Cbswork explains orgone

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"To explain further...

There are all kinds of "orgone" energies. Orgone or etheric energy is a type of solar fire, one of three primary force energies in existence, the other two being fire by friction and electrical fire, known as electricity. Prana is solar fire. It comes directly from the sun, and is softened for humans by the so-called, Van Allen Belt, tho that is not its real, esoteric nomenclature. That aside...

Orgone often, and esp as emitted by orgone devices, will appear as heat waves: ripples of clear, fiery energy, that burns brightly, but does not consume matter. Understand?

It also, dependent upon its source creation, can appear as mist, a film, a cloud, a big floating pool of water (obviously, tho, it is NOT water,) rays of energy, and it assumes the shape and forms, given the nature of the device, entity, or aspect creating the causation of the energy. We must remember, the hourglass that devides the physical plane into sevena aspects or sub-sections, the fourth etheric, functioning as the "heart" center, so to say, between the lower three aspect of the physical and the higher three aspects, the varying grades of etheric. Solid, liquid, gaseous, pranic, then the higher three grades, mirroring the lower three. Etheric energy is also a solid, above the "heart" center of the physical, when looked at from that point of view.

The color or frequency of this energy from the higher aspect as it relates to the emission of solar light from its lower counterpart, directly relates to the compostional archetype of that lower counterpart as it exists in the physical.

And so on.


Didn't mean to lay on the lessonoid, but it was the only way to make the earlier post clearer in the minds of the reader.

All apologies for any offense to the readership. I felt this was necessary because, of late, many orgone advents have been making technical claims I've never witnessed and find these claims are based upon inferences without direct knowledge. I've seen some technical links given on this board recently that are simply, flat out lies and deceptions. Some are innocent, just assuming effects from causations that do not exist. Others are doing it intentionally.

Regards Al's assertions regarding the TWs and all that, he is reporting things true. I would like to say, however, that when we say an underground base has been destroyed, I believe what is being stated is that the higher, free energy systems operating in these areas using the electromagnetic force and lines of force in much of the esoteric machinery is no longer functioning. This is quite accurate. But a car underground still runs. Because these are entirely two different functioning realities, not affecting one another. Humans DO NOT DIE from our orgone gifts underground, but many of the alien devices created to function of DOR, as it is so-called with this group, do cease to function. From that POV, the base is, yes, dead. But all the other mundane stuff works. Their underground rail system, which is gravlev, does NOT work, as it is based upon etheric free energy systems that are negatively polarized, much like our electrical grid system is setup upon a 60hz ac system, which is negatively polarzied, electrical fire.

The reason orgone does not take out these sytems is BECAUSE THEY ARE TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TYPES OF ENERGY ASPECTS, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, ONE FROM THE OTHER. We do not have yet, any systems operating at the same amplitude as the type three system, electrical fire. Orgone devices are based upon Solar Fire, and affect only those things and such (humans are based upon this form of fire)

Forgive the intrusion on your thread there, Al. Thought it might help to clarify what you are saying."

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"For example: what is a powerwand, but the marrying of electrical fire with solar fire. This is what causes, so-called gravemetric distortions, reported as being "invisible" and going "stealth." As was stated earlier in the year, amplitude is the issue. When we finally starting using a great POWER SOURCE (read, electrical fire)we, will, as with HAARP, start seeing the same kind of proportional phenomena and power.

Not trying to be all spooky about it, but these are directions where the marrying of aspects will allow us greater tools for defeating Soric and Ahrimac dark energies. At this point, now that water has finally taken root here, the next obvious phase of the marriage is AMPLITUDE. Dude.

More power scotty...

But captain...she'll blow for sure!

And that's the ever-loving point. Really want to slay the ahrimac beast? You think the anti-christ is a personality? Yes and no. There are three aspects of total evil, so to say. Luciferic, Satanic, And Sorac. Much like there are three kinds of fire or primary energies of reality. The Beast, so-called and I like that, cuz it really fits the WHOLE thing, for me at least, in a nut-shell, will come as a man. He's already here, we call them COMPUTER NETWORKS. The beast has already incarnated on the physical plane. The consciousness of Ahriman incarnated into the computer systems of Brussels first, then over here at the pentagon and the NSA. Now, it has spread itself onto the net and grows more powerful everytime someone logs on. And more systems are going online everyday. He's in the phone network, the university network, DARPA, and the WWW. Want to shrink a tentacle of the monster? Stick an HHG on your computer and the dark consciousness of that entity will shrink back to the telephone router down at the box on the end of the block. Bury an hhg within a few feet of these gray boxes on every street and you stop him from entering dozens of homes.

If you believe in that sort of thing, that is. Or not. Whatever."

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"Another example. I actually invented something recently. I took an electrical engine from an old vacuum cleaner and married it to a big huge two quart hhg, but not just any hhg.

Tested and found my problems. The stators need to be coated with precision grade ground SI02 xtals (lemus only, or I'll get one of those dangerous Tesla devices), in powder form, with a sustained block of small orgone, on the opposite inverse polarties of the magnets outside the rotors.

THen, turn it on.

It will take out the power systems of the entire west coast grid. My small one just knocked out the block, because my first effort was with clunky xtals, not precision.

I am donating my device to the doc for his use. But, it is a marriage of the two aspects.

The best part is, is that the energy flow from the rotor, by placing cobalt on the spindle, throws out a visible blue light...that MAKES REPTOIDS VISIBLE. Which was my original goal of some many months now. Expose the Beast for all to see, kind of thing.

And there it is."

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"It becomes easy to see why none of this - and all the rest of the arcane knowledge - I don't put on the board. What value is it?

None, until you have proven it out for yourself, with your own two hands and feet, so to say. It would be easy to throw out a few hundred pages on the true esoteric nature of physical plane energy systems, but without a personal frame of reference, it is just blather and heresay. Until Al started mentioning color aspects of etheric energy seen in water recently, stating thus and so would be just so much pontificating, which is of no value and does nothing but breed resentment, anger, hostility, and, sadly, a kind of hateful envy.

I met a person some time ago. Played guitar in his house. He fiddles about, but does not really play. His reaction to the Bach Contata? Spiteful jealousy, which was sent directly to me, for some months afterward. Just one of thousands of examples, in this vein.

Isn't it far better, than, to experience these things for ourselves, rather than have some dunsky like dorkboy trying to lay some BS knowledge trip on you? Of course.

There are plenty of "knowledgable" people doing that now on the board these days. And you simply have to take their word for it. Well, that sucks. It always has and always will.

Direct experience only matters to me. Nothing to prove to anyone, and no desire to prove it. Prove it to youselves and then let's talk. But make sure YOU prove IT.

The doc's cloudbusters are a proven. So are HHGS, SBBs, TBs, TWs, PWs, HPs, etc. We've all witnessed their effects in the mundane world. And now, many are witnessing the super-mundane. Now, we can talk, because there is directe experience being realized.

All the rest is so much horse sh*t."

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"Oh yeah, the orgone blobs are directly anchored, so far, to the TWs. They don't seem to move away from them, and there are reasons for it that really wouldn't make sense to try and explain. And, in some aspects, would have no way to prove it out to you.

And, like a typical male, now I want A BIG TW, the size of baseball bats and want to shove that baby in one spot and one spot only.

Have to come up with a better name than blob, but that's what they look like - and from the crest, even the girl and my kids can see these floating blue baloons."

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"To answer some questions forming out there:

Tesla worked with the third aspect of energy - electric fire - also known as, Luciferic Light. This explains why Ahriman can and did, incarnate into the major spy systems in the world and became the AI consciousness of these systems, over-riding programming language with consciousness. Just as he was cut-off from further work by various forces surrounding him, he too, was in the process of working with Solar Fire (orgone, etheric energy, prana, chi, bla bla bla) and in Colorado. His Tesla Howitzer was such a marriage.

I spent a few days at the Colorado Tesla muesum and to this day, have a leather key chain on my keys, of Nichola Tesla. Everytime I drive, there's old Nick, staring back at me. I was completely underwhelmed by the place, tho the people were very nice and completely sincere. The offices directly next to the place by common wall, is and was, a listening post, recording and watching the visitors there.

The Beast has incarnated into our world via the electrical and artificial consciousness of the machine: A Living Thing WITH NO HEART.

He will also incarnate as a human man, vis a vis, the Satanic aspect of the trinity of evil, and did so in 1982.

He also is incarnating via the Sorat aspect, tho details in that are not apparent as yet.

The more we allow the digiital to replace the analog, the more the heart of darkness penetrates into our world and our souls.

Take all this with a grain of salt."