Cbswork Talks About Trinity Wands

Post# 38027 07/27/03 Cbswork

"Dor: We totally could see the results of your moves, as we noticed big huge cones of blue energy and crystal clear sky cutting right up through the sky and going beyond about 20,000 ft - like the kind of energy signature one normally sees over a cb."...

[Dor2or - I had deployed 3 Xtra Large Trinity Wands in L.A. County that day]

Post# 38247 07/28/03 Cbswork

"Got me some cluster bustering type devices and put them thar in the wurld. We gots rains, fifteen minutes later, right out of chemsoup.

And non-stop, constant over-flights.

The prana is most excellent here right now. Perfect for smacking targets down as evening progresses."

Post# 38249 07/28/03 Cbswork

"Well, they are trinity wands, but when me and the boyz got them out of the box, I said, "its like a cluster of dynamite."

Blue skies to rain in fifteen minutes, including lightening and thunder."

Post# 38254 07/28/03 Cbswork

"It's still raining. And all the crap that was occluding the horizons has vanished and north east basin LA is literally clearing in toto right this moment.

And the spooks are everywhere. On foot, in car, in the air. Its like a farging convention outside. Very weird vibe tonight. McSpookysville."

Post# 38326 07/29/03 Cbswork

"Well, clear blue and big hole in our area before bringing the package of Trinity Wands (TWs) home and opening the box up. Plant them in the ground, pointing skyward, in a box configuration, separated by fifty feet or so, each.

You could see huge black, broiling clouds, loaded with moisture being pulled up from the mtns and hills, like a great fog of moisture being sucked up into the sky, and then moved over the house. Within 15 minutes, we had lightening, heavy to mid showers, and thunder all night long.

Tonight, the units go to their REAL homes, for which they were made. (God bless you Al and Mary - I want ten more. How much? Email me.)

First, EVERYBODY on the street came out last night and mingled, walked in the rain, older folks saying stuff like, "this reminds me of the summer showers we used to get back in Tennessee..." Stuff like that. Everytime the lightening went off, all the kids on the block would ooooh and awwwwww over it. 40 to 60 people hanging outside, late at night, sharing and having fun...everyone in the Highest of Spirits.

It was simply wonderful and magical and clearly a victory for HUMANITY. Felt the deepest sense of inner satisfaction, last night, than on any other time since becoming orgone aware.


Thank you Don and Carol. Without your selfless efforts, we wouldn't have lived to see this day. Your continuing efforts in these areas are deeply appreciated.

Thank you, SAPS. Can't put it into words, so...

Finally, to our vendors, inventors, and fellow gifters. Thanks for being there. PWs, TWs, WWs, Loohan Coils, Cat coils, SHIVAs, charcoal, pendants, great xtals to buy, and all of it.


First thing the girl sez this am is, "the air feels just like the rockies after a shower."

Even tho the rains left abouts 1 am, the neg ions are still as thick as ever seen it. The prana is just cramming into the basin. And they've been trying to spray all morning, towers at near full power, and the energetic potentials, etheric energy, prana, and neg ions are STILL INCREASING in amplitude. Still.

Imagine what it is going to be like around here, say, by the end of the week, when every breeder and the queen has gone to wherever Hank calls them. Smoked three more last night, in honor of SAPS.

Sorry Willie..."

Post# 38361 07/29/03 Cbswork

"Just got back from deploying a Trinity Wand in the Verdugo Mtns, which are close by, about 14 miles away.
As I was walking down the mtn trail out, all the clouds in the area - chemsoup and real deal - started converging over the zone. Then the thunder started.

This was all in the last hour.

Portable cloudbusters are what these are. Pretty near to a full sized Croft CB as one can get, in power. Not bad.

Tossed a Super TB with a mini cb water tube in LaCanada, while I was in the area."

Post# 38484 07/29/03 Cbswork

"As promised, all but one of the Trinity Wands have been deployed. You have to admit, our orgone devices really are getting better and better, all the time.

Lemus, TWs, TBs, PWs, SPs, HHGs, CBs, Mini-CBs, SHIVAs, MM, MM2, and on and on and on...

Lemurian seed xtals, orgonite, water, and a copper tube.


Planted a TW above JPL tonight. Oops. Before I got back to the car, the thunder started up again. Ya know...nothin for nothin, but, whenever I put up a new CB, it usually rained, 24 to 72 hours later. With the TW, out here so far, it always was within 15 minutes.

Fifteen minutes...



And a big thank you for all the love and energy you all have sent my way recently. It helps."

Post# 38500 07/29/03 Cbswork

"A Trinity wand, Water Wand, One of the doc's new thangs, all create a tidepool, torroidal current within minutes. I've been watching this all the day long, happily so. And because of it, I now have to write up a new section in the white paper. (and the doc wonders why i can never finish this thing...)

In facto, a TW is coming to you, just for your home.


The little TB with water in the alum sleeve didn't do it. A CB does. You can even read about it, in slightly different parlance, on the Laozu studies of orgone currents in that research thread he has going, which is pretty cool.


Also, as we've all noticed. Once a orgone device gets settled in its local, it frequently will drop in power and radiance, as the environment adjusts to its presence. In some cases, there is a stagnation directly outside of the zone, as currents build, leylines cross, and such like. So far, this hasn't happened when studying the same orgone device, when water is part of its makeup. Don't know why that is. Others have noticed this, too.

And, have to say, Hands DOWN, the Trinity is the single most powerful device yet made, that I HAVE SEEN.

When we drove over to pick up the package, even the girl noticed the blue hue (indigo, pure etheric energy) over the place where we were going. "Is that the CB?"

"No. Its still there, diff energy signature, and its a pencil line of orgone that goes straight up into the sky, then inverts to an upside down pyramid. This is something else."

The something else was four TWs sitting in a box, waiting for a home."

Post# 38505 07/29/03 Cbswork

"Well...orgone did play a part. In our area, we've had 42 inches of rain this year. That is about ten times the amount the area has received, per year, over the last five years.

The difference? Some croft cbs and good gridding. We got an inch of rain last night, just from sticking some TWs in the ground, and fast. Same thing again today. Stuck a TW in the Verdugos, and it was raining before I got off the trail. And so on...

Hopefully, once the work is done, all we will ever see is naturally occurring cycles of Rain and seasons, as we used to have before they decided to kill us off with their little chemical spews."

Post# 38931 08/01/03 Cbswork

"As mentioned earlier this week, put out some TWs and we got instant thunder and lightening, with rain. Since that wonderful night, its been chemfree in the TW zones. All around, even in CB areas, you can see the chemsoup trying to get in here.

It's not happening.

So, bought me 12 more of the little doggies.

They have been trying to hammer the north basin all week no worky. If I'd a had these a year ago, I could've saved myself a few thousand dollars in TBs.

Just kidding...of course, it's working with the existing grid. It's all working together. But, these TWs are really holding their own.

C'mon USAF, don't let some punk surfer from the beach get away with this! Throw down! Make me a liar. You can do it! Bring it on, as the VI (village idiot) sez... WERE throwing down. I see.

Sorry about your field, Mister....


And now, LAARP heads up the coast, with a dozen lemu hhgs, and 90 TBs to continue the good fight. And when I get back on Monday - all rested up from a camping trip with the family, its Reptoid Bashing Time.

(oh yeah...don't think you can do a B&E while I'm gone for a few dayz...I've got a house sitter and plugged in neighbors with video cams to take your pics.)

We'rrrrrrrrrre off to slay the Wizard,
the nasty Wizard of Oz....
Because, because, because, because, becauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse.
What a nasty stinker he was!


(get to gifting)"

Post# 39124 08/04/03 Cbswork

"Back after the camping thing and here goes.


So, couple of cars, guitars, food, and tents, we all head up the grapevine (I-5) spotting towers, gifting as we go, covering the same ground as previously covered. But as they've added many more towers up past Castaic, the extra gifting was just to make sure it wouldn't matter how MANY towers they put up.

Half the gifts Rick and I put up there last year were gone, so those were replaced, with extras. Gotta love those highway cleanup crews.

Got off at Frazier Park and started stitching a nice, thick line - again - through the area, covering the entire length of Highway 41. As we drew closer to our destination, you could see the AF had been busy, laying in chemsoup.

I was prepared for that eventuality.

If you've ever been to Lockwood Valley up in the Pino's range, you'll know how beautiful it is, about 4,000 ft elevation. Never too hot, always a nice 10mph breeze, and forests that go on forever. Lots of streams and such, cutting through everywhere. Its an open camping range - one of the few left in California, where you can park, fire pit, and fire weapons, and never be bothered by anyone for anything.

As we got settled in the Dome Creek area, all the chemsoup and clouds started coming in and forming a 15 mile wide circle over our area. So, planted the Trinity Wand and got rain, within an hour, plus all the usual swirling, thundering stuff. The chemsoup stuff came in and vanished as soon as it got into the zone. By next morning, it was visiblity for 50 miles, from SB down to OC.

We had FUN. Lots of music, fun, camping things, shooting stars, warm and cool, low at night of 59 degrees. We dumped another thirty hhgs and TBs into the area on hiking missions we sent the kids on. "Here, take this bag on go make a BIIIIIIIIIIG circle." Which they did.

Sunday morning, everyone reports dreams of UFOs or Angels, adults and kids alike. The air is so crystal clear, you'd swear you were on one of the 14'rs in Colorado, it was THAT nice. So, I took everyone to a place called the cathedral, which is kinda like a big sandstone abutment that towers over this one river by a few hundred feet.

The cathedral has many sink-hole caves in it, which became the final resting home of the TW. They'd have to blow half the mountain away to get to this baby. Hike out onto the cliff face of the cathedral and the girl is down in the river, far below and we both sit down at the same time, me on the bluff and her down in the river. She extends her ams and in that instant a gentle breeze came up, filled with - let's just say, we were filled with a glowing warm hug from nature.

Instead of coming home, we went to Rincon beach and enjoyed the rest of the day, with the gang at the beach.

I can't describe how nice the energy was, how wonderful the time was that everyone had, and no hitches or issues or weirdness - just a lot of fun out camping and doing the good.

Pretty certain now, about these TWs. For me, they are the silver bullet I've been waiting for. I still want to do more in this area - hence the 'nother dozen - to be dead sure about it, but yeah, so far, even a single TW deployed made instant and totally visible changes to the area.

We're havin' fun now!


Did everyone have a good gifting weekend?


I'll add more detail to this thing later, but gotta deal with about ten things right now that can't be put-off. So..."

Post# 39174 08/04/03 Cbswork

"The great thing about the camping trip, was it allowed me to take the TW out in an area that was still pretty virgin to orgone, which is something getting difficult to do anymore in SoCal. Gosh, I wonder how that happened?

Anywayz, the main thing was duplicating the phenom of earlier in the week of rain, thunder, and getting moisture out of chemsoup - a new thing, for me at least - without a CB.

Where the TW went, there was maybe a half dozen hhgs in and around the area, from something I had done previously, but not half dozen cbs and thousands of hhgs like in LA.

So, just to make extra sure - Yosemite.

Now if everything goes according to Hoyle, we should get the same phenom in Yosemite, as we did in Dome Creek and the NorthWest LA Basin.

So, in two weeks, we're going to head up there and camp for a week and Necklace that whole region with four TWs and several hundred TBs, HHGs, etc. We'll also bag all those various lakes and stuff up in the the three rivers area while we are local. Bass, PineFlat, North Fork - all the ones that matter.

Then, between then and now, continue stitching a TW line right up the coastal range and be home in time for cornflakes, as they say. Going to be a good gifting month.

No more Pacific Ocean chemfronts. Nasty things...


And, I hear tell the doc has a new thing? By gummy, you just can't keep those Crofts down, now can you?

Every time you turn around, there's some cool new weapon against darkness. I'll take five.


Best sky and energy yet in LA, in the last 8 days, then when I can EVER remember it being...its actually happening, the light at the end of the tunnel thing.

Bout time."

Post# 39213 08/04/03 Cbswork

"And because one good turn deserves another, me and one of the boys just got back from planting three more TWs in the Angeles Crest Forest. Plus, we had the day's "makings" of about 28 tbs and hhgs with us, we cut a line right up to the top of little Tujunga Canyon. Big Tujunga canyon has already been nailed, including Mt Gleason and the 2 highway, which, including some stuff a few others have done, zips up all the roads in that range with orgone.

Perfect visibility. Bagged some hi-tension on the ridges coming in from Palmdale, while at it.

No prisoners.


Orgone counter...that sounds like fun."

Post# 39303 08/05/03 Cbswork

"Yeah, major chemfront thing coming in again, hitting the line of cbs out this way.

The chemwall is being cut in half, but its not vanishing, as was hoped.

...gotta keep looking for that silver bullet.

Still, since the TWs, energy at its highest, in spite of the chemdeath."

Post# 39335 08/05/03 Cbswork

"I stand corrected. The chemwall came to this area and even tho a tad did get through, it was pretty much devastated once it hit my wall of cbs and TWs. About 5% got through, which ended up out toward Monrovia."

Post# 39341 08/05/03 Cbswork

"Just got back from a recon of the basin. That chemfront is history, about 5% getting past the line of cbs and TWs.

That line gets extended tomorrow, all the way to the coast.

Triniti initial assessment is the triad arrangement being the thing. I've had PWs and WWs from day one, and never got that kind of performance out of them. Of course, now I want to order a special job, with three BIG lemus inside.

Thank YOU Dragon Al. And now there are hootenized versions of this happening? Totally awesome.

So, after I guess I need to order me another dozen TWs, one with lemus.

Pretty impressive display against a total chemfront. By the time the soup hit glendale, it was game-set-match.

Not bad....

You really have to try one of these on for size, or two, or three..."

Post# 39357 08/05/03 Cbswork

"Another fine example of good gifting, with the right tools and the right stuff.

Purple-blue orgone - or indigo - purest form of etheric energy, and seen that pure by moi only two times, one was water, the other, a lemu xtal. Get any orgone device near or in water, and the water will shimmer out that cobalt blue indigo. Very beautiful and something you never forget, once you see it.

The CB has the strongest energy stream and under the right conditions, you can actually see the indigo beam shooting straight up into the sky.

I've been watching TWs work with several Cloudbusters in the last week and its been quite an impressive performance. TWs being deployed in the last few weeks have just shifted the whole energy frequency of the continent, like when M2 dumped that engine-sized hhg in the drink last year. I want to put out another 100 of these like yesterday. Going to do it, too, given the time and money.

Lorae, glad your on the team. Your vortex stuff is dead on the same places the doc and I have been working in the last year.

Very often I get to thinking about the gang here (many times a day, actually) what they are doing, and how they are faring, and each of us having the most interesting of backgrounds and how everyone's talents, as a pool in toto, really make for a little going a very long way.

(just externalizing tonight, sorry for the chatty)"

Post# 39409 08/06/03 Cbswork

"Clear as crystal in the TW zones. They try, but it no worky.

Outside that, its chemwall city."

Post# 39451 08/06/03 Cbswork

"Triniti Wands are now in

La Crescenta
La Canada
South Pasadena
Dome Creek
Little Tujunga Canyon


Long afternoon - but worth it. Let everyone know what happens, as the spew rolls toward us, but NOT able to get in, so far."

Post# 39510 08/06/03 Cbswork

"Hansen Dam - Triniti Wand and it laid waste to the chemfingers coming in from the West Side, right in front of me.

Also, dumped another 40 tbs in La Crescenta, because, hey...I was there.


And the Great Wall continues to destroy all comers and assault, lengthening daily.


Dammit Al! I need more Triniti Wands!

But Captain, she'll blow for sure!"

Post# 40167 08/12/03 Cbswork

"Just got back from the "balconey of Los Angeles" to see the whole basin and how it was faring.

Pretty much, for three weeks now, its been as clear as a bell. Yesterday, they floated in a chemwall up from Orange County. It stalled slightly when it hit the eastern San Gabriel Valley, moved on, and stalled again in Pasadena - down to East LA, where it was basically cut to pieces from then on. By midnight, perfect visibility.

This morning, they are trying the same thing. Huge chemfront from the south, being moved up north. Right now, it is stalling in the ESGV, but is moving forward.

Now, most of this area has been heavily gifted. My only absolutely clear zones are where I've deployed TWs. Even when the chemfront passed overhead in my TW zones yesterday, the chemcrud could not get below 10,000 ft. Perfect visiblity underneath the canopy, then chemsoup layers, then perfect above it.

Where I had gifted areas heavily, but not had deployed TWs, it was dissolving the chemsoup at about 60% of the mass, leaving the remainder to move onward to other zones.

Now, Saturday, received 5 PBs from the doc, but only deployed one on Sunday, in the LA river down at Griffith Park. Also deployed two more TWs that afternoon, nearby there.

I will be taking the four remaining PBs out to the King County area (hardly any orgone there at all - big bummer) to see what they do to the chemfronts in the California Basin, north of the LA SoCal Basin.


TWs are now "my" magic bullet. I intend to finish gifting my areas of responsiblity with these until finished.

Someone really needs to get on the ball down in Orange County. If you live there, a few a month won't cut it. YOu need THOUSANDS of these things in a locale like that: heavy population density, big lizard stronghold, lots of dark defense contractors making death for sale, and 9 million people. What I did, was lay in various zones with gridding, and now am stablizing the zones with Triniti Wands.

The girl and I actually said to each other today, "the work is nearly done in this area."

So, the shorthand math for me, if anyone comes at me, is this:

1. Get a Cloudbuster. All goodness starts there.
2. Make and gift countless orgone devices. One cannot over-gift.
3. Find your critical mass junctures and TW or like device those pin-points.

Now, these results are after a year of taking a very heavily populated major metro and doing the above. This worked for us. It may work for you.

Good Luck."

Post# 40176 08/12/03 Cbswork

"Critical Mass Junctures are, for me, places where air-flows condense and pressurize as they move through a given region or area. Funnel flows and the like.

The range of my deployed TWs, in heavily gifted zones, is about ten miles. Out in the forests of Ventura Cty, it was about 25 miles. These TW zones have unbelievable levels of prana circulating - enourmouse floating banks of pure, indigo energy.

The CB is a big vacuum cleaner. The TW is an energy and force purifier and multiplyer, much like a HHG or TB, but with a hundred times the amplitude. So far.

This is my assessment after using them for three weeks."

Post# 40462 08/14/03 Cbswork

"Rick: great to hear. M2 and I stitched a line on Kanan Rd (unreported in our earlier missive, cuz we leave out most of the events just to piss off the bad guyz) from the 101 freeway, to Mulholland Drive, cutting through the heart of the city of Agoura.

They have been trying to spray, but again, in our TW zones, the soup just DOES NOT get below 10,000 ft. We can see this easily from our home. A quick two minute drive up the crest to the first turn-out, and we verify this in ALL TW zones.

In areas that have been gridded, but not TWd, we get about a 50 to 60% dillution of the chemsoup, the remainder settling down in the valleys where the people are. In TW zones, this no longer occurs. And, we are getting a good ten mile field around there. Which is cool.

So, for me, the math has remained constant. I am of the opinion that putting another twenty TWs into LA will achieve my hoped-for goal of getting the heart center of America, spinning in the correct direction, clockwise. It's almost at a dead stop - a necessary advent, prior to the new spin.

It occurs, then, that if this can be accomplished, the benefits for the whole country, may well be to the positive. As above, so below, kind of thing. If the human heart must be healed for forward progress, so it then follows the same applies here, on a country sized level of beingness. That's the hope, at least.

As soon as I get done paying off the first dozen, will buy another dozen, and finish the work here, in MY zone of responsibility. For Orange country, San Bernadino, and Riverside counties, others will have to step up and do the right thing.

Of course, the oceans will always be looked after, when ammo and money permits.

Heal the heart (LA), then go for the throat (NYC) and the head (DC.)


And have fun, gifting. It should never be a drag."

Post# 40463 08/14/03 Cbswork

"Also would like to point out, that just because I have found "MY" magic bullet in the Triniti Wand, it does not mean I intend to stop gifting. Not at all.

In fact, the whole smash WORKS TOGETHER.

I just bought, again, another ten pounds of xtals, which I do every month, between two vendors. These xtals are going into TBs.

Will I make TWs? No. These will be purchased from SAPS, the inventors. They make a fine TW that has proven itself out.

I have in my possession, four PBs, sent by the doc. These will be tested and deployed this weekend. Considering what is coming out of them in my home, I expect good things, in an orgone clear area. Kings County...I'm coming for you. Coming this weekend.

Grid, CB, and TW. It keeps the chemsoup OUT. Which was ever the goal.


And for the USAF - nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Post# 40468 08/14/03 Cbswork


And to all gifters, everywhere, who throw down and do for the many, who cannot, or will not, do for themselves - heartfelt thanks.

And, it all started with you, Don Croft. My deepest bows go always to you.

SAPS is an inspiration. I've admired many gifters over the last year and half, but SAPS are doers on levels that would be nice to see in every state. The East Texas Brigade is a silent gifting force, and many others.

Cloudbusters, TBs, HHGs, TWs, and many other fine creations did it. Still doing it.

Proof? If we can end Chemtrails in a major metro like Los Angeles, it can be done anywhere. The energy is better in the NorEast LA basin, then in Ojai. Something I never believed possible. Until now."

Post# 40476 08/14/03 Cbswork

"I don't know very much about these things, but the difference between my water wands and the triniti's is phenomenal. Nothing before ever caused thunder, lightening, and then rain, in less than an hour. NOTHING.

And, from that time onward, it has been so energetically clear here, that it feels like the high country or Ojai. 24/7.

Yeah, I have a WW and it, for me, has been a nice, portable mini-cb, taken with me wherever I go.

Regards the Pipe bomb thing - don't know yet. I put one in the LA river, but the headwaters of that river were already orgonized. THere is a cb nearby, a few TWs, and hundreds upon hundreds of tbs and hhgs in that area, including dozens of Lemu hhgs. So, where the PB was put, dead in the heart of LA in the LA river, the whole zone was already orgonized. Not a fair test. Still, put one in the river anyways, cuz, it ALL WORKS TOGETHER.

Now, this weekend, will put the pb in the Kings River in Kings County up in the Sequias and then we'll see. Hopefully, it will be a whiteout, chemsoup hell day, cuz, I just KNOW these are going to kick some buttskie.


I do not know this for sure, but suspect, it was the bringing of three WWs together making the trinity that is the cause of all the fuss. Get one of SAPS TWs or three, and watch the fireworks."

Post# 40723 08/26/03 Cbswork

"Another thing you can do to verify the vibratory content of a water source, if you cannot see it, is to take a prism MADE OF PURE GLASS and, using a clear light source, shine the water as it is poured from a GLASS CONTAINER between the light source and the prism. The frequency of the water will show up behind the prism as a dominant color.

Arcane school technique for the blind.

There is a great deal of debate regarding water going on: structured, un, and otherwise. Distilled water - that would be PURE H2O, does NOT need minerals to hold a charge. The very nature of water - a primary building block of carbon systems - requires nothign but itself to increase in amplitude, given etheric frequencies.

of course, take all this with a grain of salt. Do your own research and thinking. Believe nothing posted by moi, until you have proved it yourself to yourself. For this reason, until others stumble upon what is very obvious to me and has been since forever, I can only comment once others make the "discovery."


The Triniti zones are still clear, after a few weeks of some of the heaviest spraying on record in Los Angeles. Outside the zones, as we see everyday by our little drives up the crest of the forest where we live (and by other means, not so common) maintains these assertions that chemsoup is still hitting down to the deck.

Today, they came at LA with every gun they had. The stuff in the TW zones lasted about five minutes, and was completely consumed by these enourmous banks of pure indigo energy, that grow in size each day.

Further, we traveled around 11 cities today and noted that the range of our previous giftings, because of these new banks of pure orgone (think of slightly flattened water balloons, miles in size and GROWING), is increasing. Where tbs had a range of a few yards, we noted that this has increased to their original specs, as given by the doc, some two years ago. We assume the since these floating blobs of orgone are consuming so much dead energy, they have "lightened" the load of the original gifts, laid into the area by myself over the last year and a half.

This, for me at least, is good news. Now, these gifts are doing more.

The problem, for the SoCal basin, remains that there are very few TWs in play right now. Very few. We need twenty, and in the right spots, esp along the San Gabriel Mountains, and between Venice and San Pedro.


When these massive "blobs" of floating orgone banks start to connect, than the real fireworks are going to start and in earnest. Two tornadoes,then, will be. But this is only an adjustment, as the forces of dead orgone and its opposition, collide up into the jet stream. I want that to happen. Because then, it is hoped by moi, these massive fields will start to move OVER the earth.

The same thing is happening in Phoenix, Sedona, Near the canyon, and in a small section near Bisbee.

It would be really nice if some of the rest of the orgonauts in California could get their hands on some of these (not just one or two, but a bunch) and start laying in LINES OF FORCE - LEY-LINES.

And so on."

Post# 54992 01/15/04 Cbswork

"FTR: I do not review energy devices as of last September. The Triniti Wand thing was the last device I accepted in that regard, and that turned out really badly for us. I was smashed down pretty hard by my coworkers for that piece of reporting and slapped upside the head, so...

I know this is already common knowledge, but just reminding."

*** Current Pricing is:
*** 1-inch pipe...$40.00, shipping...$9.00 per TW
*** 1 1/4-inch pipe...$45.00, shipping...$12.00 per TW
*** 1 1/2-inch pipe...$55.00, Shipping...$15.00 per TW
*** All shipping is UPS Ground and only in the continental U.S.
*** I take personal checks, money orders and cashiers checks only.
*** Extras cost extra.
*** Email me here or at