Can 13 people save the world? 

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 4:42 pm    Post subject: Can 13 people save the world?
Don and a few others got some intel about a possible plot to cause a tsunami to hit the East coast of the U.S. today, so we got together last night to check it out.

We found a ship and some subs out in the Atlantic about 500 miles straight out from Washington D.C. A bomb had already been placed there, and the ship had a wooden platform on it that had underwater speakers attached. It was a sonar setup to keep the cetaceans away. Obviously these guys don't understand the etheric nature of our dolphin, orca and whale friends.

The dolphins were swimming around the ship in agitation, wanting to get started, so we asked them to get busy. Then, 7 or 8 huge blue whales came in and started to build a giant dodecahedron around the ship, the bomb and the subs. We boosted them while they worked and they eventually sent the whole dodec into another dimension, as usual.

We figured we'd better check out the West coast as well, and sure enough we found three bombs in the ocean between Hawaii and the West coast. As the dolphins were working on these, Lilly noticed that they had numbers on them. She thought they might be dates that the bombs were to explode. After some dowsing we determined that the bombs were numbered. She saw #23 and #31. So where were all the other bombs?

We soon found out. Through diligent searching we found a total of 32 oceans bombs, all placed on or near the joining of the tectonic plates, and they were all over the globe. This was a huge job that required a lot of energy and thank goodness we had 13 boosters in the chat last night. As Lilly, Steve and I called out the locations and bomb numbers, the dolphins went to work while everyone boosted them. Near the end, the orcas joined in to help the hard-working dolphins. Each bomb was encased in a dodec and sucked out of this dimension.

In the middle of all this we took a break to boost our favorite cabal of bad guys. We set the orcas on them and let them have at it. I almost feel sorry for those NWO miscreants sometimes. Wink

Some other chat happenings that I neglected to post recently were:

Checking out Nepal and the martial law situation there, we found that The Powers That Be were moving some stargate technology from Nepal to Tibet, where they had planned to set it up and generally wreak havoc. Well, the whales took over construction...literally. We saw them moving the stargate parts themselves and assembling the gate. Our hope is that they will someday teach us to use the technology, but they were very happy to have our help in locating the stargate.

In a related effort, while looking for mayhem plots in another chat, we found Hillary very interested in the Caribbean area, specifically around the Bahamas. Lo and behold, there was another stargate there that they were trying to get working. We turned that one over to the whales as well, and by the time the chat ended, they had that stargate and the one in Tibet connected and they were communicating through them.

This ancient technology is beyond us, obviously, but the good news is that it also seems to be beyond the powers of the NWO to manipulate. They keep fact, many of us feel that their goal is to control all the stargates on the planet. It's just not happening for them. Now that the whales have control of at least two of them, I don't feel there's any way they're going to be able to carry out what they've planned.

So, we spend a lot of time in the chat cruising the planet, looking for bombs and stargates. There are lots of less interesting ways to spend a few hours on a Tuesday evening! Very Happy