Cbswork and Super HHg's

Post# 18320 02/01/03

"I'm no inventor...

I amaze at how many great mods to these devices have come along. Mortons, Hootens, and many others have really come up with the stuff. In fact, I call any mod to the basic Croft design, Hootenizing - it just has stuck that way - no matter who came up with it.

I've been wanting to come up with some really easy-to-make hhgs, with extra, extra bang in them. Reason for this is, in the coming months, I and a few others are going for some pretty cool, hard targets. These hhgs need to be, all they can be.

Thinking is to take a qt funnel mold, stick a lemurian seed xtal as the primary, wrapped in copper wire, the blue water thing Djbemon came up with (finally figured out what to do with it!) a half inch beneath that, a neo under that, four citrines inward on one layer, then four regular joes STs, layer beneath that. Double coats of primer and paint.

Point here is fast, easy, and a bunch of them. I'm not looking to make something that takes tons of weird, exotic elements, tons of time, and forever to do. More like mass production, with good basic elements.

So...I need all your more experienced "hootenizers" who have worked with this. Any mod that is for real, AND IS EASY TO DO EN MASSE, is what I'm looking for.

Also, I've found that just sticking a bunch of different everything into the soup sometimes not only adds nothing, but in some hhgs made that way, they actually became DE-powered. Organization and cohesivenness seems to be the key to power ups.

From what I can tell. all you best and brightest, throw down. I need to start making these really soon, for some good work here in the USA we have coming up. Need to make alot of them.

Thanks in advance."

Post# 18328 02/01/03

"Interesting you mentioned RevTed, I just last week ordered just those elements and more from him - a bunch, and have two more orders in. The double neo thing is interesting. I too, found that the neos don't do anything much for the xtals, but they really have a major impact on the orgone material.

Keep it coming."

Post# 18358 02/01/03

"How about this...

Quart mold,

lemu xtal or double terminated, clear xtal

good copper wraps

the neo mag

a topaz or garnet or amethyst - whichever is in hand, but one of these

a hema under that

four citrines, at a layer

four xtals, copper wrapped, bottom layer

paint and primer, double coats of both.

and/or SBB coil on the bottom.

I could make ten of these a day, plus TBs (I have three muffin trays just for this)

These hhgs won't be tossed like TBs, but dug in prime locales, and probably a dozen at each location on my list. Plus, about fifty TBs around the area, so it, to the satellite, just becomes a sea of energy, my favorite tactic. I really have this thing about over-gifting. Don says, "hey, two there will be fine, why are putting in sixteen?"

Carpet Bombing, something we learned watching B52s do, back in the day."

Post# 18369 02/01/03

"Sweet. These are all great suggestions. Remember everyone, I'm looking for EASY and MASS production. Not a few a week, but hundreds per month, plus hundreds of TBS.

I think Jerry's idea of copper tubing is great, but I don't have a source - yet - for that, and really can't spend the time tweaking, as you inventors do.

I'm my own sweatshop. No pay. No breaks, except to refresh the board and slam some coffee or juices. But a bucket of gifts at the end of each day. No pension Either. Oh, and tons of angry, snitty fed types buzzing overhead annoying the music coming over the speakers outside.

I like the suggestions. But they have to be practical for a dorkazoid. I need to be poppin stuff out of the molds every hour on the hour, like I do now. And where these are going on the West Coast and Mexico, are places I won't be going back to, so they REALLY HAVE TO BE ALL THEY CAN BE.

Keep it coming.

Also, what do you inventor/experimentor types see as the best arrangement of parts in a qt mold? In what order? Why?

I've only in the last three weeks been going beyond basic Croft designs and watching for results, but I've no time for that now, given my schedule.

I have to have about 500 HHGs done before March 21st.

See my problem?

See your problem?

And again, thanks for all this and the help - you guyz/gals are really the sh*t, ya know.

Deep bow."

Post# 19210 02/10/03

"One final question - I think i already have the answer - but, can charcoal from the bar-b-q bag work as well as the activated stuff?

We are talking about activated organic material, in this case charred coal?

Starting my building tomorrow, for the biggest orgone onslaught the world has ever seen this month, bar none. Me and the boyz are gonna...

...set things a'right."