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Post# 19007 02/07/03 6ddude (Marc Melton)

"I have thought a lot about a recent post by Harry Chambers, regarding the shift in energy, here on the forum, and I would like to share some thoughts with this in mind.

Read this as a non-denominational offering of my heart. If you have read any of my posts, you know that I am not prone to flowery love and light entreaties or hand-wringing platitudes.

I have been on the front lines my whole life.
I have seen the blood of others drain from their lifeless bodies.
I've seen MY life's blood splattered about the walls of my home and smelt the sickly sweet, chared remains of my own flesh.

And still I find humor amidst the maddness. As do many of you.

It is just a game. A serious one, at times, though still a game.

2003 promises to be a wonderful year, in the sense that there will be a great reckoning. It is about full disclosure, coming clean, and choices. It is a very pivotal year, in that the balance of power will decisively shift from the legion of darkness to the forces of purity and light.

There is only one avenue, as I perceive the energy of this situation that the armies of evil can prevail, and that is through fear. It is only through fear that we can allow ourselves to be intimidated, subjugated by shadows and facades into relinquishing our birthright of personal power and diminishing our Supreme connection to All That Is.


False Evidence Appearing Real.

The opposition wishes you to fear their technology, their weapons, their incantations and spells, their overt displays of false bravado, their jack-booted servants, their fourth dimensional off-world assistance.


Because they have no power of their own. They do not have the juice to make it happen.

If they did, they would not need to subvert the energies of the innocents possessing purity of heart. They cannot access the Kingdom of Heaven within, because their portal has disappeared, because their hearts have closed, and they are doomed to live within the confines of the lower chakras. They can only wield the appearance of power by proxy.

However, let us not confuse the Maya of conjurer's tricks and simple games with true power. Accessing the realms of the lower astral planes does not require wisdom or maturity, just a little practice.

And so with mind manipulation and electronic coercion, we decelerate in to the very vibratory malaise that binds us to the playing field of our adversary. They can only win their game if we choose to play it.

It's a technological melee fraught with surveillance, secrecy, cloaks and daggers. It is a game of constantly looking over your shoulder. It is a game of lower density and the gross manipulation of matter. It is rational and logical. It is linear and deceptive.

It is based on illusion.

Tell me what a fifth dimensional being has to fear from fourth dimensional off-worlders?

What does a fourth dimensional being have to fear from third dimensional Satanists or technology?

It is true that a third dimensional gun can kill the physical vehicle of a 5D being stone cold dead.

But it takes a 3D mind to pull the trigger, and 3D minds cannot hold a candle to the hurricane of a being fully in their 5D power!

All of you reading this have Angelic Council that are here to assist you in this lifetime, and this is something that the grays and many others cannot perceive, because they lack the wisdom. This council and the consciousness that you bring into this life are the wild cards. Many of you are simply not operating by the same rules and laws that bound you in previous incarnations. The veil is lifting and Orgonite is assisting with this process.

Can you feel this happening?

It is why you paid the price of admission.

Ah hah, you might say? This explains the frantic attempts to pervert the energies of our Earth Mother, of its population, of the Schumann Resonance. Yes, we are leaving 3D and 4D behind, and the Regime is upset that it cannot join the party. So, let us just keep the minions at a lower frequency, so we can all play in the same sand box.

Are you tired of the school bully extorting your lunch money day after day?

Are you weary of the secrecy, the covert manipulation, and the lies?

I am.

I am stepping out of the sand box and moving to a new play-ground where the Regime cannot bring their weapons or spells; a place that exists beyond their reach; a place they are powerless to control;

A place they are powerless.

And so I offer this challenge to the Armies of Darkness, to the feeble, robed incompetents of the GWB, and their child-killing dogs of war:

Stop me if you can.
I defy you to kill this body.
Send your best assassins.

Despite your billions in worthless fiat currency, you cannot buy what I have.
You cannot claim purchase to the scintillating treasure that lies within me:

The power of the Creator. My connection to the God of my Heart. My Faith.

There are those here now, aligned with the Army of Angels. With open hearts and the power of the God within they shall lay waste to all that is evil, all that is unjust, all that is impure.
They are untouchable and protected by energies at the highest levels.
They are in union with the Chariot Beings, the Guardians of the Holy Throne and the carriers of the Seal of David.
They are the Spiritual Special Forces.

To the Opposition:
If what I say is untrue, then prove me wrong.
It should be a relatively simple matter, given your staggering resources to suicide me, or put me in a permanent Thorazine coma in a high-security mental ward.

Tap my phones, for I care not.
Surveil my home and car, and see where that gets you.

How is it that those of us can go into the heart of black despair, to police states, to underground bases and third-world banana republics and emerge unscathed?

How is it we can survive your incantations, and poisons, your hit squads and implants?

It is because we have chosen Love, and there is no greater power known in the Universe.

This is what you fear.
This is what plagues you with anxiety and causes you to pathetically scramble for darker and more desperate measures.
This is what causes your twisted, rotten hearts to contract with mortal terror.

As more of us reclaim our power and increase our vibration, whom will you control, save those enmeshed in fear and denial.

Throughout the ages, we have engaged one another in this most ancient of battles. And throughout the eons the forces of purity and light have learned their lessons well. We have grown in consciousness, and evolved. And despite your best efforts to chain us further to your electronically induced fugue of spiritual amnesia, we awaken.

More and more are seeing with new eyes each day.

You cannot defeat Love.

You can only blend with it, embrace it, become it.

And this requires TRUE courage.
The only daemons that I fear are those that linger within my own soul, and each day the liberating light of truth enflames another upon the pyre of self-purification.

Can you, Dark ones, peer with equal honesty into the Faustian leagues of your soul,s tormented depths?

It is with a smile and happy heart that I CHOOSE to be here, in this moment now.

As I said, it is all about choices.

Fear or Love?

There is no middle ground anymore.


Make of this what you will. I came across it today:

December 31, 2002
9:19 p.m. MST
I am Michael, known to some as Archangel and to others as Saint or Lord. I am, however, Defender of Truth and of the Throne of God. I serve Holy God of Light, as warrior in His Heavenly Army, and do battle with all Forces, Energies, and/or Entities of Darkness. I also stand readyalong with many, many others from the Lighted Realms whose energies likewise blend in this messageto assist and serve mankind in your battle against the Forces of Darkness.
As we draw to a close yet another year on the calendar, we do so with hearts full of praise, gratefulness, and many questions yet unanswered. But above all, may we leave this present yearwith all its ills, troubles, and fearsfar behind us.
Let us therefore enter a time of New Beginnings in our spirits and minds and bodies. May we find our place of peace, joy, and everlasting faith and hope as we step across the threshold of the new year.
It is a sacred time; a time of reflection upon the past, a time to use that which we have learned, as wisdom, to enter the New Age, upon whose doorstep we now stand. We each must choose what we shall take with us from this present life, across the doorstep, into that which is but hours away.
The year 2003 promises to be a year of oppositionsthe great spiritual battle between the Forces of Light and Forces of Darkness. Every man, woman, and child who has reached the age of reason will be required,not asked, but required to speak their allegiance to one force or the other. Those who have been sitting upon the fence will be knocked off, as they are required to make their choice.
When faced with adversity, you must remember that it comes not from Light or God, but from the Darknessthose who are adversarial to God and wage warfare against Him by using mankind as pawns.
But, we who have faith and undying belief and patronage to God have been given dominion and extreme authority over any and all such Dark, Adversarial Forces. These Dark Forces (or Energies) have extremely low vibrational frequencies, and deal only in destruction, illness, death, fear, and anxiety.
See that you are not tempted by these Forces of Evil, by keeping yourselves faithful servants and vessels of the Most High Holy God of Pure Radiant White Light.
Be not troubled by the news of world events. Rather, spend your time in meditation, prayer, and service unto God. Be not tempted by the world, for it is in the world that these Dark Forces operate. See yourselves, rather, as citizens of God's Heavenly Kingdom, and live your lives accordingly.
Be not tempted by money, nor by that which money can buy. Instead, know that, with God, all needs and desires are already fulfilled, and it is up to each of usthrough our devotion, our faith, and our daily actions and wordsto bring these things into the physical world.
Remember to be grateful for all blessings, whether large or small, and give thanks to God daily for all these.
With constant prayer, faith, and ultimate love for God and all His Creation, you shall have no need to resist the attacks of Evil, for you will stand as a Beacon of Light too great for the Forces of Darkness to even approach.
Call upon God and His Holy Angelsthe Heavenly Hostto assist you and guide you in all that you do. There is no Force of Darkness which shall not be defeated by God's Holy Army.
Fill your lives with love and gratitude, and Wisdom will make itself manifest.
Know that all needs (not wants) are already met. They already exist in the Heavenly Realm, and are awaiting your heartfelt request to be made manifest in your physical realm.
Nothing is impossible if you believe within your heart, your mind, and your spirit that God's love and grace are more than sufficient.
Now go forth in the new year with joy, with love, with the knowledge that God waits upon your call and your request. He waits upon your love, your devotion, and your prayers of gratitude to bless you in every way possible.
Leave behind all fear, all doubt, and all anger, all confusion, all hatred, all greed, and all lusts of the flesh. Step across the threshold into the new age,the new world,into the Kingdom of God, which already exists and awaits you.
~The Spectrum News."

Post# 19092 02/09/03 6ddude (Marc Melton)

"Thank you friends for your kind observations. That was beautiful prose, Itchy

I liken what we are doing to a brigade of "LIGHT" infantry assigned to planet Earth with the task of physically laying the groundwork necessary to asist Humanity with the awkening process.,
Our gifting is releasing the energetic stagnation in this world, raising the vibration of the people and giving whole communities a little much-needed breathing room.

It is about accelerated growth, spinning off the emotional and spiritual dross and detritus, enlightening our souls and quieting our minds.

It is about pushing through, while surrendering to the process.

It is about giving without condition or expectation, both to ourselves and to those around us.

And Like buoyant, brightly colored balloons, we rise up from our accepted bondage to heights of service, hitherto unrealized.

Remember who you really are.
Remember your Divine Connection.

Breath in the power, the Love; let it infuse every fiber, every atom of your Being.

What is there to fear in comparrison to your radiance?

Allow each cell in your body to tingle and glow with this inexhaustible energy.


Our deepest fear:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us...It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone [emphasis added]. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

From: A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles"

Post# 19109 02/09/03 6ddude (Marc Melton)

"Great to hear from you, Dominic.

I believe that we are striking a nice balance, here, between "passionate indignation" and complete acceptance, with a sprinkling of acerbic wit thrown in for good measure.

For me, the bottom line is this:

In spite of all that is ill and horribly depressing in this world, I am here.

I could have picked any time on the continuum, but I chose this moment, as did all of you. We easily could have chosen to incarnate during or after the victory celebration, but where is the glory in that?

Isn't this the Great Show that is immortalized in songs and praises throughout ages?

Are we not the small, dedicated band of warriors, artists and poets that rallied against the superior, yet spiritually depraved adversary?

Is this not the final hour, that pivotal time when the forces of freedom, answered the heavenly trumpet's call to arms?

I have waited an eternity for this day, and though much darkness lies ahead, black winter's solstice swiftly recedes into forever yesterday, its icy grip of subjugation now melting under summer's amber glow.

Indeed, Now IS the hour of our time.


Post# 19148 02/09/03 6ddude (Marc Melton)

"Life is short so make it wide-

I love it, Gale! That's a keeper, fer sure.

Purpose, yes: For we are the messengers, the bringers of gifts and the harbingers of hope. There is no finer, nor nobler purpose.

My friends, as I read and re-read your replies and offerings, I am filled with such awe and admiration of you all.

Never in all of my days have I been in the presence of so many Masters!

And I think to myself, 'this, this is the moment for which I have so desperately longed. This is the turning point. That eternal second where the scales of Justice tipped in favor of Freedom, of Love. This is where in one brilliant, blinding moment, miracles became mundane, and we remembered; we awoke to the majesty and power within.

And life then became a wonderous canvas of infinite inner landscapes.

And so it is, that the Dreamers of the dream changed the world"