Cbswork's thoughts on Montauk/Philadelphia Experiment

Post# 36623 07/17/03 Cbswork

"IMO...In My Opinion...which don't mean a thing - its just an opinion, like everybody. Been asked about this for ages and this whole topic is so near and dear to so many heart is screaming, "No! Don't do it! let them learn for themselves! Have you forgotten? They always kill the messenger?"


Montauk is a real base, with real spooks doing bad things to children, mainly in the Mkid arena.


The whole Philly date - 1983, 2003 - all BS.


Nichols and those things...Cameron... And people actually believe such perverted porno addicts have the kind of spirituality necessary to operate next-level etheric devices - and of course, only THEM? Well, have you seen these people? My car tire has more light and radiance than

This is an agency misdirect. Always has been. Get you hunting for intel and meaning where none exists, so you don't get too close to the truth, which is mass mind control, creating mkids to go out and ruin the world, and dark forces ritual magic, which is why they are there in the first place, not because they have some next level time machine and all that.


The net and world is flooded with mkids. FLOODED. Millions. Hang it all, a third of this board is Mkid.




Now, let the bullets fly. I won't take it personally, if you don't make it personal."

Post# 36624 07/17/03 Cbswork

"Montauk is important to the Illuminists because it is a vortex, hence the need and use of same, for ritual. Its also a where they breed, make, (and often slaughter)children for the CIA and NSA. Camp hero, that whole section of the island, is under the total control of the Agency and has been since the fifties.

The rest is...whatever you want it to be, one would suppose."

Post# 36634 07/07/03 Cbswork

"If you want a real horror show, take a film emulsion camera out to Camp hero and take some twilight pics. The thousand of orbs of trapped souls still in the etheric there will make you weep.

Camp Hero is a killing ground for slaughter, in THE MAIN.

And so very near to Martha's Vineyard and all the Skull and Bones little meeting spots...that must be just a coincidence....

Better yet, go the the town, there. Talking about walking zombies with no light in their eyes. And almost every single person living there is agency, on some level. And almost all of them are their for programming.


Post# 36808 07/18/03 Cbswork

"Bbuster: Montauk is creepy like Palomar was creepy. Wherever you find a wholly owned and subsidized reality of the Rockefeller family, you just have to know, you've found hell on earth.

Wanna take a ride?

Gift the base, end the mojo for the rituals, like we've done so very many times, all over the globe?

That would be a good day."

Post# 59965 03/31/04 Cbswork

"Philadelphia is woven with so many lies, by liars. Cameron and Nichols have both already been blown. Montauk is real, the other nonsense is not. Montauk is about black magic and mind control.

Use your discernment in all things. If it smells right, you'll know. If it smells like a load, then it usually is."