Donít Ever Talk to the Police

Don't Ever Talk to the Police or DCF under ANY circumstance whether
your innocent or guilty. After viewing this video, you see why even
if your innocent you should NEVER speak with the police or DCF.
Professor James Duane explains in detail why parents or non-parents
should NEVER speak with any government official. Professor Duane
speaks only on the police but DCF employees are investagators,
"government officials", an "Arm of the State" as ruled by the federal
courts. So every time the Professor talks about the police, that includes DCF.

Asserting your right to remain silent is to protect the inocent as
the Professor will get into. (Ohio v. Reiner, 532, U.S. 17, 20 (2001))

This is a MUST SEE for every single parent and non-parent. The
Professor will illustrate how government officials will use even
benign truthful statements from you to get a wrong conviction.
Remember as the Professor will tell you, your statement will ALWAYS
will by used against you by the police and DCF, they will NEVER,
EVER, EVER be use to help you.

Please forward this very important video on to everyone on your lists.


"Don't Talk to the Police" by Professor James Duane-27 min-May 21, 2008

James Duane explains why innocent people should never talk to the police.


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