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PostPosted: Thu Nov 11, 2004 4:10 pm    Post subject: Booty-Bustin' In The Chat Room
I decided to do a little more chat reporting since we've had a lot going on lately. If I'm missing or misrepresenting anything, I hope the other will add to this thread. Laughing

Last night (11-10) was a four-hour chat looking at the situation in Iraq to see what we could do about stopping the carnage. We hit the general in charge in Iraq and immediately found a pipeline to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, so we blasted them for a bit to see who the big culprit is. To no one's surprise, we found our friend Hillary behind the works so we went after her (this is getting old). Rolling Eyes

Then we diverted to work on my husband Steve, who was getting attacked by a newage guru that was trying to pull him back into the fold. This guy didn't want Steve to use his sight or have anything to do with the EW group - really trying to hold him back. Needless to say, we toasted him.

We tuned back in on Hillary and found she was with Bill, Rummy, Putin, Saddam, some Arab royal guy and a dark master who was controlling them all with an energy wave that connected them all together. Yikes. We do like a challenge.

We hit them all, but were having trouble dealing with the connected energy wave. We decided to send energy to them in a double helix configuration! They flew! We then got the pull to look at Iraq again, so after a ten-minute break for rest, snacks, and etheric boosting of the participants, we were back at it. We focused on a reptile hive near bmosely as they've been tormenting him, and then turned our attention to the "stargate" in Arabia that was moved from Babylon (near Baghdad). We felt they'd be using this source of power to create all kinds of havoc and more war, and we needed to stop them from assembling it.

We whipped up a mother of a sandstorm and sent a sandworm in to break up the gate and bury the pieces. They never knew what hit them. Sensei was volunteered to be the mouth of the worm and did an awesome job crashing that little party.

Next thing I knew, a plane flew over, there was a presence on my back deck, my cat started coughing, and I had a metallic taste in my mouth. Don said it was a typical radiation attack. Turned out it was our old friend, the newage guru, come back for a little revenge and to find out what the heck Steve was up to. We blasted him again through Steve until he dried up and blew away.

We checked back on the stargate and found it was nicely buried in sand. No worries there for the moment. Bmosely got a little more help identifying targets and then we pretty much called it a night.

This morning was the regular Women Warriors chat. After blasting to get everyone logged in, we looked at the death of Arafat and found that he had been murdered. I kept seeing a Saudi guy in a blue suit around him and everyone picked up that Arafat's death was not natural. We decided to check on the Israel/Palestine situation to see if that would potentially be the next big blowup. We focused on Ariel Sharon, which led us to Ben Mahfouz, who is the son of the founder of Saudi Arabia's first bank and connected the Carlyle Group and Bush, which led us to Vernon Jordan, who is Mahfouz's lawyer. Blue Suit Guy was also around Jordan, so we blasted both of them for a while with the double helix energy. Blue Suit Guy turned out to not be human or have any kind of emotional body, so we melted him and sent him off into the cosmos. We may have to spend a little more time on Vernon in the near future.

Since today is 11-11, we decided to ramp up our energy and use it to collectively ask all the orgone devices on the planet to work together to raise the frequency of the planet. This was a great 10-minute blast of love with the sylphs and operators in attendance, and a wonderful way to end the chat.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2004 11:12 am    Post subject:
Dooney--you posted this an hour or so before I posted my account on the 'Tips and Strategies' section.

I really appreciate seeing your accounts of the 'chattelblasts' and just so this addition to your thread won't look like fluff I'm taking the opportunity to observe that the more participants who will report their experiences and observations here, the less kooky we're all going to seem to the objective visitor.

I woke up with the realization, again, that I must seem pretty 'off the wall' to even some of the most ardent seekers of truth. When these nice folks, though, can see that others are reporting these experiences in their own words, then this whole etheric enquiry and long range experiment we're conducting in the chatrooms starts to look more valid to the observers.

While we're in it, of course we're having a blast and getting so much energy and info that it sometimes takes us a day or two to assimilate it and later we become aware that, while this seems perfectly natural and rational to us while we're together, it's pretty far outside the 'norm,' even aside from the fact that most folks still aren't quite ready to think in terms of actually opposing tyranny.

What I'm very, VERY interested in demonstrating is that one need not move from denial to just shooting the bastards. There's a comfortable middle ground, in fact, where we, 'the meek,' or 'humanity's chattel,' if you will, can move about and do curative work quite effectively on the body politic.

Our clear advantage is that since we can't do any harm outside of what's allowed by natural law we're not making ourselves culpable and so are apparently immune from the ultimate reprisals which the occult/corporate world order's minions would wish to inflict on us.

Really, the cynical old men who have pirated the planet's physical resources and have tried, through countless parasitic generations, to subvert all expressions of humanity's more refined strivings, actually think of themselves as physicians for the body politic. In their twisted worldview they are the good guys and people like ourselves are simply ingrates.

Well, these physicians are just as unskilled and incompetent when it comes to healing the body politic as the millions of benighted, drug-peddling serial killers (MDs) are at healing humanity's physical ailments. In both cases their treatments more often harm the sufferer, instead, and they're as unable to see this as the average sparklebox addict is unable to see chemtrails or the new sylph clouds.

So, if these are incompetent and they own the governments then somebody has to take responsibiliity for healing the body politic or at least demonstrating how to do it. I think we've assumed the latter role and my hope, from the beginning, is that more and more people will follow our example or at least be inspired to know that they no longer have to be resigned to accepting these incompetent physicians' ministrations and can actually do something constructive about tyranny and exploitation.

By the way, this isn’t about technique. There were six or seven people in the chattelblast on Wednesday night and I doubt that any two of us were using the same technique to send energy. There’s a lot of strength and potential unity in diversity. There isn’t much of either in conformity. The other side relies on conformity, ‘nuff said? Wink
"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2004 9:05 pm    Post subject: from :-( to :-) in minutes
I was in that chat blast and confirm everything that was posted so far. I would like to add that I was feeling very down and was not sure if I could be of any use to the blasters. Don asked if anyone needed a blast so even though most said they were fine I spoke up and said I needed one cause I truly did. within minutes of saying this I felt GREAT!! this stuff really works people. "condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance"
9-11-01 last day I shaved when gwb goes 2 jail 4 ordering murder I will shave agin
CREATE..OR that is the name not dog spelled backwards is not a man or woman is a force and resides within each 1 of us & can b called upon @ anytime
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2004 9:50 pm    Post subject:
thursday morn I got up early for rememberance day, had to play pipes, normaly i don't look forward to it cause we have to play alot and end up with a bleeding lip. I felt real strong and wild,,, couldn't wait,,, then the chance came. was playing in an extended care hall and this little man with dark glasses and a green coat was standing behind me while we played. he was probing me,,,, so i blasted him while playing, wild experience. I got to see him later and he had a shrinner pin on his lapel. the dark glasses don't help mate,,, i can see right through you!
Seems the harder they try to harm, the stronger one gets,,,, have to remember to "watch" for them, i don't get out much in the public and tend to get overwelmed.