in which St. Patrick rids Ireland of serpents, particularly since St. Patrick allegedly was in Ireland during the same century as Part-olon.

It should be self-evident from the above that the key elements of the Tea Tephi tale are to be found in the earlier occupation of Ireland by the Vans.

Let us now examine the biblical account of King David's reign. As I explained in my Israelite article, archaeological evidence reveals that the Old Testament appears primarily to be an historical fable concocted by the Levites either during, or shortly after their Babylonian captivity, in order to justify their establishment of a Judean theocracy. I believe the biblical account of King David's life to be largely apocryphal.

Deuteronomy claims that God commanded the Israelites to cross over the Jordan and dispossess "great cities fortified to heaven". What God is this? Is it the Yahu of the proto-Israelites, YHWH, or one of the Gods mentioned in textual inscriptions discovered in the Negev hill country and in Judean territory, such as Jehovah Terman and Jehovah Shomron? And what about Mrs. God? These inscriptions send blessings in the name of Jehovah and his Asherah! The inscriptions were written during the 8th. century B.C., which suggests that at the alleged era of David (10th. century B.C.) the kingdoms of Israel and Judea were not monotheistic, which contradicts the Bible.

During the 19th. century, German biblical scholars, led by Julian Wellhausen, challenged the infallibility of the Old Testament, claiming that its historicity was largely a fable concocted for theological reasons. American archaeologist William Albright, set out to prove the historical veracity of the Bible by conducting major digs during the 1920's, at such key biblical sites as Meggido and Jericho. In particular, Albright and his associates were determined to prove the veracity of Joshua's conquest of Canaanite cities and to seek evidence of the "united monarchy" of David, which the Bible describes as the pinnacle of Israel's military and economic power.

Alas for the efforts of Albright and numerous subsequent archeologists, the great fortified Canaanite cities that Joshua supposedly conquered revealed themselves to be very small and largely unfortified settlements, whose culture declined over a period lasting several centuries, demonstrative that Joshua's conquest of Canaan never occurred.

The major constructions supposedly established under Solomon's direction at Hazor and Meggido never became a reality. Only 7.5 acres was fortified at Hazor, while Meggido lacked a fortified wall. In actuality. these supposedly major cities were merely very minor settlements.

Hebron, a city which dates from the third millenium B.C., was allegedly King David's capital before his supposed capture of Jerusalem. Recent excavations at the site, located at Tel Runeida, led to the discovery of artifacts of the 8th. century B.C., but evidence of David's supposed capital city of the 10th. century is absent. Moreover, the site occupies an area of less than eight acres. Even if 10th. century evidence is found at another part of the Tel, its area will still represent a minor settlement, not a significant city.

The same situation applies to Jerusalem (the City of David): despite numerous excavations which have been conducted in Jerusalem for more than a century, no structures dating from the period of David's united monarchy have been discovered. Joab, King David's general, supposedly gained entry to Jerusalem by climbing up a water shaft and surprising the city's Jebusite populace. Seeking verification of the tale, some biblical scholars claim that this particular water shaft was one discovered in 1867 by British explorer Charles Warren, The shaft in question is a very ancient natural karstic formation. Archaeologists Eli Shukron and Ronny Reich have recently stated that the upper end of the shaft was man-made after the time of David's reign; therefore it could not have been used by David's general to access the city.

Jerusalem's rich culture did not occur until after its northern rival Samaria was conquered in 722 B.C..Since no evidence of David's purported substantial cities, nor evidence of his united monarchy have been discovered despite extensive archaeological searches, it is apparent that if David ever existed at all, he was a very minor chieftan, not a monarch of substance. Even the story of David slaying Goliath is questionable, for not to be upstaged by David, David's nephew also killed a giant at Gath, according to 2 Samuel. Samuel also claims that a Bethlehemite by the name of Elhanan killed a giant named Goliath during a battle at Gath. 1 Chronicles would have us believe that Elhanan also killed yet another giant (Lahmi) who was Goliath's brother. War broke out again , this time at Gezer, and Sippai, a descendant of giants was slain by Sibbecai.

After my Israelite article was posted on this website, an explosive article by Jewish scholar Ze'ev Herzog appeared in the October 29th. issue of Ha'aretz. Entitled "Deconstructing the walls of Jericho", the article began "Following 70 years of intensive excavations in the Land of Israel, archaeologists have found out: The Patriarchs' acts are legendary, the Israelites did not sojurn in Egypt or make an exodus, they did not conquer the land. Neither is there any mention of the empire of David and Solomon, nor of the source of a belief in the God of Israel. These facts have been known for years, but Israel is a stubborn people and nobody wants to hear about it."'

The lengthy article, which cites supportive archaeological data, states: " ...the great united monarchy [ of David and Solomon] is an imaginary historiosophic creation, which was composed during the period of the Kingdom of Judea at the earliest Perhaps the most decisive proof of this is the fact that we do not know the name of this kingdom."

In claiming descent from the Davidic bloodline, the British Israelites and the European Oligarchy have backed a loser, due to the abundance of archaeological evidence that the mighty regional united monarchy of David never existed. Far better to have claimed descent from the Phoenicians, whose colonization of Britain in preRoman times is a given. Such a concept would, however, be anathema to the Illuminati, who were ancient adversaries of the Phoenicians, which is why the legend of St. George slaying the dragon stems from Cappadocia -- the central province of the Hitto-Phoenics.

That the European Oligarchy and the Order of the Dragon should also promote British Israelism is not surprising when one considers that British Israelism was created by occultist, astrologer and spy John Dee, the father of modern freemasonry. Dee, who received esoteric instruction from Rabbi Loew, the alleged creator of a golem (a humanoid) was noted for his bizarre occult rituals involving cadavers stolen from graves, who signed his espionage reports to Queen Elizabeth 1st., 007.

Sadly, British Israelism has a widespread following, which is a tragedy, for its afficionados exhibit the same disgraceful "holier than thou" elitism that pervades a large segment of the New Age community. Such elitism is often a precursor to wars fought in the name of God.

I strongly urge all readers of this website to closely monitor current archaeological digs occuring in Israel, for Kabbalistic rabbis and certain prominent Christian Fundamentalists are instrumental in promoting an on-going search for the Kalal containing the ashes of the magical red heifer, which is referenced in the socalled copper scroll and in the Book of Numbers (19, 1-19). According to Judaic tradition, the Temple cannot be reconstructed at Jerusalem until the ashes of the legendary red heifer are found. A senior Illuminati historian has informed me that as a back-up plan, a very pure-blooded red heifer is currently being raised. In accordance with Judaic custom, it will have to be sacrificed before October of this year, presumably on a Judaic holy day. Since a seismic faultline traverses the Mount of Olives, the Illuminati are also planning to create a geophysically-generated earthquake sufficiently strong to destroy the Islamic Dome of the Rock. The heifer's ashes will then be used to purify the Temple Mount, prior to reconstruction of the Temple.

During the 19th. century, correspondence between Illuminists Albert Pike and Guiseppi Mazzini discussed Illuminati plans for the implementation of three global wars, which were to be precursors to the establishment of a totalitarian global government.

World War I was to be initiated by creating political differences between Britain and Germany. Communism would be implemented in Russia and used for the purpose of conquering other nations.

World War II would destroy the German Empire and foster sympathy for oppressed Jews, in order to establish the State of Israel. Communism was to be expanded until it equalled the strength of the Western Powers, at which time its growth would be checked.

World War III would be initiated by fomenting ideological differences between Jew and Arab. The other global powers will choose sides and destroy each other. The survivors, disillusioned with existing religions, will embrace the Illuminati Luciferic religion. Out of the chaos of war, a New World Order will be created.

The on-going search for the ashes of the fabled red heifer is currently focussed on the region immediately north of Wadi Qumran. I surmise that when the Illuminati timetable calls for an Arab / Israeli nuclear holocaust, in order to commence World War III, the red heifer's ashes conveniently will be "discovered". This will provide the rationale for the destruction of the Islamic mosque known as the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, and its replacement with the New Temple - an act guaranteed to initiate a nuclear Holy War (Israeli children are currently undergoing training as future Temple priests).

In conclusion, there are other important biblical stories which are considered by many lay persons to be apocryphal - the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant being prime examples. Even though history, as taught to the masses, has been subjected to major obfuscation by Illuminati historians, it is necessary for the Illuminati to maintain accurate accounts of major historical events for themselves. Children of Illuminati bloodline families who have been selected to serve important Illuminati roles, receive some of their arduous training at the Mothers of Darkness chateau near Muno, Belgium, where they are taught the true history of the world.

It had been hoped that the public revelations concerning Illuminati matters provided by former Mother Goddess Arizona Wilder, would have prompted other Illuminati bloodline mind-controlled survivors to go public with their exposes. With one exception, this has not occurred. This is because other survivors who could verify the authenticity of Ms. Wilder's claims have been deterred by the vile invective directed toward Ms. Wilder on this website [forum] by incredibly ill-informed individuals, who hypocritically end their vitriolic and racist E-Mail messages with the word "love".

One criticism levelled at Ms. Wilder questioned why, if she had a photographic memory as she claimed, did she have difficulty remembering certain topics during her videotaped interview with Mr. David Icke. The reason for her memory lapses is that mind-controlled victims who are programmed to serve as intelligence couriers are subjected to a surgical procedure known as "brain-stem scarring", which permits certain alter-personalities to receive a photographic memory. For obvious reasons, the front alter is never programmed to have such a photographic memory. Since Ms. Wilder's alters which possess such a memory capability were never accessed during the interview, (which would have required knowledge of the appropriate access code) she was unable to recall certain topics.

For the record, I first observed shapeshifting while conducting exorcisms during the 1970's, It was during that period that it became apparent to me that some of the clients who complained of hearing inner voices were not the victims of psychic attack, but instead had been the subject of trauma-based programming. Prior to meeting Ms. Wilder, I had encountered other mind-control survivors who hailed from bloodline families, including one lady who had attained the rank of Mother of Darkness and had served as a member of Ms. Wilder's court during rituals. It is customary for bloodline children who have been genetically-bred to possess advanced psychic abilities, to be trained for a multiplicity of functions, e.g. to provide psychic power for Illuminati rituals, to be an intelligence courier or psy-ops assassin, or to telepathically communicate with extra-terrestrials and dolphins at covert military bases.

In view of my hi-tech professional background, which includes free-energy and anti-gravitic developmental projects, I was able to corroborate the description of covert subterranean facilities given me by Ms. Wilder. One interesting little-known fact that she told me was that she had observed certain oligarchical families wearing period costumes when dining in private. This was recently corroborated when an artist, who has painted the portraits of various members of the European nobility, informed me that she has observed the same thing, adding that because the type of stitching formerly used on some elaborate period dresses is unknown to current seamstresses, some oligarchical families retain their own specially-trained seamstresses.

In claiming to have been shown both the pre-Christian era Holy Grail (a gold cauldron, not a cup) and the Ark of the Covenant, Ms. Wilder has provided me with not only detailed descriptions of these artifacts and their present locations, but also the contents of the Ark (not Mosaic tablets). Without any prompting, a high Illuminati initiate has provided me with the same corroborative information.

The courageous Ms. Wilder (who required hospitalization for the brutal beating she received for quitting the Illuminati) is a repository for a vast amount of information concerning covert political matters to which she was privy ( e.g. the role of Queen Elizabeth and Pamela Harriman in the election of President Clinton) in addition to detailed information regarding communication with extraterrestrials. Valid critical commentary is always acceptable, but thanks to the vitriolic attack which has been directed toward Ms. Wilder on this website [forum], it is highly unlikely that she will ever again risk her life by attempting to inform the public on sensitive matters.

I note that one pathetic young soul refers to her on this website [forum] as Arizona WILDer. Having a first-hand knowledge of Ms. Wilder's remarkable psychic powers, I can only state that since she was a former member of the Janus psy-ops team, this silly individual would almost certainly have met the same fate as former KGB chief Yuri Andropov, had Ms. Wilder elected not to dismiss his ignorant comments.

Permit me to close with a missive for such sorry detractors. You appear to obtain much of your information from New Age publications, most of which aren't worth the paper they're printed on. If you wish to obtain factual information concerning the Illuminati esoteric subjects or extra-terrestrials, be of service to others by helping mind-control survivors (there are several million of them in the USA alone). This will provide you with meaningful intelligence information. Next, leave your own front doorstep and get out in the world and learn to access the Illuminati, the Intelligence Community and covert facilities. Only then will you possess the expertise to discuss such subjects intelligently. Until then, SHUT UP!

Brian Desborough, December 31st., 1999.