Cbswork and the Radionics Unit


Post# 39347 08/05/03 Cbswork

"...See, no request has been turned down, either in email or just a post on the board. Many times, the source of one's trouble comes from their own actions and is karmic. But, if the source is outside and is a direct attack upon them, be sure this boy acts decisively - evem if the person uses me as a whipping post, I help when possible.

And, many times a week, the whole gang gets sent LOVE, via the thing and the radionics, which I have them both now working together, full-time..."

Post# 45685 10/03/03 Cbswork

"I routinely blast the group, twice a week - some individuals more, cuz they need it - with the device. Can't even count all the etheric links severed with this thing - its wonderful.

The simple truth is, its total war.

They want our blood and our souls and they want it right now. So far, they haven't got any of that yet, from anyone.


Don't let that guy sell the seed of doubt that PW'g your attackers is witchcraft. Just the same tactics as from last year. Sigh..."