Cbswork describes how to safely send energy to a person

Post# 38737 07/31/03

"This is what the girl does, which is quite safe for her and the recipient. What I do is very different, but that's a private thing, as I'm sure each of your techniques are for you all.

Feet on the ground, ankles crossed. Back at least 12 inches away from any surface, so the material and etheric energy of the chair, couch, whatever DOES NOT influence the heart chakra between your shoulder blades - WHERE IT IS. This BS about having two heart centers...

If you have a PW, use it. SP, anything that will create a real-time focal point. Xtals focus energy, and this is what we are doing, in this instance.

She invokes her Higher Self. Stream of Indigo energy right down through the head, then to the etheric heart, then to both chakras in the hand, then to the xtal, then directly to the SOULSTAR of the recipient. The Soul then handles the appropriate distribution, as needs be. Sometimes, the effects are instant. Its up to the Soul or Higher Self. Sometimes they are held like a small star of brilliant light in the aura, to be used later by this Same Higher Self, as conditions warrant. Usually, the energy is disbursed within a few days, depending.

No blowback.

The Soul does the work."

Post# 38729 07/31/03

This is what happens TO any human SOUL that invokes the Higher Self, the True Self, the real person within. Even just a momentary thought of this Self the REAL YOU, does this.

The Soul Star - metaphysically speaking - looks down, upon its Reflection in the three corporeal worlds: phy, ast, men.

A light sprinkling of gold flakes gently rains downward upon the head, shoulders and heart center.

If the soul is invoked for radionics purposes, say sending someone you care about some good healing energy, this intesifies a hundred-fold. Then, like a laser, a direct fiery beam of indigo energy shoots down right into the heart and head centers, as to be used by the reflection so invoking.

And totally safe - for all parties concerned.


Sure, you can use wands and our orgone toys to rip out links. But also, make sure you given them the material to heal the causation in the first place. Sending energy as described does this. Rip out a link, also provide material and love, so that the REAL healing takes place and ends the open door that caused the problem in the first place. But direting energy at someone's centers is FIRE.

Ever burn yourself? Hurts, eh? Imagine the kind of fire that exists in the emphemeral realms....that really hurts. And yes, emotional and mental pain, is far more excruciating than physical, as every single man, woman, and child on this planet can tell you.

End of Rant.