Hairless Yetis

Post# 26743 04/15/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"I've agreed to exercise some restraint about confidential issues, so I'll just keep the fellow's name out of it, but he's a professor at an Ivy League university who is the occult advisor to the Pentagon.

I'm keeping this in the 'other issues' forum becuase it's so damn weird ;-)

Carol had a run of psychic activity yesterday as we were coming home from our long trip. I'll just report it here and you can use what you like and disregard the rest, as usual.

She saw some very highly regarded Lemurian elders on their way to a galactic meeting to discuss whether they should do something about the incoming object aimed at us that some are calling Planet X. They wouldn't talk to her but she saw a whole lot of races represented in that meeting, which was not the Galactic Federation that Al Bielek talks about (that organization has bad guys in it as well as not-so-bad ones, but this one is informal and is represented only by the law abiding, higher races in our galaxy).

What she gets is that because some people (us?) are taking responsibility for stopping the forces of destruction here it may be in line with universal law for the higherups to stop that thing from wiping out most of humanity, leaving the dregs of humanity (the world order) in their underground hideyholes.

The funny thing is that we've never bought into doomsday scenarios because they all have the stamp of disinformation on them.

She was told by some other Lemurians that the fellow who keeps trying to create mayhem as an excuse to have martial law will continue to be confounded by them and by us. The reason that guy has been impossible to disable with Powerwands and Shivas is that he's from a very old, powerful race of beings that are far more advanced than even the Draconians, who generally call the shots for the world order.

She asked that he be revealed to his Pentagon audience in his true form and they say a sort of hairless Yeti and it freaked the hell out of them, destroying his credibility with them ;-)

I asked her if Ct. St. Germain/Hilarion/etc., is one of those guys and she said he is. We plan to have some fun with that jerk, too, before long.

Last week, he had convinced the worst of the Pentagon generals that a massive human sacrifice of Americans was necessary now to move us into martial law, and Carol got that the reason the Americans moved so effortlessly into Baghdad is that these generals had planned to let off a big nuke there, killing most of them and convincing the public that Saddam did it. She says that Saddam and his entourage are being protected by the UN now somewhere in Iraq. Of course, this is just another managed conflict and Saddam is no more able to act unilaterally than President Cujo is.

She says this professor is the one who planned and supervised the destruction of the WTC and also the failed attempts to blow up Chicago & LA (twice) and other fake terrorist events, which we all stopped each time in the preparation stage.

I figure that if he's impossible to deal with in a capital sense, it may be even better to expose him to his would-be dupes in the Pentagon and the fake gov't.

Have your own fun with the guy and his helpers if you feel so inclined, okay?


Post# 26848 04/16/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"I prmomised not to tell the guy's name, and you wouldn't recognize it anyway, as he's never in the news. I gave you enough data to make him your target, which some of you apparently already did ;-)

His sales pitches to the Pentagon were what were behind getting the US forces in range of nukes in Iraq, we feel sure, Tim. I think we've all made it impossible for him to cover his true form any more.

Cbs tried to get everyone to SP President Cujo during the State of the Union address in January in order to make it impossible for him to maintain his human form but nobody did that. Maybe next time he or anyone else offers a juicy target like that for waking up PJ folks fast, we'll be more attentive. We've got better tools for it now.

Carol and I think the 'professor' and Ct. St. Germain most closely approximate one's image of a devil, though of course we don't believe in the existence of pure evil. The fact that Shivas can't seem to do more than make him uncomfortable is pretty good to know. The Shiva and even the Powerwand (with a lot of effort with the latter) turn draconians to hamburger and they were the ones we thought were essentially impervious to us.

When Carol and Melody were working on the guy together, he showed up and studied the Shiva and seemed to be taking notes, unflustered. Carol says he shows up every time we mention him. She says that every attack does weaken him and that he doesn't fully recover, so it's certainly okay for everyone to keep hammering him. YOu can bet he won't surrender or give anything away ;-)"

Post# 26913 04/16/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"Carol and I have a little different approach, though finding his rate is certainly worth the effort. When a predator doesn't immediately kick the bucket, and when they get quickly reassembled after they croak, we just figure that the real power source is simply using the individuals as a sort of expression.

That's why we no longer go after public figures, like President Cujo and his Pop.

The best effects we've seen are from hammering the middle management and grunt level assassins at the FBI, NSA, CIA, MI6 etc., because in truth without these spiritual cretins doing the bad deeds, the fancy entities at the top of the dungheap will be powerless and easy picking for whatever law enforcement agency developes after we get actual law and order again on this planet. Without their secret police and satanic cult henchmen these top dogs are pretty pitiful and weak.

Imagine Baron Rothschild without a phanlanx of bodyguards, for instance. I imagine him, after the change, working out his life sentence in a charity maternity hospital in the Central African Republic, emptying bedpans and mopping up puke. I imagine him getting humanity and humility in the process, hopefully some remorse, too.

Uncovering their true, other-than-human identities and affiliations is ultimately better then inviting them into the void, we believe, as this has priceless educational value.

Most of the folks in the NSA, CIA, MI6, FBI, Interpol, KGB, etc., are not predators. They're just government workers looking forward to retirement. Waking these up is a good service to humanity. Even the ones who have no conscience are mostly unwilling to directly be identified with mayhem and genocide. Peer pressure can be a wonderful thing. Carol and I feel sure, for instance, that the agents who got expelled from this forum are not bad people at all; just misinformed and angry at the world or just at their parents. We don't SP or PW them at all. If/when any of them ever stop exercising subterfuge we'll be their friends and confidants.


Post# 27046 04/18/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"The feds who need waking up are all of them, Mary. Only the committed killers and upper management are not likely to switch sides. They're fully aware of what they're doing, by the way. Danion Brinkley is a living example that one can't make rules about who will and who won't wake up, by the way.

Bob Frist isn't the fellow I menitioned. Neither are any of the names you might see publicly, including that mean-looking Prince What's his hame Arthur or Maitreya. If you ever saw their names in print or even on a website you can bet that they're just front men. I was surprised to learn, from a couple of sources, that the top Rothshcilds are front men for the dark masters, just the next level above the predatory Rockefeller family. All of these are expendable. The guy I mentioned and St. Germain are movers and shakers that even the Shiva can't scratch after many attempts. We just see this as Hank's way of saying don't bother trying, since their deaths wouldn't add to the score we're racking up.

Always look for creative solutions, I say, and don't assume that wiping the slate clean of predators is necessarily the answer. I figure that we're simply part of a process, not the directors, and that our instructions come through inspiration, meditation, wild hunches, etc. The failsafe is that we can't do real harm with any of these devices, so there's nothing lost by following a wild hare and doing as our impulses direct. If the impulses come from the lower side of our nature, the misfires and goofs will direct us toward a more refined approach, hopefully.

As with any spiritual process, the power comes from letting go of control, not in getting more of it, which is why I'm hammering everyone about not organizing this effort.

How can you beat this paradigm of spiritual growth and planetary healing? ;-)


Post# 27048 04/18/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"...Melody's a heavy psychic hitter but only admits it when she's around Carol and Linda, I think. She and CArol did the groundwork on our strategy against the Pentagon's 'occult advisor' for instance, and the three of them did all that fabulous work in the Northwest US last summer on their adventure.

Boy, is that guy ungainly in his native form! I guess to female's of his species he's a studmuffin--who knows? Those ugly-dog breeds seem to enjoy sniffing each others south ends, so why not his species? Maybe we humans all look ugly to him and Count St. Germain/Hilarion/Flapdoodle/whomever.


Post# 27060 04/18/03 Jackofclubs (Carol Croft)

"I just want to say Thank You to Dr. David Lee.
Everytime you come after me that's my invitation
to send it right back to you. Karma is a wonderful
thing. Isn't it! Your getting the worse end of
the stick, literally. The orgone stick...."

Post# 27062 04/18/03 Cbswork

"As we are going in that direction...apparently...the proper spelling is Lees, with an S. Carol no doubt left that off on purpose.

Yeah, he's a doctor, and I found his "public" position at Stanford U.

This is a very bad man.

...let the games begin.

He thinks its funny as hell to advise the crew over at the pentagon to kill innocents in ritual, just so they can get some extra mojo in their world plans.

I think its funny as hell that none of his stuff in the last month has worked for him. I also think its funny as hell that his coworkers - and what a bunch of sharks these ghouls are - are beginning to doubt his power. And once they stop fearing his dark gifts, his own kind is going to eat him ALIVE. Cuz, that's what sharks their own, when they're down.

And Dave? Instant Karma's gonna git U."

Post# 27327 04/21/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"Oops--Carol didn't get the 'confidential' part of Cbs email to me about David Lees ;-)

He might end up being a candidate for some Tesla-coil-assisted radionics experiment. We'll see.

My biz got hit by some radionics from the other side, apparently. All that happened was that I got five requests for refunds in a single month, all unrelated. Usually we get one or two per year. One of my big referral sources disappeared but fortunately we've got enough faithful and savvy distributors to keep us afloat. I'm gratified that so many independent business people love to hate the fake gov't and it's tentacles. Until I went to work for myself thirteen years ago I thought the world was filled with gutless catchers and pitchers like my former coworkers and overlords ;-)

In another thread, I'm going to share what happened when Kelly was visiting us (physically) two nights ago re: David Lees. That was kind of fun and very instructive.

I should put in another caveat that Carol and I are never able to determine the outcomes of using PW and Shiva and that the results are nearly always instructive and are always better than what we had in mind originally.

The period of relying on these devices to stop the predators might end up being pretty short, though to disregard the importance of each step of our progress is probably kind of foolish. I still use my Big Secret and SP and will probably always use them but the nature of the uses will continue to evolve. I invite everyone here to enjoy the same process and not get hung up on the steps.

What's your take, HOney? ;-)


Post# 27330 04/21/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"...Note that David Lees has probably never been mentioned publicly before Carol did that in a post the other day ;-) Foiling this guy's efforts is essential to staying out of martial law, I'm convinced. I'm not sure that deflating predatory/parasitic windbags like Hatch, Cheney or the others will do any more than give us an object lesson in 'odor aversion therapy,' though. They're all easily replaced by eager people who will miss the significance of their predecessors'demise..."

Post# 27631 04/24/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"This is out of sequence, but during Kelly's visit David Lees showed up with an entourage of top US Army psychic predators.

Kelly got quite concerned and did something that looked like fastforward TaiChi to get them to leave. They simply shifted around the house and I yelled upstairs, 'Hey, Carol--bring your Shiva down here and show Kelly what you can do!'

She sat at the dining room table as Kelly was dancing around the living room and I saw him go over to four spots on the floor, sort of sweep us something each time and toss it out the door. Carol was laughing and when it was over, she said, 'I erected a sort of crystal bubble around the house, and when I directed the Shiva to take care of the Army guys, they all shot up, trying to get away, and crashed into the top fo the bubble and fell, dead, to the floor. You found the remains of each one without me saying anything and tossed them all out the door. David Lees just went right through the crystal bubble..."

Post# 27807 04/26/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"...There are two individuals who have been bothering us who are manifest murderers but didn't die: David Lees and John McGrath. The latter is a convicted serial killer, about 58 yrs old, who 'escaped' from the New Hampshire STate Hospital's maximum security ward in 1972 and is apparently in charge of leading a recent group of murderous crazies, all 'liberated'by the NSA from prisons and mental facilities, to kill Carol and I. He's pretty high up in the NSA these days. We disabled the group but couldn't touch him, so we used the devices to isolate him..."

Post# 28097 04/29/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"Before you read this, please put on your discernment cap.

Early in my last trip, one of Mr. Skull's coil connections got broken, so I just figured that he wouldn't be helping out this time. Mr. Skull is the crystal skull that Carol got for me last summer in Portland, Oregon. I had put a blue mobius 'hatband' around his cranium and we determined that this boosted the connection he apparently has with Hermes, whom many believe to have originated the sciences on our planet and is alleged to have founded the mystery schools in antiquity.

We had a lot of fun with his help in confounding the feds last fall when we were busting all the towers in our region but after January, when we developed the Powerwand and got our Shiva he's been a little neglected.

David Lees, the alleged 'occult advisor to the Pentagon,' whom we believe initiates and supervises every major act of mayhem on the planet, comes and goes seemingly at will and we haven't been able to scratch him with the bigger devices. I had an urge to replace Mr. Skull's blue mobius coil with a red one and glue a couple of small amethyst sphere's in Mr. Skull's eye sockets last week and three days ago it occured to me that he might be a suitable adversary for Dr. Lees.

I hooked him up to the little frequency box and put him to work and Carol glumly said, 'It's irritating Lees but he'll probably just show up again, take some notes, and figure out how to get clear of it, like with the other devices.'

Two days ago I got the idea to put Mr. Skull, still attached to the freq box, on top of my Powerwand, which was turned on already. Carol said that this caused Dr. Lees to yell at us in protest and that before I did that he still hadn't figured out how to break free of Mr. Skull.

Last night, she said Lees was still yelling and squirming, so I'll just keep changing the batteries and see what develops. If he gets free of it, I'll let you know. I think it's a good idea to follow through when we get hunches like this and sometimes the solution for a difficult problem might involve something that has less panache and glamour than the larger, more expensive instruments.

I asked her to see if Hermes and Lees are of the same ET race and she said she was surprised when she was told that they are. I'm betting that Hermes can whip Lees' ***.

We're about to go to St. Germain's lair and apply a big, conical orgonite plug or two to the place on him where the sun never shines. Carol says he's from the same ET race as Lees and Hermes are.

Am I the first person to ever ridicule that old fart blossom? I'm told that some of the folks around the world who 'channel' his alleged information are getting hurt when they try to break free of him these days. Let's see what happens for them when we've jerked him around a bit next week with some tough love and taken his home away.


Post# 28554 05/03/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"...I asked Carol if this CIA team is affiliated with the I AM (Alice Bailey Theosophy--satanic) Center in the town of Mt. Shasta and she said they are. We went after their boss and Carol was surprised to see that it's Hilarion himself (aka St. Germain, Kuthumi, ad nauseum). I put Mr. Skull on him, since the entity who uses the device has pretty much kept Dr. Lees disabled, according to what Carol's seeing. We'll check on them again when we get to Mt. Shasta later today and make our strategy over dinner, based on the site information we received. I dearly hope some CIA folks are stupid enough to show up when we're in the Black Bear Diner.

Hilarion appeared as an unassuming little old man to Carol but she recognized his energy. He shows up as any number of personas, according to how he wants to affect the audience. I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up as a big, horny devil at those chump satanist rituals. I wasn't surprised to find out that he's just some link in the CIA foodchain.

I was warned that a couple and a companion would show up on this expedition, probably at the CIA killing ground, and to be very wary of strangers. Carol got that the psycho killer is the individual who attempted to abduct one of our close friends in that very spot not long ago. We'll be wearing our pistols in that cave. I'd hate to think that we wouldn't go out shooting if some of those CIA creeps got the drop on us. I know we'll be well looked after, no matter what happens.

The fun part for Carol and I will be to see how taking Shasta away from the satanists will affect the new age programming in all those millions of nice but witless people out there.

Our take about Hilarion is that he's a full-blooded, fairly autonomous ET, so he can't actually DO anything on our planet. He can show up and try to frighten or con people but he has to rely on the trudging humans in the occult daisy chain, mainly CIA and their Theosophical satanists, to get anything done in 3D, just like the Operators have to rely on us, the walking wounded and spiritually handicapped, to get the healing work done on earth..."

Post# 28860 05/17/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"...Meanwhile, Mr. Skull hadn't had much effect on St. Germain, nor did the Shiva, so I asked my doppelgangster to take a turn and that one is keeping the old bugger distracted enough that he isn't following our progress. Carol said he's constantly swatting at the black panther but that the old ET fart doesn't need to sleep and he never gets tired.

We had smacked the other predatory psychic (the boss woman in the local I AM CIA six-person assassination/abduction team) with the Shiva and Powerwand but it only made her mad, kind of like slapping a pitbull. Before we got near Shasta, we put the Mr. Skull/Powerwand combination on her and that took her out of action but didn't stop her yelling and screaming at us. Carol says she's a good part reptilian and big as a boat, also that she's a dagger beau who is extremely sexually frustrated. Who'd voluntarily have sex with a porcupine, after all? I think I just earned a penalty for using too many metaphors.

She is the link between St. Germain and the CIA I AM ('&and that's all I am!' ~Popeye) hitter team, so they were all effectively removed from the fray. We'll just keep Mr. Skull on her until she goes away. I bet an enraged cultist is more dangerous than a payrolled CIA psycho-killer, anyway..."

Post# 31948 06/06/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"...I can't imagine hating anyone, not even Chump St. Germain, whom we regularly inflate to the bursting point and beyond for the sake of millions of his intended and erstwhile victims, who now won't have to contend with that predator as long as Carol and I are paying attention. Anyone else can join in, of course. ET and human/ET hybrid genocidists like him and Dr. Lees are fair game under any circumstances..."

Post# 32907 06/16/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"...By the way, the cynical people at the tops of organizations like the I AM Fellowship and Elizabeth Clare Prophet's bunch of miscreants don't' really care that St. Germain looks like a hairless Yeti in his native form. Fortunately for the masses of duped new agers who were formerly directly connected with this predatory ET, though, they can't 'resonate' with something that's obviously heinous and his stranglehold on them has been broken now that he can no longer show up looking like an Aryan superman ;-) Not to say that he's not still a hell of a charmer among female hairless Yetis, of course. There's no accounting for personal taste, as they say.

By the time we got to the penultimate (next-to-last ;-) gifting location it was dark, the moon not having yet risen. I managed to get a HHg into a hot spring's sweet spot by hitting the bubbly part with a good throw. Carol and Melody, who remained in the car as I hobbled to the target and back, said I narrowly missed an encounter with a jackelope ;-)

The very last one turned out to be where the highway passed over the Continental Divide, then we were done and drove all the way (75 miles) to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where we managed to find a motel room at 1AM. I'd never felt so beat up from gifting, but I'd never been assaulted by thirteen experienced ritual satanists and a hairless Yeti before, either.

The next morning Carol and I felt right as rain and after a really good breakfast we made our leisurely way to Grand Teton and did the place, which is a major, major, major energy center for the continent..

We took a back route and it's probably good that we did, even though we didn't sense that the Homeland Security Abomination or EC Prophet's psychic bloodhounds were looking for us. St. Germain was busy with my Doppelganger and Carol's 'Cube' again, so we weren't concerned about him. He may not have to sleep and it may be impossible for any of us to cancel the old rat bastard out but he can be severely distracted for extended periods, at least. I wonder why he needs to be around. Maybe it's to graphically demonstrate our own vulnerability to us. I know these creepy entities hate it when people laugh at them. If you can make them mad, you essentially own them, though. Remember when these baby killers used to make us impotently furious? Furiously impotent? ;-)..."

Post# 33824 06/25/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"...The other side has no shielding against us when we use these devices, with a few exceptions. E.T.'s, such as Ct. St. Germain, and some hybrids, such as Dr. David Lees, can't be completely disabled with any of our tools but we seem to be able to at least strip them of their fake human persona and since their chump human devotees can't accept these monsters' true identity, they're effectively neutralized as charmers, therefore out of the game..."

Post# 42168 08/28/03 Blue8orgone (Don Croft)

"...Laozu Kelly was here yesterday afternoon and his visit prompted a visit by one of the dark masters' minions, which none of us could get rid of. Carol says he's half Chinese/half Europoid with a smattering of the ET ancestry that characterizes St. Germain and David Lees, so he's pretty durable.

We decided to not interfere with him, since he would be our open door for getting to the Illuminati dungbeetle plotters in Hong Kong during our session last night and, sure enough, he was. Thanks, S#!+b!rd!..."
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