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Post# 46024 10/09/03 Sobell (Deanna)

"Hi Boston,

Around 10 yrs ago or so I took a seminar called "Touch for Health". It teaches about using kineseology for determining health problems, where meridian blockages are, what type of herbs or medicines are healing or corrective for the person being tested. This was a basic, introductory seminar that I took because I am interested in alternative health care. The seminar primarily discussed how to test other people, but the guy who did the seminar also showed us how to test ourselves. He took a volunteer from the audience and asked her if she had ever eaten a certain type of burger. She said she had. So he took her arm and started asking her about all the ingredients in the burger. "is the meat patty in a ------- good for you? hold." etc through all the ingredients in that type burger. The only thing her arm remained strong on was the lettuce. This proved that your body remembers the chi signature of everything that has ever gone into it. It also can tell you if the chi signature of a food you haven't eaten is good for you or not.

The word "hold" is a trigger term for the person being tested to tighten the muscles in their arm. So you explain that in advance. "When I say the word hold, tighten the muscles in your arm and try to hold it level. But don't fight me, we are not in a fight so don't try to overpower me just tighten the muscles with the intent of maintaining position." You stand in front of them, facing them and with the first two fingers of your hand in front of or gently touching their wrist. They put out an arm (either straight in front of them or to-the-side, we used the to-the-side version) and you ask them a question like "is your name John Doe? Hold." At the moment they tighten their arm, you gently lean into the two fingers slightly pulling down on their wrist. Again, it's not a fight or weight lifting contest, no matter how strong you or they are, don't try to use your muscles to overpower each other. Just lean your body weight gently into the two outstretched fingers and slightly pull down. If you ask "yes" or positive questions, the response will be that you are unable to move their arm, or it may move slightly and then hold position. A completely negative response will be that their arm will drop like a wilted flower. We were taught this is an unbeatable lie detector.

To test oneself, one can use the index and middle fingers. Rest the middle finger on the back of the index finger. Ask a yes-or-no question and say hold. Then tighten the muscles in the index finger and push on it with the stronger middle finger. If the index finger gives way, the answer is negative. If the index finger remains strong, the answer is positive.

Of course asking negative questions like "is this not good for me? hold" would result in opposite reactions.

Once, after learning of muscle testing and how accurate it is, I saw a MD on tv explaining there was no way possible for someone to tell things by using muscle testing. Knowing how accurate it is, I knew he was lying or had no personal knowledge of kineseology. I knew this from my own personal experience in that seminar, and from the fact that my chrio is an Applied Kineseologist. He uses it to determine what is wrong with you so he knows what to adjust. If my foot is hurting and I mention that to him, he will check out my body using AK and other methods he has devised to determine that my shoulder is out because of carrying a heavy purse. He adjusts my shoulders and neck and my foot stops hurting. That type thing.

So you see, muscle testing has myriad uses.

I have been wondering for a long time how to tell what type of energy each tower puts out, and whether or not I am hearing or reading the truth. A series of events in the last month or so led me back to using muscle-testing to do just that. Some interesting results. And, it has had an interesting effect on my prayer life in the last couple days. As I mentioned before, cbs are pretty prolific in the area of mine, so as I was riding at lunch one day, looking at some cts, I decided to ask were they real or not. The answer was negative. (that's not to say they may not be being used to guage wind velocity, haarp effectiveness, etc). Since then, when folks here write they are seeing them I look at their writing and ask if the cts they are seeing are real or not. Some have been, some have not. At the weekend, I was riding around and just using my fingers, I checked every thing I saw "are there mc freqs coming from that tower/sign/building? hold" if I got a positive response, I'd say "haarp? hold, gwen? hold. microwave? hold cell? hold" pausing to relax in between. The answers completely blew me away. Giant billboards, gas station signs, fast-food joint signs and buildings, wallyworld. The enormity of what I started seeing was overwhelming. It was interesting that the one tower that I had last year imagined pulling up by the roots all the way to the control center was only putting out cell signals. The only other ones that I tested that did that was the ones at phone centers. So, Tuesday morning, I prayed over them. All of them. All over the globe. I have prayed over many other things in the spirit/physical realm since then as well...things I learned about at this site...and I imagine those Hooten Mini-me's have been quite busy converting negative to positive, ;). Now as I ride around, nothing tests positive for harmful freqs at all. Nothing. The only freqs I get positive test for are cell, data, radio and tv. When I ask about all the others, I get a negative answer.

I've also found that I can hear someone's voice on tv or radio, or even just think about a persons hame and ask things like "is he/she lying? hold" "has that person ever been raped? hold" "is that person a mc vic? hold" and get an answer. I can say "is Stuart under attack? hold" and get an answer. I believe in being explicit in my prayers and finding a way to determine how to pray more accurately helps me be more effective in this effort. My prayers are multiplied and much more effective because there are others standing with me. For them, I am immensely grateful. And, when the forums were down day before yesterday, and yesterday morning, I tested and found that it was something that cbswork had written that was the cause for the hacking. After Stuart got the forums back up, I checked through the recent posts and found a positive response on the one cbs had written about the layers and multiplicity in mc in moonreaderman's thread.

Sorry for getting carried away. Let me take a minute to say that I thank our Creator for each and every one of you. This place and the people here mean much to me.

Bless you all,

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