Cbswork comments on the Wingmakers

Post# 21715 03/06/03 Cbswork

"I just know I shouldn't get involved in this, but here we go...


The music was done by a band called SoulFood. On their website, you can clearly see the same artwork Mark Hempel did for the band, cuz they did the music as a swap. In an interview on CAUS, Hempel admits his biggest client as an online marketing expert, is the DOD. In interviews with members of SOULFOOD, they openly say they recorded the music for Mark, that mark couldn't play worth a ****, but brought them some tracks with subvocals on them to be backlayered onto the mixes.

You will find that Mark's art and the Wingmaker art, are identical. I'm sorry everyone. and CAUS had tons of intel, but most of the relevant sites that had all this around have been taken down.

But your biggest clue is that James Twyman has given a plug for the stuff.



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"I haven't been to a borders for about 4 years, so i don't know what kaka is out there now. I'm sure its more of the same, earthchanges, aliens, roswell, and the GWB in every flavor they have.

The stuff on has real high level data, but that's the point. Get you in with facts, but you find you are in a windowless room with no exit sign. RMN gets lucky once in a while. Rense is...well. Bell...same. Hoagland, desensitization and the rule of in your face, he openly gives out the play, cuz the rules sez they have to. That's why the internet.

Everything is out there. It has to be, or they half to knock off half of what they are doing. Then, that gives everyone a personal choice: Beast, No Beast.

And with all that knowledge of reality, you have to make a thousand decision a day, flouride or no, soda or no, rancid fries or no, Twyman or no, Nasa and Masonry or no,

And so on."

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"Think about this whole wingmaker thing from one possible viewpoint.

It in no way negates all our collective experience with pretty much the same watchful and benevolent beings who have helped us, protected us, and generally have kept mischief at the door. In the end, does it really matter what label you slap on your experience? It doesn't mater to the experience.

And, it could be worse.

You could wake up one day and realize you spent your while life on the wrong team, tho for the right reasons. This was, what, a year? Maybe? Pocket change of time when compared to the rest of our lives."

Post# 21838 03/07/03 Cbswork

"When I first heard wingmaker and all that, I checked it way. It didn't bother me in the least the thing wasn't as reported, nor did it in any way invalidate anything the Crofts and others have reported around this phenom.

Cuz the phenom is real, the Wingmaker web and all that is not, its a fraud. It was an intentional fraud to create a "cult" around that, to be exploited by the "company." The music has imbeds, the artwork does too, and its all designed with known New Age pop culture buzz words and enticements. Its slick, full of sh*t, and well done...for a Fed operation.

This was last May/June.

Its a damn fine learning tool, if you choose to think about it that way. It shows you how very important it is to use a great deal of discernment out there. I did. Use it to learn how very cunning these wolves are. And they are. If you've ever read any post of mine, you'll notice I never ever used the term or terms Wingmakers ever.

But, going beyond all that, here I was finding out the thing was a fraud and even tho DC and Carol were already aware that the web site was compromised and were telling all that, they still used the verbage. And why not?

It doesn't matter if you call your help Aunt fanny's butt blister or Wingmakers. It doesn't matter to the "Operators."

When my Sp arrived in mid May last year, what shows up at the house for a few visits? These about two foot in length light beings (in pairs, no less) of pure energy, that vibrated in such a frequency that they appeared to have wings. IF you studied rod and other elemental pix out there, the rapid movement of energy along their "spine" (and much like the same double helix energy that is at the core of an xtal in orgone) appears like wings. Its easy to see how that moniker fits.

And its easy to see why those anticipated this at the NSA and already had their thing in place to hijack this assistance.

And that's what I found to be the case. Not satisfied with what we could dig up, we decided to go deep and look for more. We found it.

The Beast knew this opposition was coming, as well as the assistance. The Wingmaker's thing was a well planned and prepared deal, using Mark's already massive ego complex and he's already on payroll, and is willing to do anything to make money. They used his art, gave him the imbeds to put in the music and fed his ego. He happily masterminded this for them, knowing the duplicity. That really sucks, but then so does Rense and all the other monsters working for the machine.

We found that those who "most resonated" with the material, were easily accessible mkids. dammit. These folks unknowingly gave credibility to the op, being used themselves. When these people had paranormal experiences with the operators, the chip would go on, the subliminal sent radionically to the receiver and the Hempel thing gets another boost, which should have been credited to these beautiful light beings. Very slick.

Well too bad for them. That op is blown."

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"Deeper into the doo we go...

If you look at the wingmaker artwork, its filled with the main radionic symbol of the Thule and the Vril Occult orders, which happens to be the sign or symbol, of the black sun. Every painting has this symbol, and its used also as foci portals for the imbeds of Reptoidal entities, who are astrally linked to the painting and are entryways, into your aura, if you get...

...entranced by the painting.

As the rhythm of the music tonally and beat tempo, shifts down to 88 bpm, you are placed into a hypnotic state, then the audio assault begins, which is,

In my eyes
In disguise
As no one knows
Hides the face
Lies the snake
The sun
In my disgrace
Boiling heat
Summer stench
'Neath the black
The sky looks dead
Call my name
Through the cream
And I'll hear you
Scream again

Black hole sun
Won't you come
And wash away the rain
Black hole sun
Won't you come
Won't you come

Cold and damp
Steal the warm wind
Tired friend
Times are gone
For honest men
And sometimes
Far too long
For snakes
In my shoes
A walking sleep
And my youth
I pray to keep
Heaven send
Hell away
No one sings
Like you

Hang my head
Drown my fear
Till you all just

A few of you are going to recognize those words. I understand.

By this time, they are in your head. Your implants are on full blast, and before you know it, you are "resonating" with it all.

Burn it. All of the materials shipping from them are cursed and carry curses. If you are sticking the cds into your machine, sweep your system regitstry with EASYCLEANER and AD-AWARE 6, asap.

This is high-level, Illuminati constructs working here and no NLBR is going to fix it.

This crap is pure, S A T A N I C Evil. Kids having nightmares? And that crap is still in the house?

Or, if you really want to throw down, set your SP on stun (pure compassionate love) and use that junk for a return visit of hammer.

As a rule, when anything out in the world has the symbol of the Vril on it, its best to put distance between you and it."

Post# 21876 03/07/03 Cbswork

"See, its like how many layers deep do you want to unravel the onion? The deeper you go, the higher the stench. And its all so very insidious, too. And pervasive. And in your face.

Its often said that the snake sits behind every rose blossom.

More and more of this kind of open darkness will expose itself and be blatant about it too. You don't have to be in the least way psychic or whatever that all is, to be able to use something far better anyway, which is that always truthful heart. It doesn't know deception and will always, providing its your heart you are listening to and not some programming or fear, keep you clear of the real nasty minefields out there.

Almost always, we trip up because we ignore that advice, then saying later, "I just knew I shouldn'thave done thus and so..."

Near as I can tell, just casting about, none of those who got into the whole wingmaker thing were harmed or gotten to, for lack of a better word, from all this. So certainly some kind of protection was going on and most everyone anyways sniffed this dog out on their own as it is.

No worries."

Post# 21881 03/07/03 Cbswork

"Wanted to make a quick correction on a previous post. It might be an error to send energy, esp with an SP, at their symbol. It would just eat it up, like handing a quart of blood to a vampire.

Also, that order has, via that symbol, a definate link with Solar Darkness. That is absolutely for real. Everytime I peered at that specific type of magnetized occult symbol of the black sun, I felt a great, cold, and dark presence that had no end to its boundaries.

I'm not saying do nothing, but when taking on the Beast in one of its more powerful aspects, as is the spirit of the Black Sun is, is like personally peeing on Satan's neck and laughing at him. I'm just saying, your intent has to be pure love and there may be some backlash. Just be sure of what you are doing, or pass until you are sure.

just fyi"

Post# 59536 03/24/04 Cbswork

"The Wingmakers were a fiction, a lie, an agency operation that we exposed in detail, for the express purpose of placing psychics in the public eye, using Mark's wingmaker site as the drop-in vector, and then hi-jacking the whole Sylph Movement."

Post# 59537 03/24/04 Cbswork

"In fact, to show you how serious they took this now-time, they even used their symbol of the black sun, and backwards spinning energy vortex, to empower the hijacking - the symbol of the ancient Vril.

They used their strongest and most secret talisman to thwart this - it failed.

Very encouraging at the time and still, the operation is considered at Langley and Ft. Meade, a failed Op."