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Post# 2903 09/12/03 Cbswork

"You did ask about range?

Okay, here goes. Range is dependent upon what you are measuring it against. These hhgs function on many levels, and at each level, the hhg has a "range" limitation.

At the outset, these are my own perceptions, coupled with perceptions made by others around me in the months i've worked with them. This is also what is known as a first-hand, first-person report, based purely on visible, objective data that can be duplicated, becuase I have duplicated most of what is to follow many times over.

Plants and Gardens: The range for fauna seems about

There are exceptions to the above. If I put an hhg in a setting where it is isolated from other plants, the range is as given. If it is connected via a root system or some other way, the range is - from one place i did this - 500 feet. The whole damn length of the road went deep green and lovely, from brown and dead. I've put the same type hhg in separated ivy sections and only the section with the hhg prospered. Over and over.

Water: HHGs seem to affect water the farthest. Not only did I get stalagmites in my ice trays, so did my neighbors.

If the HHG is affixed to the ground, it appears to also extend the range a verifiable extra 30 to 50% depending. And no one so far knows for sure why these variables act upon hhgs the way do, but they do.

If you are talking about clearing the "atmosphere" of a room, they definately do, regardless of room size. Put four or more in your house and the houses of your friends, and the turnaround is miraculous. I've been to places where a single hhg has cleared things for blocks. I've put so many hhgs in some places and nothing seems to help. That's how bad some areas of the planet are.

The real magic begins at six and then to nine, and onward. Over and over again, wherever we add hhgs to a situation, that gets to about six in number, they seem to create their own little energy field between themselves. This is by far, the most significant aspect, to me, regarding this technology. This energy field can be as small as 30 by 50 feet, or by a mile. They link up.

Put one in a car, it takes over the car. Then again, put one at each end of a public park and the whole park lights up. No one knows why these variables exist or what controls the variable nor the fundamental aspects of frequency relationships as demonstrable between humans, minerals, and the plant and animal kingdoms.

Add an hhg to a cloudbuster and its range will extend. Add several hhgs around your CB base in a Star of David pattern and it seems to double the range of the CB.

At the same time, the hhg we put over our water cooler, didn't clear the water in the water heater. That needed its own hhg to remedy the nasty water. Yet they are merely feet apart.

See, we are all just this moment, the first pioneers of this. We are all experimenting, noting effects in our environment, and making studies. We are in Orgone Infancy 101 and the teachers and the students are one and the same people."

Post# 3918 09/24/03 Cbswork

"CAT pretty much said it all. Here is what I "know." This taken from my own experiences with hhgs and every other ogone type creation from this board.

They suck in bad DOR and make good OR. HHGs thrive on sucky environments. The energy field that immediately commences the moment an hhg enters the locale of a sucky place, person, or thing, "lights" up. Many times i've put a hug someplace, looked up, and saw a spinning vortex in the clouds above it. Think about that sentence for a moment. Couple'a crystals, some unwanted scrap metal, and some stanky boat resin and voila! Instant Physics paradigm shift. People all of a sudden are thinking about self improvement, home improvement, life improvement. That stagnation feeling that sits in so many places we live and move and have our being, vanishes.

It then takes over whatever it feeds on. It motivates change in the place, person, or thing. Gardens bloom, children laugh, birds sing. The air around them is alive with ions and magnetic energy.

Then the weird **** happens. And it's all good, I'm here to tell you. Your ice decides it wants to be Dali. Plants double in size in six months. Ugly, snitty people start acting nice. That alone was worth the hassle of that most obnoxious resin odor.

I could go on for hours, and will i guess, as things happen. I've have never witnessed anything so simple, so wonderful, and so freeing without any pseudo mumbo-jumbo attached, as the GENERATORS are.

F*cking awesome, to about 200 of my closest friends. And all those surfers buds. Going to the beach again, because, "hey man, the weather today is killer and the water is sweet. Come out for some runs?" These guys haven't talked about the beach like that in ages. And these surfers, who so many laugh at, are more free than most anyone i've ever known. They can feel the breathing of the ocean. Not too many can do that. And they can feel the energy of these HHGs. I think it's ******* awesome too, in parlance."

Post# 3919 09/24/03 Cbswork

"Oh yeah, as an after thought.

I've put small hhgs in very ugly places. They change was instant, energy wise. It worked like a small nuke reactor, throwing out an enourmous amount of energy. You could see from a hillside, the clearing of the air within an inverted vortex over that part of the city where it went. Two weeks later and the aura of clean air and nice vibes, from the same hillside vantage point, was twice the original size and now turning like a wheel, clockwise."

Post# 49076 11/11/03 Cbswork

"Here's what's up on the LAARP front with materials. What we are using and all that.

PARAMAGNETIC EARTH: Yardworm sent me a bag of this stuff. Most excellent. Like with Gale's charcoal thing, a little goes a long way and I make most of my TBs with this stuff.

COPPER, ALUM, TITANIUM: Still, copper is the hands-down energy winner so far. Alum and Titanium are brighter and for first ray bodies, somewhat abrasive. That being said, I only make copper gifts for friends who will keep them in the home (cuz i can never hardly get my hands on this stuff.) In the main, tho, alum is the main thing we use in our gifts.

Al and Mary sent me some really fine alum shavings, which I found got me closer to the 50/50 mix, increasing the range of my creations. The thing is, cuz its so fine and resin doesn't flow well through fine shavings, is you have to mix it in the bucket with the resin, charged water, some paramagnetic or charcoal, and then mix and pour. I use a slight smattering of shavings on the bottom of the molds to hold the xtals in place. This stuff is wonderful.

After Shiva and many of my original creations were stolen last summer from my home while out gifting, i wish i could report on some very nice things from the hootens. My research papers on their stuff was erased from my HD that day, as well. Sucks."
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