L.A. Sneak Attack

Post# 38022 07/27/03 Dor2Or (Jon H.)

In honor of the project that Cbs has undertaken I decided a couple days ago to venture further south this weekend than I normally go and strike into the heart of the beast, Cbs home ground, Los Angeles, California, USA. My 'weapon' or rather tool of choice was the Trinity device. This is the tripple Cluster Buster combo invented by Dragon Al that is supposed to have about a 50 mile range in knocking out underground bases.

So Saturday I loaded up my car and took off towards L.A. It took me about 2 hours to get to my first stop, which was Malibu. Going down the Pacific Coast Highway I was able to confirm the existence of numerous panels attached to the telephone poles along the way. These are the mini-broadcasters that have apparently become popular lately. Although I wasn't paying them a lot of attention, I spotted at least twenty separate poles sporting these things. Cbs was the first to post this information and I confirmed it today. I hadn't planned on taking care of this problem so my only option was to PowerWand the suckers as I drove by, and that I did. Going by what I did see, there are probably several times more of these things out there along that highway.

It didn't take me long to find a suitable spot in Malibu to place the first unit. It went into the ground without trouble and I had to hurry as I heard a small airplane approaching but did not see one. After getting back on the highway, two patrol cars with their lights flashing and sirens blaring suddenly came speeding out of a side street and headed back toward where I had been. I wanted to move on faster, but the traffic was stop and go.

Next I found myself in Santa Monica, which was the next target on my list. Since I am not too familiar with this region, I somehow got turned around and ended up in Brentwood, which is a ritzy neighboring area. I remembered Cbs mentioning that many people on his target list lived in Brentwood, so this is where I dropped off my second Trinity device. Within minutes of hitting the dirt I saw a police helicopter doing a search pattern over the neighborhood where I was at. I didn't waste any time in heading for my next target, which was Hollywood.

By now it was getting late and my sunlight was starting to fade, around 8:30pm. Coming into West Hollywood the streets were thick with expensive cars. I could have walked from one end to the other on top of Lexus's, BMW's and Mercedes and not touched ground once. My car, being an early 90's model Toyota, didn't quite fit into the mix. I kept thinking about how the lizards had horded all of this wealth while the rest of us struggled for every dime. But I shrugged that off and proceeded to look for the next suitable burial spot. As it turned out, it wasn't easy.

I searched up and down streets in the dark for 2 hours! By this time I was very tired and just wanted to go home. Several times I had threatened to abort the mission early because I just wasn't succeeding. My original intent was to lay down at least 3 Trinities before leaving the area, though I had brought more - 1 more Trinity, 3 Big Galoots (1 gallon Cluster Buster), and 4 WaterWands - if I had the time. I kept telling myself to look down one more street. I even got back on the freeway once and started to head home, but I exited early and kept looking. I asked my guides over and over to please point out the right spot, as they had done with the first two deployments (both seemed perfect), but nothing was working. And of course I felt lost the whole time with only a vague idea of where anything was at.

So when I found the third location I was ecstatic! I had gone from Brentwood to West Hollywood (I think I passed Beverly Hills, another good spot) to Hollywood to Santa Monica to downtown L.A. Just as I had given up and was looking for the freeway entrance to go home, I found what I was looking for, the magic third spot. Downtown L.A. got the last one - my Guides had come through (thanks Guides!). I didn't wait around long enough to catch any more confirmations, but I was satisfied to have completed the minimum requirements of my mission. I hope it helped LAARP take back a little more ground. I hadn't heard of any Cluster Buster deployments in L.A. yet so I wanted to sneak some in.