Cbswork and Attaining Etheric Vision

Post# 6774 10/26/02 Cbswork

"For moi, its far easier to see energy in the day - as there is a great deal more of it, considering it comes from our Sun - than at night. To tune to DOR, just spend a few minutes about near a close power line and gaze at the wires. You'll see a brown haze like a sheath around the wires, and the transformers themselves actually drip the stuff like slow syrup down the poles. 60hz AC, is bery bery bad. Once the synapses behind the rods in your eyes adjust to the frequency of that waveform, you'll see it everywhere. You are then developing etheric acuity in your eyes. For most people, the simplest way to engage that portion of their eyes, is to use their peripheral vision, which FORCES the eye to use the rods, instead of cones. Once your eyes are "trained" to see it, you can then turn it on and off at will.

The benefits of this is that your eyes then see all etheric grade phenom. Good and bad. You'll start to notice entities and beings that exist in a mostly etheric state much more frequently.

A short cut - not recommended - is to take your SP, and from your temple, point it at the base of your eye socket for a few minutes. Then tends to "awaken" those mostly unused portion of your visible sight by gentle shock. Don't do it more than a few times. Most of us do not see with the eyes we have. There's tons to look at. And this is just etheric vision.

None of the above will work or create REAL clairvoyance. That's a horse of a different color."

Post# 34111 06/27/03 Cbswork

"Alrighty...been debating FOR A YEAR, wether or not to share this, and it appears this is the time.

1. Stop eating all meat, esp pork, for six months. Do it.
2. At sunrise, after a shower and mild meditation on a seed thought (form, quality, purpose, cause - the four aspects of all archetypes on the mental plane) to get spiritually centered. Or not, if you are of that vein anwayz.
3. No sex prior to this exercise for 8 hours. This is important, as anytime for that period after that, all your energies are focused 80% in the sacral center, 20% in the throat center. You don't want to do this exercise with your polarity in your sexual areas. Fail this aspect, and you are warned of possible demonic possession. And these buggers are tough-tough-tough to get rid of, once they attach to that center.
4. Sit, facing east, as the sun rises, legs crossed.
5. close your eyes.
6. Clearly see your higher Self, the Soul Star, as a radiating globe of brilliant gold energy, about 18 inches above your head. Where it is. The more you become your true self, the lower this globe descends, until it is YOU and You are ONe with YOURSELF. That takes a few thousand incarnations, but that's another day.
7. Visualize gold, violet, and turquoise energy coming down into your cranial cavity, hitting first the cerebral cortex, then branching to the iris's of both eyes, then to your hypthalmus gland. For ten seconds only. Never go beyond that, or you'll get cancer pretty damn quick.
8. Open your eyes. Do not focus.
9. Breath through your eyes, sound a perfect C note. Hold this tone for ten seconds, shift to a perfect fifth G note, ten more seconds, then a full octive to c again.
10. Relax for a few minutes, go about your day.


Failure to adhere to the above is at your own risk. I spent years in this, doing this twice a day as a kid, and was trained by a 3rd degree, GWB MOW."

Post# 34117 06/27/03 Cbswork

"No animal products. You risk cleaving your etheric web, getting migraine-type headaches and eventually, blindness and insanity."

Post# 34129 06/27/03 Cbswork

"Knowing when to listening to your heart, paying attention to your body, and by staying the course, as things go along.

Oh yeah, your eye color may change on you.

Mine did. I was born with brown eyes. By the time I was 21, they turned hazel - and you can tell which center I am focused in at the time, because they shift colors from green, to brown, to gold, to hazel, depending.

If you get a headache, stop. YOu are not purified yet. Stay the veggie route a little longer.

The last thing TPTB want is aware people who can SEE. Expect a ton of opposition."

Post# 34174 06/28/03 Cbswork

"Can't enter Freemasonry until the 21st birthday - the above has nothing to do with the Craft, nor was such a link indicated.

Don't have to be vegan, per se, but no animal products: eggs, milk, or body parts."

Post# 34280 06/29/03 Cbswork

"If there is any doubt in your heart, don't do it.

MOW, Master of Wisdom

I'm not advocating it, just putting it there. The warnings are in place. Proceed at your OWN risk."

Post# 34282 06/29/03 Cbswork

"Any time you over-stimulate an etheric nodal point(s) beyond the capacity of same point to absorb the energy, it splits and cleaves the node(s). Then, through this open hole, where the over-stimulation is still occurring, but from which the physical brain has no way to filter, distribute, or dissipate the energy safely through the etheric spleen, then the tissue related to said point(s) becomes cancerous.

Don't do this, if you're not there. Some are ready today; others, years from today."

Post# 34502 07/01/03 Cbswork

"Well, watching in consternation as others try to understand, that which is perfectly visible. This solves it. But, like any REAL attainment, YOU have to do the WORK, for yourself. Like learning music. No one can confer talent and skill, you have to put in the time.

The thing with going veggie is simple. You are invoking Soul energies (your real Self)and actively seeking cooperation with...YOU. Animal products carry their own, inherent magnetism. The very nature of animal blood, is frequencies much lower than humans possess. This blood and its magnetism, is absorbed by the body. It changes your freq.

If you are trying to raise your freq to YOUR next level, you need to cast off those links, which keep your energies focused in the lower centers. Sex, hamburgers, all that, do that - keep things below the heart center.

There are actually, many more aspects to that, but this forum isn't metaphysics 101, so there's no point.

Once you've done the exercises, you can go back to your old diets. You'll still have the new "gift." But I promise you, once you free yourselves of some things and can see, many of these old food habits will stay fallen by the wayside, and you'll be glad they did.

The key is the headaches. If they appear, Stop at Once. This is your body's failsafe telling you, "you're not ready yet.""

Post# 34506 07/01/03 Cbswork

"Excellent, Ray!


Does anyone here truly understand what blood is, beyond carrying nutrients and oxygen to the various systems in the body?

Its about the etheric magnetism in the blood of the animal product.

If you could see the aura around a McDonald's, you'd throw up."

Post# 34509 07/01/03 Cbswork

"Blood carries the etheric life-force from the Sun, from the etheric spleen, and carries it to every teeny-tiny part of the body.

The etheric spleen, which sits above and slightly behind your shoulders and neck, has links to every center in your body."

Post# 34510 07/01/03 Cbswork

"I guess this is safe to put out as well.

Do any of you, feel a shiver of energy, when you go out into the sun?

That's the spleen opening up for a much needed drink of prana.

After a while, you get tired. Need a nap. This is the body - or more specifically, the blood - as it energizes the various systems in the body: pnuematic, skeletal, etc. As these organs charge up, there is a slight drowsy feeling that comes over you. You body is absorbing the energy and trasnmuting it into workable materials: vitamin D, K, etc. So that the body can process these energies, dopamine is released in the brain to slow the system down for repair and recharge. Once the dopamine wears off, you are recharged. (then of course, they turn on the towers and you're drained again, but hey...)

That's why many people get sleepy at the beach, and crash out.

They get their batteries charged, and are ready for another week in hell."

Post# 34511 07/01/03 Cbswork

"When you SP or PW a person, place, or thing - animal or mineral, same thing happens. Your etheric spleen takes in the energy (you can feel a rush DOWN your spine) - it hits the solar plexus and branches downward stil. few other things happen, then you get goose bumps.

These goose-bumps are indicative of this energy now being radiated throughout your bodies.

When pw'ing, it then gets directed from two centers in your head, your heart center, one from the solar plexus, and one from the carotid and pineal glands, magnetically, and through the right hand chakra.

Then out to the target.

Every time.

(yeah, i know, he's being chatty again.)"

Post# 34520 07/01/03 Cbswork

"The Pineal gland will start functioning all on its own, when the first 4 petals of the heart center and functioning at peak perfection, as well as those centers associated with it, and there are many of them. Kundilini plays a part in this, and in every case.

People who, by the use of will, force the "Serpent of Fire" before the various centers and systems are ready, generally go insane within ten years.

You see them all the time. Talking to entities on astral plane, as they push their carts down the street. Taking too much acid will do the same thing, put a rend in the etheric web (there are four veils around the brain), where astral types can come in and make you do all kinds of things, that later - when they are healed - seem like it was someone else at the helm. Just ask the Manson girls, who, after having thirty years away from LSD and have had their veils repaired, are now nice little "pepper pots" with sweet dispositions.

When working with centers, tones, visualizations, you need a higher clairvoyant to study, watch, and grade your progress. Generally, you also need a life away from the sewage that covers our cities."

Post# 34521 07/01/03 Cbswork

"Directing energy at various glands in your endocrine system is dangerous. If you don't understand the mechanics - much like if you don't understand how a V8 works and all its parts - then messing with that engine may result in permanent engine failure.

F O R E V E R. . ."

Post# 34524 07/01/03 Cbswork

"Goose bumps occur whenever there is an influx or a contraction of etheric energy throughout the skin, via the major and minor centers. Physical plane circumstance can create this same condition, via extreme cold air (contraction) or via chemicals overstimulating various centers, like niacin."

Post# 54969 01/14/04 Cbswork

"To be sure, the first awakenings to the etheric, which is what you are describing, are really inspiring. Because, it reveals growth, the times we live in, and you take it with you. Whatever sight you gain in this life, you get in the next, and build upon that. Same with any talent we develop; music, art, writing, teaching, learning, et al.

When these moments happen, use them to train your eyes. pay attention to how you are focusing, your state of mind, heart-rate, respiration, and spirit of well-being. Mostly, higher vibrations in your eyes - or anywhere - occur because, you are higher, inside.

That ever be the key.

Developing this via an accellerated way, as given last summer, is all well and good. MaryK is taking that path, as are a few others. Be watchful at what you fall into. This is when the REAL traps start to cross your path, the inner, unseen ones. So few realize what things clairvoyants have to deal with - again, the inner struggle, the battle of Kurukshetra - that dictates the nature of these traps, false paths, vanity, pride, ego...

These are the real vipers, the ones that can drag you down into a mire of hopeless misery and suffering, and for eons. If you find yourself increasing in irritation, frustration, lack of joy, or ego, then these energies - while stimulating the rods, cones, sinal passages, pituitary, and other areas, are also stimulating the engrams, cleavages, tears, clinkers, and character points that are, well, ugly. Selfishness, greed, sloth, over-eating, over-sex are all examples of this.

When we become aware of these higher issues, we have to be doubly watchful of the inner self and what it is going through. The body is a mechanism, nothing more. It's a car to drive while on the highway Earth. The inner person, the soul, is the real and the lasting.

Be watchful, and seek balance. Being around orgone means being stimulated with high frequencies that do all of the above. How we as souls handle that energy determines what kind of soul or person, we end up being.

At spiritual gatherings of advanced souls, there is much stimulation, clearing, and the like. Being exposed to these, tends to thresh out our problems in a faster, more condensed way, as living souls. Think of it this way. If you drive your car around the block or just to the store, it can have a laundry list of mechanical problems that don't really impact. Take the car on the freeway and do 80mph, and these problems come to the surface like right now.

This is that Right Now time. For us all. Each of us, on our own levels.

Whatever that is."
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