Mapping Cell Tower Locations
Mapping Cell Tower Locations - November 21, 2006 08:44
Useful link of tower locations and maps.

Type in zipcode, and you'll come to a listing of towers servicing that area.  Click on the hyperlink, "Towers", and it will bring up a map, with the option for satellite image, or a "hybrid" of satellite image with map overlay.

May be useful when towers are hidden, or when they drop out of sight behind trees/mountains as you approach them.

Thanks to "michigan gifter" at warriormatrix for this info. 


oops - November 21, 2006 08:47
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Don Croft
No Subject - November 25, 2006 00:58
I think these websites are simply for the convenience of the contractors who work on the death towers. Many of us have talked to these fellows who we found working on the tower sites and they're obviously entirely clueless about the worki they're doing.  We contrasted them with the NSA drones on site who usually wear cellphone company uniforms and drive cellphone company trucks. They are tightlipped adn look paranoid when we stop to chat ;-)

 In fact, the worst towers don't usually show up on maps and aren't even listed by the government bureaucracy that is supposed to regulate this stuff. I doubt that contractors are called to work on these horrors. Those are the ones that often have posted warnings not to approach due to dangerous EMR fields. In some cases, you can't even restart your car engine in close proximity to the death transmitters. I think these are mainly HAARP facilities, though.  The psychics seen the energy from these directed into the atmosphere; death towers, like the ones in your neighborhood, are aiimed down at people.

 The reason I've discouraged gifters, for the past five years, from relying more on these internet maps than on their own eyes and hunches is that the worst towers are likely to remain operational in that case.   When one comes across the maps one is often inclined to share them as news but, really, the best stuff just doesn't show up on maps and it's on private property as often as not, or  convenient acess is barred by the treasonous $#!+birds by unlawfully locked iron gates across public roads.

 Fortunately for us all, if one can't see the death transmitters, the transmitters aren't doing their dirty work because it's all apparently 'line of sight' transmission.  One reason they put the death towers so closely together in densely populate areas, too, is because it's apparently pretty easy to shield fromi the transmissions.  I learned this four years ago, during the brief window in time when a zapchecker was effective for determining whether a death tower is still operational.  In that case, I got a strong signal from an unbusted tower when the zapchecker was held out in the open but almost no signal when the zapchecker was held behind the metal car door. .

 Within a couple of months of posting about using the zapchecker for this, the scheissvogels contrived a way to apparently use long wave transmissions to queer the zapchecker. This is also when it because difficult to use a zapchecker to find implants on the body, by the way.   To confirm that, at least for my own  use, I found that I could use a zapchecker in Uganda to find implants in our co-workers as easily as I was able to do it in the US before the pajaros de mierdes initiated that  blocking program, a year earlier.



Don Croft
No Subject - November 26, 2006 22:28
Didier in Hong Kong asked me about the possibility of using a zapchecker to detect still-functioning death transmitters, there, and I suggested that it's worth a try.   It may be that in Europe and elsewhere it's still possible to tell whether a tower has already been gifted by using a zapchecker or similar device.  I should try it again, here, as there are a few new towers in the region that were thrown up since the extensive urban/rural/wilderness gifting we did a few years ago.

That was back when martial law was still a threat; in the first year or so since the new death towers were erected, worldwide. I even bought a big bag of brown rice in case we had to flee to the wilderness before the arrifval of millions of Chinese and Russian 'Homeland Security Abominations.'  I'm still feeling relieved by knowing that this is now extremely unlikely to happen, thanks to sufficient towerbusting and predator-blasting.  I see that not many Chicken Littles are even mentioning the threat any more.

Didier will let us know whether a similar device is available in China, which I suspect may be so.  For awhile, anyone in this network who wanted to buy a zapchecker was interfered with a bit. That was when there was a lot of discussion about detecting implants.  By now it's general knowledge that implants, especially the ones that are injected or shot from modified cellphones at close range, are no more than minor irritants.  I haven't done a comprehensive implant sweep on my body in years, in fact, though I'm probably a wlaking pin cushion by now.  I think they shoot these things at us more for psych effect--counting coup.  A Succor Punch blocks all of their electronic and even sound surveillance tech for quite a distance, after all. 

I'm a person who gets impatient when someone constantly repeats him/herself but it's a fact that reptition is sometimes necessary, especially on a site, like this one, that's loaded with substantive material.  In this case I'll bring up the subject of 'turbo-dowsing,' which Carol and I developed around the same time that the NSA laid out the groundwave interference in the US in order to queer the zapcheckers so many of us were using, then.

In the early twentieth century, a Persian teacher visited the US and Canada, after his release from a Turkish prison colony in Palestine, and was invited to speak to a lot of gatherings from coast to coast.  After one of his talks, a man once asked him, 'Why do you repeat yourself so much?'  He answered, 'What did I repeat?' and the man looked puzzled and said, 'I don't remember.'  'That's why I repeat myself,' he said.

When Carol's not with me on gifting expeditions I resort to 'turbo-dowsing' to determine if a tower needs gifting or whether a spot I've noticed needs to be gifted.  When we were developing this technique Carol watched the energy dynamics and compared it to ordinary dowsing. This is pretty easy for an experienced psychic to do.

In this case, when I dowsed in the ordinary way she saw the energy coming down into my crown chakra as bright  blue, which is to say the information was untainted.  By the time it got thru my brain and down my arm to the pendulum the energy had been degraded. I don't remember what color it was.  The point is that no matter how detached I made myself from teh process, the energy/information was altered by the time the pendulum started swinging.

When I held the point of a Succor Punch in the palm of my other hand, though, she saw the blue/violet energy move from the SP's crystal, up my arm, across my shoulders and down to teh hand with the pendulum in a completely unaltered, undiminished state.  Even so, this isn't a failsafe dowsing technique, so any data that one may get this way shouldn't  ever be promoted as authoritative.  When one is out on a gifting mission, though, it's a good way to get 'battlefield intel.'   This is mainly what I use a Succor Punch for, aside from its marvellous surveillance blocking capabil;ity.

It's worth mentioning that the crystal skull SPs, which Andy sells on, are probably especially useful for blociking surveillance because they seem to sort of sting the surveillors a bit, which I consider a bonus.  Psychics generally are uncomfortable around the skulls, though, and when I tried to use a skull SP for dowsing I got very odd results, entirely unusable.  It's sometimes important to use tools in specific ways, based on information gotten through experimentation and good observation.  The experimentor's reputation should be considered before adopting his recommendations, too.

Dr Reich warned against applying 'too much mysticism' in one's pursuit of knwoledge and I think we ought to always keep that in the front of our minds but, on the other hand, the effect I just mentioned is consistent enough to be considered empirical evidence that those little skulls apparently kick sewer rat butt without any interaction from us Cool even though the claims are kind of odd.

Doc Dirk sent me this quote, by the way:


  Unless we proceed cautiously, there might well arise a few generations of

  mystics who conceive of the orgone metaphysically, divorced from

  non-living nature and who do not comprehend it from the standpoint of

  natural science. And it seems to me that we have more than enough

  mysticism as it is.

                                                                ~W. Reich

Every spiritual teacher worth his or her salt stresses the essential nature of involving the heart and body in one's own spiritual journey and this tends to result in genuinely selfless service. This is the ultimate balancing act, I think. Notice that disinformants always aim for the head and the endorphins, rather.  In that case, be careful to watch the flimflam artist's 'other hand,' which is likely reaching for your wallet or your b@!!$

Under those circumstances dogma and ideology are as useless as a human tail. The more of that crap one repeats in public, the longer his tail grows and anyone knows that one is likely to trip on his own long tail. If one lies a lot, maybe it's like having a Pinnochio nose.  I think that before long these features will be obvioius to most folks so that they'll be less inclined to tag along after glittering, charismatic fakers: the Pied Pipers of the world odor.

The most valuable thing I learned when I was surrounded by these self-satisfied fakers and dogma spewers on the second board effort was that the only effective way to counter that sort of poison is to respond to it with rational arguments, sticking to the issues and not the personalities. It's a simple but uncomfortable fact that if we don't respond to dogma spewers we're seen to tacitly support them and this is an old scam, too, lately used a lot by aggressive, fundamentalist born-again chumps as well as by Alice-Bailey-wannabee forum parasites. 

I got a lot of practice, then, and the final response of the combined de facto  committee (I referred to them as a 'greek chorus' at the time) of saboteurs was to get me expelled by Stuart Jackson from the now-defunct forum.  That forum  expired for lack of support, of course, though Bradley tried very hard to clear away the poisonmongers for a few months before that.  I only mention it, now, in a hsitorical context. I don't discuss our current enemies.  Jackson later destroyed DB's business by completely shutting down, which he was hosting. John Scudamore has generously supplied all the retrieved prose from, by the way, and it's on  A year later, on April Fool's Day, Stuart Jackson announced that he was shutting down due to lack of support.

Most folks who gift don't remember when this new movement was overwhelmed by a human wave of complacent newagers--mainly unwitting Monarch Program and Tavistock assets, apparently--many of whom were quick to promote every hare-brained claim or scheme dreamt up by clever, manipulative saboteurs or fast-talking flippertygibbets. In fact, the second forum effort was set up by an apparent CIA operative to foster that and it was my 'potty training' period in terms of not being manipulated into reacting to all that strident, wheel-spinning irrationality. It was during the second year of the movement--mid 2002 to mid 2003, and I was expelled from that board and 'invited' onto the next one, which was a more clever effort--apparently MI6 in that case.  Most who read this don't even know who I'm talking about and that's good, I think.

The first effort to derail this movement is still my favorite example: It happened shortly before the first, then-legitimate forum was set up on Yahoo by STephanie Relfe in August, 2001.  Stephanie and I had gotten acquainted via the internet after she read our first reports on In particular, she contacted me to say that Al Bielek had lost his home and his little car was disabled and to ask whether we could help him. Carol and I had visited Al outside of Atlanta earlier that year and that long interview, by me, was the basis of what later developed into the gifting movement. Al was living in the house that Phil Schneidler had owned before he was murdered a few years previously. Al was renting a room, there, and CIA operatives apparently had bought the house in order to make him homeless, since he had no money and was living, mainly, on social security. The folks who published his offerings had ripped him off, so the only money he got from that was what he was able to sell at his lectures, most of which he got no money or even travel expenses for. He's doing okay in Florida, by the way, but Carol and I didn't feel a need to look him up when we were living in that state last year. I wish we had, actually.

One result of our interaction with Stephanie was that the Succor Punch she requested from us apparently stopped her husband, Michael, from being abducted by the CIA to do skunkwork in an altered state.  They reported all this, back in the day. This is an apparent nice feature of Succor Punches that we rarely mention, by the way.

For the ten months that I administered the yahoo cloudbuster forum the agents didn't get a toehold there because I simply kept booting them when they showed their colors. I think they spent that year designing a more comprehensive sabotage approach, which they deployed on, right out of the gate. DB helped this fledgling network a lot, then, and the number of cloudbusters in teh world reached into the thousands, essentially ending the chemtrail threat by mid-2002.  That was before we all realized the significance of the millions of new death towers and the sudden expansion of the HAARP network.

When Yahoo (owned by AT&T, which is owned by CIA) stopped me from posting there in May, 2002,the day after I published the first report on how orgonite can quickly disable the new death towers, Stephanie gave the forum to someone else to administer. That person apparently still administers it but it's degenerated into a soapbox for egotistical chestpounders and 'unemployed' (read: exposed) saboteurs, by now, which is why you might not have heard of it. One ploy that the CIA and MI6 use is to create such a din around a substantive movement that unbiased observers will assume that investigating the movement is a waste of their time. This is apparently the function of the Yahoo cloudbuster forum and a few other discredited sites that pretend to represent this unorganized network.  The same thing was attempted in order to derail the new awareness of Sylphs but that effort eventually failed, too, and the author has discredited himself, I'm happy to say.

Stephanie and Michael Relfe never joined the ranks of the poisonmongers, by the way, and 'my all-time favorite sabotage event' happened before I met them. At the time, I was selling scads of Terminators to a network of newagers, based in Texas and Austria, and the guys who ran the network told me that they were backing a guy, who called himself 'Jehoshuah,' (what else?Wink) who claimed that he developed a 'better' orgonite cloudbuster and that they already had sold scores of these on speculation to people in their network, here and abroad.  I had a bad feeling about 'Jehoshuah,' who never had contacted us, and I suggested that they not give him the money until he produced the devices.  They took my advice and 'Jehoshuah' went to ground. He'd taken $5,000, right before that, as advance payment for some other devices, each of which he claimed would 'get rid of all the crime in a large city.' Lots of newagers have money to burn, which is why scam artists flock to them.

In my naivite, then, I told these guys that I was more concerned with spreading information about orgonite cloudbusters of any design than I was about Carol and I getting credit for the invention. 

Right after that, some Ramtha chumps in Washington State offered to spread the info after making one CB and seeing what it could do but of course that came to nothing and I never heard from them again. I think they were sincere but they probably spoke to me before asking for advice and blessings from that felonious old gal who fakes a Gypsy accent when channeling an alleged dead warrior.   We earthpiped the organization's hive or HQ in Yelm, a few years later, and were aggressively surrounded, then, with some human-looking creatures, including small children, who exhibited reptilian behavior and eyeballs.  I don't wish this experience on anyone and it's only fun for folks who are relatively stable, I think.  When we were done gifting, they went away and nobody heard about 'Ramtha' for quite awhile after that.

It was shortly after Kelly gifted the Rosicrucian HQ in San Jose, CA, and he did that after Alex in Quebec got the distinct impression that there was a large alien insect directing operations there, as was apparently the case in Yelm, too.  If it gets worse maybe gifters will start carrying a can of 'Raid!' or 'Black Flag' with them to risky targets.


EW didnt' spring out of the ashes of a fire, fully formed, nor did it fall off a turnip truck; it was made possible by a whole lot of trial and error by quite a few substantive people and in this context I particularly thank D Bradley for being an immmovable rock of support throughout the formative process of this unorganized movement because he pointed out, all along the way, the modus operendi of agents saboteurs on the web, having learned about all that during the previous decades, first as an Illuminati programmer and newage guru, then as an emeny of his former masters in the Great White Brotherhood. In the late ninetees, after turning against those sewer rats, he started and I'd be surprised if even the archived records of that site are available becuase the NSA went to work on it after they had DB shot and economically erased in 99, which temporarily ended his 3D access to public audiences and the WWW.

So much has been done to erase him, lately, from public record that I feel obligated to mention him from time to time and express our gratitude to him. For awhile, after was destroyed by Stuart Jackson in April, 2004, it was easy to tell who the moles were because they seemed to be unable to resist savaging DB's reputation in an entirely unprovoked way, no matter how cleverly they were able to hide their natures, otherwise, behind glitzy prose and the 'I'm your good friend,' facade.

I keep a photo of him, Ryan McGinty, Carol and I, taken in Devil's Punchbowl on that fateful day in August, 2004, when each of us were so severely tested during a gifting mission there. It was a primary human sacrifice ritual location in Southern California for which the CIA provided kidnapped young children from nearby 'pens' on restricted, alleged federal land in the desert.  Bradley had erased Lawrence Rockefeller, there, a few nights earlier after he witnessed LR cut the beating heart out of an eight year old girl and begin to eat it.  He had been gifting the perimeter, looking for the sacrifice spot earlier that day and was watching from the rim of the canyon late that night. 

As we were leaving on the evening of our extensive gifting sortie, the parking lot of the closed facility was filling up with mostly wealthy 'celebrants' from near and far, the parking process directed by the Los Angeles Police Department. I bet nobody had fun that night.

I can tell you that the black-uniformed Homeland Security Abominations who had suddenly shown up to hurt us didn't find any joy that time, either. I did get loaded with implants at one point, when a bevy of assorted 'public sector' employees of questinable DNA closely and silently surrounded me shortly before our departure and when we got back to Bradley's place I used his Tesla coil to bust them. Most of them were around my throat and neck, that time. It was in his backyard, that night, that I first heard the characteristic clicking sound of reptilians who were surveilling us from the surrounding property. If I were a top science fiction author I'd be unable to make up anything as bizarre as what we experienced and observed that day. Bradley had done so much gifting in and around LA that I'd considered the possibility of moving there to lend a hand but I just can't stand living around so many heartless, smiling reptiles, I'm sorry to say, and LA is and will perhaps remain Reptile Central.

Steeve Debellefuille, then of, generously helped us set up the next day. He's another of my personal heroes.

There was a concerted effort last year, on a discredited forum, to bulldoze over DB's accomplishments by creating a din of half-hearted 'gifting reports' from Los Angeles, posted with the strongly implied assumption that nothing had been done there, yet.  You can easily see DB's almost single-handed accomplishmments in the LA Basin, though, by watching the chronological progression of the steady clearing of LA's atmosphere and the beautification of the skies, there, in movies that were filmed with an LA backdrop in the past four years. Carol and I personally saw Santa Catalina Island, 80 miles away, from Pasadena, beyond the LA skyline. This is the ultimate confirmation of the countless thousands of orgonite devices D Bradley distributed in a two-year period before that. Before he started, you couldn't see three blocks in LA through the smog. From three blocks to 80 miles is significant enough to make headlines, don't you agree?

YOu might assume that if something like the clearing of generations-old, dense smog from the largest metro area in North America had occured, we'd hear all about it on the What To Think Network but the fact that it's studiously ignored by both the media and academia, not to mention the environmentalist movement, is catching the attention of a lot of awakening people now, many of whom had looked kindly at environmentalist alleged activists, before. In addition to that, a score of fakers in and around LA pretend that this hasn't happened and, presumably, would like to take credit for the achievement at some point with the full support of the What To Think Network. I think we prevented that by withdrawing our support of that cleverly poisoned forum effort. At least I hope we prevented it. I assume that when/if this forum follows the other discredited ones into oblivion another one will be set up to 'try again,' but by now we're at least clever enough not to lend support to fast talkers who don't have good reputations.

When we left our first cloudbuster, hidden by the freeway in the heart of LA in an act of heartfelt pity, the atmosphere was so leaden and ugly that we could barely stand to drive through the area. That was in June, 2001, when we did our first gifting in Southern California's most dangerous locations, most of which marked underground bases and alien portal/vortices.  We didn't meet DB until the following spring. He got one of Andy Schwarm's first cloudbusters in late summer, 2001, through Rick Moors, who was the first person to discuss orgonite cloudbusters in a forum, called 'Rick's Gardening Tips.'

As a way of introducing himself to Carol and I, DB had, by the following spring, produced CHEMTRAILS: CLOUDS OF DEATH with some of his Hollywood friends (mid-level professional film makers who were also upset about the chemtrail program) and he contacted me via email when it was in the editing phase.  Can you imagine a more dramatic way of expressing  personal support? I assume you've seen the half-hour film by now. It's the only substantive film about chemtrails.

I got off easy with just a rattlesnake bite that day in Devil's Punchbowl, three summers after our first gifting sortie in LA Wink, and the only threat from that was that I was a half hour's hike away from my zapper and my leg was starting to swell. The other three really suffered that day. 

Please send Bradley energy boosts when you think of him, okay?  He's been going through trials that would probably drive most of us stark raving mad or to suicide but Carol says he's apparently faring pretty well and will return one day.  ONe might be thankful for not having Illuminati heritage, by the way, because those folks can't just 'drop out' like  ordinary, poor little rich kids can. 

Mostly, the only way, these days, to leave the Illuminati family web for those who are unfortunately born into it is through expiring. If you and I will continue to do our jobs right, though, the predatory scions of this ancient family network will be brought to account before too long and that will be one sign that the world odor has finally died, after which humanity can proceed at a much faster pace toward 'unity through diversity' and genuine universal prosperity. This is NOT too good to be true. DB introduced the term, 'Gifting,' for what we all do and he also introduced the useful, non-offensive term, 'The Operators' (who are 'standing by to take our calls'Cool).

Have you considered what your life will be like when you don't have to pay for energy any more, by the way?   That's just one of the amazing features that our world will have once these parasitic families are deposed because the only reason we're buying gasoline, heating fuel, electricity and even kerosene for lamps, now, is that they routinely murder free energy device inventors in order to frighten the rest of that growing crowd away from trying to market their miraculous devices.  I've repeatedly seen and handled a powerful free energy device, so it's not a 'what if' thing for me at all. I wish everyone could have that experience now.

We shouldn't be afraid to look at the festering mess that these world odor families have made over the past six millenia or so, even though contemplating much of it, especially their exploitation and mass murder of stolen children every day, challenges our sanity.  Fortunately, we all have the antidote to all that so when we mention the horrors we're sort of obligated to also mention our successes in defeating these bloodthirsty parasites and taking away (healing) their stolen territory by gifting it. That's what EW and some of the other orgonite forums are set up to foster, at least.