Cbswork makes hash of NESARA

Post# 5269 10/12/02 Cbswork

"Heaven's to Betsy! Everyone already knows NESARA is a deflection Op, to keep people in their chairs and homes, instead of finding solutions to problems. There is no nesara. It's all CIA. White knights!!! Hahahahahahaa..."

Post# 25304 04/04/03

"NESARA is a CIA Domestic Operation aimed at potential "radicals" and/or people who might stand tall against the man. Its main purpose is to deflect any untoward movement against government, by creating the myth that white knights - hahahahaha - are going to save the day, so you don't need to get up off the couch.

It's all a lie.

Faction this or that? Same thing.

Internal factions that might spring up are dealt with ruthlessly. People in the trade and in the military are watched SOOOOOO very closely and constantly profiled. Any time two or more officers or spooks gathered, no matter how smart they think they are in hiding a meeting, that meeting is surveilled.

Now, ther have been instances, esp in the 1990s, where whole boatloads of high ranking officers have died in plane crashes, helicopter crashes and all that. Because, they thought, "let's expose the beast, these thugs are destroying the country." Their rank gave them access to intel and whatever conscience they still had brought them to a place where they tried to do something. And they ALL were killed for it.

Factions, Nesara, all operations to keep you down, keep drinking that aspartame, and doing nothing.

Don't fall for it."