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Don Croft
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Some hot news will be breaking after Georg and Axel arrive in Uganda, I think.  Dr Kayiwa has told me that he’ll be taking them to gift some of the hot political spots in Central and East Africa, then.

 Kony, the CIA-sponsored terrorist who had been keeping the Ugandan Army occupied or several years in Northern Uganda, stopped committing atrocities in Southern Sudan after the Doc gifted that region.  Dr Batiibwe and I put a kink in his North Uganda agenda by gifting in that region in December, 03, then Dr K stopped it entirely last year when he gifted more extensively there.  Kony has sued for peace with the Sudanese government, which means he’s more interested in saving his satanic butt than making a deal ;-)  Apparently the CIA cut him off after Kayiwa’s Southern Sudan expedition.,

 The Doc also reports that fighting/mayhem in Burundi has been sharply reduced since his gifting visit there last month and he’ll be going back as soon as funds are available, also will return when Georg and Axel arrive, grid willing.  Some African nuns were among the gifting volunteers, that time, and they were able to infiltrate some pretty important target atreas.  The Doc’s a strategist as well as a tactician and we can all take lessons from him, I think. 

That part of Africa is a wonderland--a feast for the senses.  I’ve seen a lot of scenery but when Secret Supporter took Georg and I to his home district, on the Ugandan border of Rwanda and Congo, my jaw dropped and stayed that way.  That area is also part of the habitat for the remaining gorillas.   Abdul Jim will be reporting soon from farther north, where there are still a lot of elephants.

 We were in a valley surrounded by active volcanoes which ascend far above the  lovely, intermittent white cumulus clouds in a cerulean blue sky.  The cloudbuster we made for our host quickly cleared the DOR from the volcano tops on the first day and sweetened the entire valley, of course. Georg and I tossed out a lot of orgonite in the area, too.

 They grow a lot of potatoes there and the sides of those volcanoes are terraced up to cloud level.  Those are the best-tasting potatoes I’ve  ever eaten.  Everything is intensely green and the jungle canopy and deep, clear lakes lend an air of mystery as one travels the well-maintained gravel road, which is the route used to deliver goods by truck into nearby Eastern Congo from the nearest seaport in Mombassa, Kenya.

 The Doc’s mom is from nearby Rwanda, which is south of there, and Burundi is the little country just south of Rwanda.

 In case you don’t know, the terms, ‘Hutu’ and ‘Tutsi’ don’t indicate tribal origins; they’re arbitrary terms that the Belgian colonists introduced to distinguish between native Africans who had lighter or darker skin. This distinction was made in order to create divisions for the purpose of social manipulation and, like the religion of missionaries, these distinctions were carried forward by the people in those two small countries.  The Belgians  assigned the lighter-skinned, ‘Hutu’ Africans to administrative positions within the colonial hierarchies.

 The slaughter of  the  Hutus by the Tutsis was initiated soon after CIA and MI6 operatives prevailed on the Rwandan government to issue national ID cards.  The ‘color’ distinction lost its meaning after a few generations, of course, so the only way one would be able to tell a Hutu from a Tutsi was by examining his/her mandatory ID card.

 The slaughter began shortly after the CIA apparently downed an aircraft that had most of the  top  Rwandan government leaders in  it.  Agents distributed machetes to recently recruited and highly supervised  Tutsi militias (they were prepared well in advance), who had been deployed to set up hundreds of checkpoints, where the militias looked at people’s IDs.  Hutus were killed on the spot.  Then, two C-130 transport planes, belonging to the CIA, made round the clock sorties over the killing fields beaming the Tutsi killers with strong transmissions, apparently just like  the death towers in your neighborhood did before you gifted them all.  This incited the killers to an extended  frenzy of bloodletting.

 I didn’t keep the article about the  CIA’s involvement, which had circulated on the web several years ago but maybe you remember it.  It was quality stuff, a la Joe Vialls,  with a lot of documentation and crossreferencing. I don’t think anyone but gifters would draw the parallel between the airborne transmitters and the deathtowers.  All of that electronic  weapon tech is closely guarded, military-secret stuff. If you want to know what it doesn’t do, at least, just listen fo Agent Bearden’s emphatic if indecipherable claims about what it does do ;-)

 People in that part of Africa, like the folks in Uganda, are traditionally quite peaceful,  educated, hardworking and gregarious.  Biafrans were that way before the Nigerian government, with British sponsorship, committed genocide there in the 1960s.   We can see that the trend of  British/American-sponsored genocide and mayhem in Africa definitely changed in recent years,  even before orgonite showed up.  I hope that what we all do will be seen in this perspective: we’re opportunists in a genuinely positive sense ;-)

 The recent movie, HOTEL RWANDA, is probably an accurate account of what happened in Rwanda during the massacre.  Secret Supporter, our first host in Uganda and a promoter of Doc Kayiwa’s aims who also has close ties in Rwanda, told Georg and I what happened there and was still pretty broken up, ten years after the fact.   Catholic HutusHuHutusd sought refuge in their churches and all of those were slaughtered, for instance.

 One of Doc Kayiwa’s friends, a Muslim, told me that the Muslim Tutsis refused to participate in the bloodletting, which may indicate the intrinsic value of the Islamic root teachings about the essential equality of all people: a teaching that’s not as explicit in most other religions. I think most people in Africa are quite religious in one way or another.

 As anywhere, only people with weak characters are likely to be manipulated to that level of mayhem-inducement. Of course, most people in our world lack much character, by choice, and won’t oppose tyranny, as is obvious in the US right now, so when mayhem starts only a few will ever actually oppose it.  It only takes a relatively small number of people to carry out genocide under those circumstances. Our purpose, I think, is to prevent genocide from starting by distributing orgonite in areas where the sewer rat agencies still plan to wipe people out with their proxy mass murderers. Once it starts I think we lack the numbers, at the moment, to decisively stop it right away. Kony’s escapades had lost a lot of momentum by the time  those areas were gifted and the mayhem in Burundi hasn’t deceloped much momentum, yet, thank God, so a few dedicated folks will likely stop that, too.