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PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 11:30 pm    Post subject: Around The World In Five Hours
In yesterday's chat we decided to check in on our favorite cabal of reptiles, clones and androids that passes for world leadership these days. To no one's surprise, they appeared to be surrounded by Jesuits who were performing a ritual to keep us from seeing the cabal or finding out what they were up to. Obviously, these losers have never met a whale. Very Happy

We called the whales in to dismantle the shield that had been erected around the cabal, and once we had access we started boosting them. Oddly enough, their energy and vitality seemed very diminished. I saw them sitting around a table kind of ho-humming their way through a meeting. They figured they were safe behind their shield, I guess.

We started on Papa Bush and it seemed that he was focused on some shenanigans down in the Gulf of Mexico near Houston, possibly something to do with an oil rig platform out in the gulf. I saw a fake terrorist attack on an oil rig. None of felt that there was anything imminently urgent about this, so we'll look at it again in this week's Women Warriors chat.

We moved on to Hillary, 'cause it's just so much fun to watch her get mad! She seemed to have a secret she was keeping from the others, so we poked at her until we found it. Seems she was promised control of the Middle East if she could get the situation over there to blow up even worse. How? Well.....

I saw a nuke in the Bay of Haifa where all those rough-toothed dolphins recently visited. I had felt when I first heard of that event that they were there to draw our attention to Israel. A number of the chatters last night felt the same thing. Maybe Israel was supposed to blame Iraq for the explosion - who knows? Don pointed out that Haifa is their main port and naval base. In any case, the dolphins wrapped up the bomb and got rid of it.

Carol saw another bomb in the Med Sea near Egypt. That was apparently supposed to be a tsunami-maker to wipe out Egypt, so we took care of that one, too. By this time, Hillary appeared to be pretty pissed off Rolling Eyes but the orcas were having a good old time with her so we weren't worried about it. In fact, everyone in the meeting appeared to be incapacitated by the orcas by this time.

The dolphins then showed Lilly a spot in the ocean off Guatemala, and when we looked there we saw a stargate surrounded by three bombs. Surprisingly, the whales already had control of this stargate. We had the dolphins take care of the bombs and the stargate began to activate. I saw it as a swirl of colors in the form of a tunnel, like those wormholes you see on Star Trek. There were whales swimming in and out of it, and I saw that they appeared to be connected to the stargates the whales control in the Bahamas and Tibet. I feel hopeful that someday the whales will teach us how to use the stargates.

Stevo saw Navy subs converging on the area to harm the cetaceans, so we immediately boosted the subs, and they appeared to have sudden catastrophic malfunctions of equipment and had to surface immediately. Wink Stevo also saw what appeared to be a satellite beaming weapon aimed at the cetaceans, so we worked on disabling that as well.

With that situation under control, the Just In Time Warriors looked at Mt. Whitney at Lilly's request. It seems there is a large portal there and a huge underground facility under the mountain. Hmmm...I have a feeling it won't be active for long....

We then turned our attention to David in Kenya, who I believe is that country's first gifter. He's been having trouble getting his orgonite from Georg, so we boosted him and felt the same connection to the Vatican that we saw when helping out Georg last week. It seems that anyone gifting in Africa is getting an inordinate amount of attention. In this case they had a radionics device they were using against David. Of course, a whale destroyed the device and the computer that was running it. In fact, Stevo saw the whales and orcas taking care of everyone in the building that the computer was housed in. A snack-fest for cetaceans! Very Happy After this, we all felt that the negative energy around David had eased considerably.

Next, we turned to the massive baby harp seal slaughter in Canada, and boosted the corporate reptiles who are responsible for the whole thing. Let's hope our efforts help in bringing some sanity to what is laughingly called a "hunt".

Still going......

Our next target was the backups of the NSA mainframes that we toasted a couple of weeks ago. That fortuitous discovery and destruction of spy mainframes and a huge radionics device gave many of the EW's a much-needed period of relief from incessant attacks - physical, etheric and financial. Personally, this is the first time Stevo and I have had a break since last June.

Well, we discovered backups, naturally. Some of us saw computer rooms in various locations around the US and the world, so we simply asked the whales in to take care of it. They are remarkably computer savvy! Very Happy We saw them hook into the computer network and spread throughout the world, disabling the computers. All we had to do was boost the whales while they worked.

Lilly saw the whales taking pieces out of the mainframes, cleaning them and putting them back in. Stevo saw that the computer network seemed to be modeled on a brain, with many redundant systems. Imagine the NWO's surprise to find that all of their systems, backup and redundancies are failing simultaneously. It was just too delicious to watch!

Stevo saw something on the Moon and soon after that I saw that there were Dracs watching this whole thing come down. When I focused on them, I saw them on ships near the moon. So I boosted the Dracs while the others boosted the whales, and I soon realized that each Drac ship was connected to one of the computers. When a computer went down, it took the Drac ship with it. Yay!

Don commented that four years ago Carol found a Drac invasion force on the Moon, which prompted them to point their CB at the Moon. So, we sent the whales there to take a look and sure enough, there were more mainframe backups on the Moon. I don't think they ever thought we would find this place. Nevertheless, the whales smashed it up and moved on.

After all this activity, we all felt the whale connection with the Earth was much stronger. As an energy-sensitive, I usually feel all of the suffering that's happening on the planet, but at that moment all I felt was the love. What a nice change.

To wrap up this five-hour chat, we boosted Doc Mike in Chicago, a healer who is being persecuted.

It will be interesting to note the changes around the globe with the apparent dismantling of the insidious Echelon computer surveillance network. The Jesuits apparently rely heavily on this system for their worldwide intelligence gathering. Many thanks to Cetacean Tech Support for their most excellent service!