Cbswork describes the Mini-Me

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'Cbswork's' Assessment of the Shiva and 'Mini-me'

This is my review of Mark's shiva thing. I asked to share it with you, as a
matter of course. No problemo.

Shiva and Mini-me
creations by Mark Hooten


This new creation/invention by Mark is really fascinating on many levels.
Structurally, it contains a tibetan dt quartz crystal wrapped with copper,
with six radial arms extending towards the circumfrence. Each of these arms
has its own tourmaline. It also contains peridot, aquamarine, fine brass
shavings, a SBB "crop circle" coil which drives the energy form upward.

First, like any well made hhg, it really throws off a nice indigo cone of
energy. Very bright, about 2 feet upward. But unlike any hhg I've yet seen,
it also has a nipple of deep violet energy - much like a small gas flame in
shape - that comes directly off the center. Out of this, comes a very
gentle sprinkle of microscopic gold flecks of energy that disperse in the
indigo beam of etheric energy. Without any intent, it emits this energy,
day or night.

Upon the command, "Do as you were created to do," it began agitating the
prana (squiggly energy that comes from the sun, etheric) and drawing it
inward. The indigo energy form then shoots upward several feet. These gold
flecks, pure, 1st sub-atomic etheric energy (the etheric plane has four
levels, much like the lower physical, which has three - solid, liquid, gas)
and these fly off into parts unknown.

At the core of the unit, within the crystal matrix, there is a very almost
invisible, very light jade in color energy form, within the figure 8 form
of the xtal itself.

Within minutes of intent, malific thoughtforms, devas, elementals, demonic
beings, begin to clutter around. Those without their own will, are drawn in
and dissolved. Conscious, left-hand path life-forms stay out of
its...range, if you will. This solves for me the issue of both mini-me and
SHIVA, and their prospensity to attract the dark side, when active.

I found the addition of Peridot most interesting, as it appeared to be the
catalyst for transmuation of the dark thoughtforms, with etheric aspects,
into clear energy. Tourmaline has this ability as well, but the bulk of the
energy work was coming from the Tibetan DT crystal and a small green
diamond, above it. It was the diamond that created the nipple of energy
cone that was actually almost hypnotizing to watch. It drew you in, to the
point you just lost time becoming enchanted by its energy form. Very

What appeared to draw the energy inward, was Mark's use of those SBB coils,
middle and bottom, which gave it quite a strident and powerful energy
swirl. Since the arrival of SHIVA and Mini-me, most of the psychic attacks
on my home and family have fallen off to nothing. What attacks did occur, I
never noticed because these sentries absorbed the energy before it could
enter my or other's auras. Unlike a standard hhg, which is always on and
cannot do this, these two devices actually grab malevolent forces - etheric
and astral - and transmute them.

These devices, which number among an ample supply of various other
creations sent to me by their creators, are of constant interest to local
etheric, astral, and mental vehicle travelers who "happen by" and take a
look about. They seem most interested in the radionics stand, the Shiva and
Mini-me, and some interesting creations by Dmellow from the forum.

Working with a Croft Cloudbuster
Would it surprise anyone if they learned that both of these creations
enhance the ability of the CB? With the Shiva, we gained a forest deva -
quite tall and from the nearby Angeles Crest National Forest, which is just
two miles from my home - which took over operations of the CB. Sometimes
its on, sometimes its off, depending. Before that, the cb was always on.
Now, its "sucking ability" is under the control of this deva, which is
parked over a citrus tree and is still there, even when the SHIVA is off
doing work somewhere else.

Now, the neighborhood has 11 of these forest devas, mostly parked over
deodars where I've planted hhgs. These were never here before the SHIVA.
But since the one arrived, now there are many. And in a recent scouting of
a few cities around here, they have branched out into the Verdugo and San
Gabriel mountain range, though they still won't go near Mount Wilson, home
of the Rockefeller funded nightmares which sits upon that hill. Most of
them are feminine, tho a few are masculine. They stand, arms outstretched
(if you can call them arms) dead over the center of each tree they have
chosen. Two have dropped down into the trees, for reasons unknown. They
seem to be directing the elemental life, which, when I moved here three
years ago, was non-existent (ever been to Los Angeles? You'd know why -
this whole basin, which is the heart center of North America, is still
turning counter-clockwise, though itst starting to slow down.)

This report is mainly about Mini-me, a name given it by moi, as it
resembled a smaller version of the SHIVA, but they are similar in few ways,
as will be explored. For my own self, I was at first startled and
uncomfortable with all the "dark" attention paid to these creations.
Finding swirling black clouds around your city, with you in the center,
much like a hurricane, and knowing full well that you and your environs are
the attention of these beings, can be disconcerting at best. Even more
alarming were the many USAF TR3Bs that also were parked in these clouds,
obviously working with the reptoids.

But, the positive outweighs the negative, in this instance. Reptoids in the
area, which blatantly and in reptile form were frequently coming by on
foot, car, or just materializing in the yard or near the windows, stopped
that at once. They just won't come near these things. And the closest the
reptoids and other nasties came were about three miles, as evidenced by the
black clouds they used to cloak their craft. It may well be that these
inventions, well placed in certain key areas, are the silver bullet we've
been waiting for to outright drive them from our planet. They simply won't
come near the things. And what with the forest devas (not elementals, devas
are a distinct and different evolutionary being, here on earth, but
existing in finer matter than the physical - and unlike humans, they ALL
work together and never war; working as a group, yet maintaining their own
distinct, individual consciousness.)

The shiva has no effect upon human predators and their ability to do their
tradecraft in my area, unless set like a SP to stealth mode, which is not
their function. The Succor Punch creates a localized field effect of
anyhwere from a few feet to about twenty feet, with a chaos energy field.
If directed, it can block transponders, shift light around itself, and many
other things, like directing energy and amplifying the intent behind the
thoughtform of its user. The MM and SHIVA work with the angelic or deva
kingdom, in addition to being the very best and brightest hhgs yet made.
Here, cooperation, honest intent, and patience determines outcome. I've
made dozens of requests on these devices and had several small sprites
appear to do whatever was asked. Sometimes, nothing happened. There were
reasons for this, as will be explained shortly.

Its still too early in my experiments and taskings to fully relay the uses
of these creations, though I'm sure the inventor may say something about it
and more fully explain the idea behind the creations.

These orgone creations have always used the cooperation of the elemental
kingdom as the etheric realms are their worlds, as this physical plane is
ours. HHgs and all these creations are the bridge, between the two aspects
of the physical, the mundane and the supermundane. With the SHIVA and MM,
the addition of the angelic kingdom, which is very similar to human beings
in their evolution, though they work with energy and not the dull
brassiness of our physical, corporeal world.

I planted the Mini-me on the property of a known and very visible reptoid.
Their house is now up for sale, and this thing is never around anymore. For
me, after putting hhgs on his land, which kept him away from the fences,
but did not evict him, this is an important new step. Once the creature is
gone, this will be done at another reptoids house, in hopes of achieving
similar success. If this plays out, then the repercussions are enormous. We
may well have our ICBM against the off-worlder predators.

As we move deeper into the workings with energy that is germain to the more
subtle realms, so do we move deeper into ourselves, our motives, and our
relationship with those lifeforms which populate these very same
frequencies of life. The Deva/Angelic kingdom works with energy and are
known as the universe's builders. It is the devas that build your bodies,
based upon the information held in your permanent seed atoms, of which each
person has three: one for the mental, one for the emotional, and one for
the physical bodies. When a child is born, there is a "master deva,"
feminine, who directs three minor devas to the child at birth, so the
building processes can begin. At the age of 21, these three depart.

This may well be new ground for many orgone aware people. Some of us have
been working with and can easily see this kingdom. But, the devas are the
builders of humanity's thoughts. They create the form. They create the
structure. They follow through.

Truly, the active cooperation of ANY kingdom here on Earth, or otherwise,
that seeks the highest and noblest possible outcomes for all sentient life,
must be not only our next step towards total self-awareness, but also a
very real opportunity to boot the Dark Forces out of this Solar System once
and for all.

When I first laid eyes on both these creations, there was and is, no doubt
that we are now bridging old Atlantean knowledge in our time. This has been
confirmed by the inventor and by other means. Is this as it should be?
Who can say...

Isn't it possible that as we struggle with the mass poisoning of the planet
by malevolent forces, men and women would emerge who could give us a
fighting chance? Of course it is. And its self-evident. The quick
appearance of cloudbuster technology and the explosion of long-suppressed
technology ala Reich, Tesla, and Steiner is finding mass acceptance and
many bright lights in this new field are emerging with exciting tools that
are enabling the aspirations of betterment that exists in the hearts of all
of those, whose divinity is expressed by their actions and sacrifices.

We are blessed to have this chance. And equally, we are blessed with some
fine creations from the Crofts, Hootens, Mortons, Melody's, Stark's,
Gray's, and dozens of other pioneers in free energy and freedom from
insanity. Half of the men and women on the Croft forum board are pioneering
new and exciting concepts so fast and so amazing and far reaching in scope
and potential, that my head spins from it all.

But that's a good thing.