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Also Konrad Morgen told John Toland in 1971 that the Americans almost killed him for not saying he'd seen heads and tattooed skin but Morgen still refused to lie. The source is David Irving's free online book "Nuremberg, The Last Battle" page 222 and 223 where Irving went into the Roosevelt Library and read John Toland's 1971 Konrad Morgen interview notes. If the Americans jailed Morgen and tried to coerce him to lie, and even hid him for a time from the German defense lawyers (Dodd knew where he was but the German defense lawyers didn't) then is it conceivable that the American prosecution team would destroy the Karl Koch Trial judgement which Morgen wrote? As well as the trial transcripts? Yes. And these documents are nowhere to be found today. Nazi Shrunken Heads

Thomas J. Dodd presented one of the Buchenwald shrunken heads to the Nuremberg Court on 12/13/1945. See:

Nazi shrunken head

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