Montecito Trinity 07-28-03

Post# 38266 07/28/03 Dor2Or (Jon H.)

As I was driving to work today I remembered that I had wanted to stop in Montecito on the way back from my recent L.A. gifting trip. Montecito is the little upscale town right next door to Santa Barbara and is where Jeff Rense lives, according to Cbswork. From what I've heard many famous people live there.

Well, I had a single Trinity device that's been waiting since Saturday to find a home. As of this evening, it now lives among the people of Montecito. Along with a WaterWand attached to their water supply system.

The chem spray was particularly heavy over the coast out here today. Its been trying hard to rain for months and that stuff isn't helping. The sky was almost completely chem-white when I began and afterward there was a lot more blue showing. No rain yet, but we're now a step closer.

Cbs reported having amazing success with his Trinity deployments tonight and that is GREAT news! All of this orgonite is adding up. It feels like we're at that moment just before an avalanche occurs, you know, when the mountain just begins to slide. Except in a good way.