James DiEugenio

James DiEugenio first became interested in history while at film school. Later he studied Contemporary American History from California State University, Northridge.
    His first book, Destiny Betrayed (1992) took a close look at the Jim Garrison investigation of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In 1993, he became a co-founder of Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination. The following year he was co-founder of the Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA).
    DiEugenio and Lisa Pease co-edited COPA's journal, Probe Magazine (1993-2000). DiEugenio is also the co-editor of The Assassinations (2002), a book that covers the deaths of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, and Malcolm X.


Show #445
Original airdate: Oct 22nd, 2009
Guest: Jim DiEugenio
Topic: JFK Research

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    Show #444
    Original airdate: Oct 15th, 2009
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Research

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  • Call in between 9pm 10pm EST 604 525-4167 or 604 525-3974 during show time only.
  • Jim elaborates on a topic from last week's show questioning the credibility of two sides of a topic
  • Neutron Activation and Parrafin tests on Oswald proved he never fired a gun that day
  • Could CE399 have done "ANY" damage, let alone all of the damage attributed to it?
  • Why the Warren Commission advocates try to keep Oswald out of 544 Camp Street
  • Showing how Truman and Johnson were not Liberals as John McAdams stated
  • John Kennedy spent his presidency trying to reverse the Cold War policy that Truman began
  • The less than liberal results of the Johnson presidency
  • Why Oswald left the TSBD and Dealey Plaza after the assassination
  • Noteable: The TSBD was only one of several businesses located in that building
  • Roger Craig a very credible witness
  • Hoover's dealings with the CIA
  • Oswald was not just a patsy, he was a "pawn"
  • Caller: Where was Oswald when some events transpired?
  • Caller: What's your opinion of Larry Flynt's Rebel Magazine?
  • Larry Flynt actually hired Gordon Novel and Mitch Werbell, two identified CIA men
  • Caller, Gil comments on an out and out lie in the Warren Report!
  • Chauncey Holt's admittance that he was the older tramp. Was it Holt or E Howard Hunt?
  • Why Jim picked the 4 people he did to challenge for a debate
  • Do "Case Closed" or "Reclaiming History" have any redeeming historical value?
  • Jim reviews his phenomenal critique of of Reclaiming History
  • Why OP Wright's name isn't mentioned in the Warren Commission Report
  • The dubious chain of evidence of CE 399


    Show #443
    Original airdate: Oct 8th 2009, 2009
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio and John McAdams
    Topic: JFK Research Debate Part 3 & 4

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  • Q: The Commission claimed that Oswald took his rifle from the Paine garage on the morning of 11/22 with the intent of killing President Kennedy: What evidence is there that the rifle was in the Paine garage on November 21st?
  • Q: Is there proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Oswald and Oswald alone fired the magic bullet?
  • Q: Did Hoover proclaim Oswald guilty before or after the FBI examined any of the evidence?
  • Q: Can anyone name Oswald's communist associates in the US and their group affiliations?
  • Q: Did Oswald order the rifle in evidence?

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  • Q: Are the backyard photos genuine?
  • Q: Did the HSCA cover up evidence of a large exit wound in the back of Kennedy's head?
  • Q: Was President Kennedy's intent to withdraw from Vietnam at the time of his assassination?
  • Question for John to Jim: How many people are involved in the assassination and coverup?
  • Question for Jim to John: Why did John misrepresent Michael Kurtz from his book Crime Of The Century
  • Summation from John: Evidence is solid on every point, John lists several items that he claims proves Oswald was where he was when the Warren Commission states it and evidence is clear in general that Oswald is guilty.
  • Summation from Jim: The Walker bullet was switched, The bullet in Parkland Hospital was not the one in the archives, Evidence is changed all over the case, Jim gives several examples, details will be found in the archive and the debate transcript

    Transcript of the Debate (word .doc) Part One    Part Two    Part Three    Part Four   

    Show #442
    Original airdate: Sept 24, 2009
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio and John McAdams
    Topic: JFK Research Debate Part 1&2

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  • Opening statements: John, then Jim
  • The opening statements present the credibility of evidence as seen by both opponents
  • The points made will be too numerous to list. Please listen to the audio for your best coverage
  • Q: Why should anyone believe the 'Single Bullet Theory?'
  • Q: Whose portrait of Oswald is correct the Commission's or Jim Garrison's?
  • Q: Did Oswald go to Mexico CIty, and if so what did he do there?
  • Q: Are you satisfied with the official autopsy?
  • Q: Do you believe the official x rays and photos are real?

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  • Q: Please appraise the work of the Dallas Police in light of what we know today
  • Q: Who controlled the Warren Commission?
  • Q: Who shot J. D. Tippit and why?
  • Q: Could Oswald have done what he is accused of doing inside the TSBD on 11/22/63
  • Q: What was Oswald up to in New Orleans in the summer of 1963?
  • Show #440
    Original airdate: Sept 10, 2009
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

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  • Questions form listeners
  • Bugliosi's lack of a computer
  • Rebel Magazine: "Terriffic." One of the last great Liberal to radical magazines
  • The Huffington Post censors out any reference to 9/11, surprisingly
  • Was Officer Tippit the Badge Man? The image is a remarkable piece of evidence
  • The participants that connect Watergate and the JFK assassination
  • Nixon: No obvious connection GHW Bush and E Howard Hunt are another story...
  • What looks like a set-up perpetrated by McCord during the Watergate break-in
  • Jim references Jim Hougan's great book Secret Agenda
  • DiEugenio's conclusion: Hunt, McCord, Jaworski, Bush, Sturgis, Novell, Helms and more...
  • ... all involved both in the Watergate break-in and the JFK assassination
  • The "umbrella man's" companion, Orlando Bosch?...
  • The validity of the Nitrate test on Oswald
  • J Edgar Hoover's control of the FBI and it's corrupting influence

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Debate update
  • A simplified debate format described
  • 10 very basic questions will be debated and emailed questions debated in the second half
  • There will be a strict, no interruptions format
  • Richard Sprague's HSCA investigative agenda got him removed from the committee

    Play Part Three Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Bugliosi review con't
  • Jim Garrison, Rose Cheramie, Clinton/Jackson area the CIA
  • Oswald's voter registration in Clinton/Jackson with Shaw and Ferrie
  • Evidence proves this happened. Bugliosi denies it
  • Jim talks about the reasons Bugliosi and others deny what appears to be valid information
  • Cheramie was shrugged off by every investigation... a very important loss of evidence
  • Sergio Arcacha Smith and Emilio Santana were identified as Cheramie's acquaintances in the bar
  • Huge connections denied by Bugliosi
  • James Phelan's methods of discrediting Jim Garrison
  • Lee Harvey Oswald and Leon Oswald... two different people
  • James Jesus Angleton's and the CIA's subterfuge against Garrison
  • The CIA had a "Garrison desk"... Why if they weren't involved in domestic espionage?
  • The DA's office in New Orleans was bugged twice during the Shaw investigation
  • Jim lists several infiltrators in Garrison's office
  • Garrison had a huge CIA operation working against him
  • Is it any wonder he lost the case?
  • Jim gives a clear timeline of how Oswald was set up before the assassination
  • Jim gives Jim Garrison the primary credit for this timeline... It stands up well today
  • Show #438
    Original airdate: Aug 27, 2009
    Guest: Mark Lane / Jim DiEugenio / Pat Valentino
    Topic: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Mark Lane
  • Commentary on the Bugliosi book and the upcoming Tom Hanks production of it
  • Many examples of Bugliosi's poor reasearch
  • Lane of Bugliosi: " I don't think he would recognize a fact if it came up and bit him"
  • ..."it's just incredible that anyone is going to rely upon him for a series. It's just beyond belief"
  • Mark cites his great article on Bugliosi: "Vinnie It Is Round"
  • Inaccuracies not only with Lane but outright lies about Cyril Wecht
  • Article from Arthur Krock discusses Coup will come from CIA in Sept. 1963
  • Mark Lane announces the name of his autobiography "Dancing With Bullies"
  • The title was coined by a Black Op listener, Larry Rule
  • Mark promises a defamation suit if Bugliosi continues to misquote and slander him
  • Answer to emailed question: Nancy Perrin-Rich

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Answering listeners' email questions
  • The lone nutters selectively choose their facts when attempting to make their case
  • Discussing the Oswald getaway vehicles: Bus?, Taxi?, Nash Rambler?...
  • Jim sorts out the witness testimony. It may be a Nash Rambler for the Oswald double
  • Pictures may exist of Oswald on the embankment and the Nash Rambler
  • Jim believes there were 2 Oswalds and this accounts for the confusion in witness testimony
  • The Thirteenth Juror: A new book about the MLK Jowers trial.
  • The Bugliosi book: Debating the well known fact that Oswald knew Ferrie early on
  • It appears that Oswald followed Ferrie to 2 different CAP (Civil Air Patrol) groups
  • Jim explains Ferrie, Oswald and the CAP
  • Bugliosi tries to obfuscate known evidence on this subject
  • 531 Lafayette St. and 544 Camp St. led to the same second floor offices
  • Bugliosi tries to say this was not the case
  • Jim presents many points of evidence and shows that Bugliosi did not do his homework
  • Bannister... Ferrie... Oswald... Shaw - connections
  • Clay Bertrand was Clay Shaw
  • Freeport Sulphur: Shaw... Ferrie... David Atlee Phillips... E Howard Hunt
  • These were all American intelligence people, not the Mafia or a lone nut
  • The Rose Cheramie incident: a brief outline for new listeners
  • Two conspirators fingered as knowing of the assassination "BEFORE" it happened
  • More on this and the Clinton/Jackson incident next interview with Jim

  • Play Part Five Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim answers a few email questions
  • Jack Dougherty did not see the rifle bag that Oswald was supposed to have carried
  • He was also on the 5th floor landing during the shooting... Oswald did not pass him
  • A man resembling David Atlee Phillips was at Oswald's midnight press conference
  • More on Jim's open debate challenge
  • More on the strap muscles (P88 Warren Report) and the footnotes (171)
  • How Humes is directed to explain the mislocation of the bullet hole in the shirt
  • The Bugliosi book review
  • Bugliosi uses the questionable Hugh Aynesworth
  • A history of Aynesworth with regard to the assassination and Jim Garrison
  • How he undermined Garrison's witnesses and the case
  • Bugliosi nevertheless uses Aynesworth as a credible source
  • Jim believes as much as 50% of Garrison's evidence and leads no longer exist
  • Jim describes James Phelan, a continual disinformationist
  • Bugliosi nevertheless uses Phelan's material
  • Bugliosi calls Clay Shaw a Liberal... He was, in fact, a Fascist
  • DiEugenio describes the network Shaw was deeply attached to
  • Shaw was a valuable and trusted asset of the CIA
  • Shaw's ties to Permindex from the beginning

  • Show #434
    Original airdate: July 30, 2009
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Debate challenge update
  • The "strap muscle" evidence and the real story
  • Lucien Sarti not one of the shooters
  • The front shot was likely a frangible bullet
  • The Oswald back yard photos likely not real
  • The cameras at the Paines's
  • Discussion of the major JFK web disinformationalists
  • Mike Palecek's Letter to Johnny Carson

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Virtual JFK and McGeorge Bundy
  • Book Review - "Lessons in Disaster"
  • Ed Lansdale probably met Ngo Dinh Diem at Notre Dame
  • Lansdale eventually vaults Diem into the presidency of the country of Vietnam
  • Kennedy rejects Vietnam intervention 10 times before allowing advisors
  • JFK was almost alone in not allowing troops to Vietnam
  • Bundy was impressed by JFK's knowledge of the Vietnam struggle
  • Kennedy was 'NEVER' going to allow combat troops
  • The Buddhist Uprising: A political disaster for the Diems
  • Shenanigans with the Aug 24th cable
  • Kennedy announces personnel withdrawals from Vietnam
  • All Americans out by the end of 65
  • After Kennedy the policy is reversed by NSAM #273
  • The Joint Chiefs present war plans that even include China
  • LBJ's Pearl Harbor became The Gulf Of Tonkin Incident
  • The provocations leading up to the apparent USS Maddox attack
  • By the end of 65 (JFK's end withdrawl date) more than 175,000 troops were in Vietnam
  • Bundy felt he'd committed many failures in administering his office with regard to Vietnam
  • He came to the conclusion only the sitting president could get America into Vietnam: LBJ