Don And Carols's First DVD Is Days Away From Being Done. Yay

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Post Don And Carols's First DVD Is Days Away From Being Done. Yay 
I figured this was the right forum area, as this DVD is like going to school. There's a lot I held-back from the YouTube videos.

Don shares so much info, it's mind boggling. Reading his stuff is amazing, wait 'til you see him live, sharing his inner-most
thoughts. Carol gets her shots in too. If you are interested in the orgonite milieu that Don & Carol started, you must have
this video. Also the video is very pretty, not at all like watching YouTube.

It's my first commercial DVD and it's not perfect, but it's very good. I had some operator error audio problems
but I was able to tweak it quite well in post production.

I've been shooting a camera since 1983, editing is new to me.

It's very time-comsuming and a bit addicting, you can't stop. As a result, I haven't had much sleep in over
three weeks.

It's hard to say "stop" You just want to keep tweaking it, to improve the production value.

My guess is it will be available within a week. Maybe sooner.

I'm pricing it at $19.95 and will add it to my catalogue on CTBusters.

I am honored to be welcomed into the Croft's fold and permitted to do this.
It's truly a win/win. I finally get to make a few bucks from my huge video investment and it' not just some crap,
it's excellent valuable information.

It's archival information, history. The orgonite mileu will get a big boost as more and more people see this and meet the Croft's.

My sincere request is that it's not copyed or uploaded to the tubes. I finally get what all that copyright noise is about!

I hope this was coherent, I'm exhausted,



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Post Re: Don And Carols's First DVD Is Days Away From Being Done. 
Congratulations Andy!!!

I'm sure all your hard work will be well appreciated.

I look forward to the DVD coming out.

Nice one,


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Post Re: Don And Carols's First DVD Is Days Away From Being Done. 
I think this is a good thread to report the current, foiled murder attempt on Carol.

Ever since she was under anaesthesia in June for her arm operation she's felt that something was done to her etherically.   The earliest phsical symptom was the loss of her sense of smell but it wasn't until yesterday (Sunday) in the chatroom that the psychics found specific interference.  In that case it was an out of phase (4D) implant in her throat.  

She had started coughing suddenly, a few days before our trip to LA, which we did at David Wolfe's request and so that we could work with Andy to do more filming. Both of those efforts turned out well, by the way, and the coughing subsided during the day on that trip so that she didn't appear to be sick to our new 'public,' who are the people associated with David Wolfe.  A lot of coughing would probably have caused those folks to doubt the efficacy of the zapper Cool

The coughing got steadily worse in stages until I finally felt it was necessary to ask the chatgroup for help.  We hesitate to do that because we like to spend our group effort on big predator targets and for healing pirated vortices, etc.  Fortunately,  we found a new cabal, centered on the usurious American and German banking clan, the Warburgs, who are strangely aligned wiith and supported by an alien insect species. Before, we'd only ever found 'bugs' in a sort of suspended animation, guiding efforts like the Rosicrucians and the Ramtha crowd, but these bugs are very active and are supplying a lot of high tech to the WarbugŪ freaks.  

These German-based loan sharks are historically connected to the old Venetian (originally Phoenician from before Roman times?) banking families who fled  through Northern Europe eventually to London after the fall of Conatantinople to the Turks.  If you're only familiar with the institutionalized version of history you won't know what I'm talking about but hopefully you'll inform yourself about the actual course of human history by reading credible conspiracy researchers' books.  The Old Testament of the Bible gives a pretty good historical outline of how this more genuine social dynamic works. Apparently, the London-sponsored history paradigm is rather based on infantile non-conspiracy theory; the assumption that powerful families operate in chaos and ae unaware of each other Cool .

I don't know if the psychics have a clue why the WarbugsŪ got involved recently in the corporate effort to take this network down, nor why we've never seen 'active' alien bugs and their technology, before, but I've found that it's worthwhile to just call things the way we see them in the interest of exposing hidden parasitic agendae. Exposure is parasites' main fear, after all.

I started this post yesterday (Monday) and now it's Tuesday.  I think we all assumed that the coughing originated as a problem in the lungs but when I mentioned that my bout with hepatitis, which I got in Tonga in 1985, caused me to cough incessantly at night until the jaundice disappeared, a few months later.  We got a confirmation, in the next chat session that evening, that Carol's cough was the body's way of expelling toxic material while the liver was being shut dow by poison. We'd been poisoned scores of times but never this severely. The beryllium and lithium dust poisoning we had been subjected to, a few times, produced very different symptoms.

Carol's feeling and looking terrific, already and the 'break' came after Dooney and Stevo (with our boosting) gently disabled and removed the 4D implant from Carol's liver on Sunday evening.  Carol's suffereing had increased so dramatically a few hours after teh Sunday group session that we called them and asked them to join us, again, in the chatroom.  

At the same time Stevo typed in that the liver implant was disabled and removed, Carol started breathing easy for the first time in days and she also began sweating profusely.  Jenny, Carol's daughter, was here and was kind of spooked by the sudden, copious sweating but of course that was a sign of healing.  When we had disabled the first implant, in her throat, on Sunday it was removed less gently and apparently released 3D poison to assault her liver, which led to more coughing and lack of breath.   In the evening session, Dooney and STevo found an implant corresponding to each of Carol's chakras.   Carol felt and looked like she was dying, several hours after the throat implant was removed, and I'm pretty sure that this was the WarbugsŪ clear intention: to kill Carol with implanted, slightly out of time-phase bug tech in all her chakras.  

With whales' kindly psi help, Stevo and Dooney found, neutralized and removed them all and the next morning, when Carol and I woke up, she was uncharacteristically chatty--apparently a catharsis triggered by our good friends' successful healing effort of the previous evening.  Anyone who knows Carol will tell you that she's not a morning person.    You can see in the video of our time with David Wolfe in Los Angeles that it takes a pretty strong impetus to get Carol to talk freely Wink

So, Carol dodged yet another bullet but without Francie, Stevo and Dooney helping her in a timely way I believe she'd be dead by now.  Thanks, compadres! At this stage of the unorganized network's development it's likely that the corporate $#!+birds would score some big points by murdering her--might postpone their demise a little bit, that way Cool