Sobell and Faith


Post# 44132 09/15/03 Sobell (Deanna)


I hear you and understand your thoughts and concerns. I wish I knew whether or not you will even take the time to read this response.

Let me start with the end of your post about controlling your own programming.
It is my personal belief that we can control that, completely. I agree with you about letting God be your personal guide. However, remember this: "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God". This is God's way of telling us that we build our faith in whatever we believe by the words we speak. There are other scriptures as well about "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" and "If you abide in Me and My Word abides in you ask whatever you will and it will be done for you by My Father who is in Heaven." and there are many more. All these require some action by the human that believes on Christ. Likewise with the scriptures regarding cursing and blessing. "If you obey the commandments I give you this day, you will have these blessings... if you do not obey my commandments you will live under the curse". Letting God be your guide is an pro-active choice that you made when you chose to believe in him. Where salvation may be a one-time choice, growing your faith is not. It is moment-by-moment. So, if you want to build your faith you have to meditate on the Word about faith; and not just inside yourself, you have to "hear" it for it to work at optimum. The power of the spoken word can not be underestimated.
Every day I pray something similar to this:

"Father, thank you that in Christ I have the right to come humbly, but boldly before your throne. Thank you that in Christ I am entitled to the Blessing and not the Curse. Thank you that I am above and not below. Thank you that I am the healed and not the sick. Thank you that I am blessed in the city and blessed in the field; blessed going in and blessed coming out; and blessed abundantly more than I can ask or think. Thank you Lord that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. Thank you that I have authority over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth and thank you that no being etheric or physical has any authority over me. In Jesus name, AMEN."

This is "praying the scriptures" and yes, it is also programming myself, my thoughts, my beliefs.

When someone here mentions a need, I pray something like this:

"Father, thank you that because I am your Child in Christ I can come humbly but boldly before your throne. By faith, I take authority over . I break, bind and gag all spirits, entities and beings, physical and etheric that are influencing this situation and command them to turn to good or depart the universe, in Jesus Name."

Now, I was praying this way before I realized the nefariousness of the Wernickes Commands that were hiding in my brain. I knew, at some level they were there and what they were for, but the impact that they had on other areas of my life was dramatic and negative. My temper would explode instantaneously for little to no reason. So, even though I was programming the majority of myself one way, something I didn't even realize was a problem was eating away at my life. Once spforp mentioned the music and wernickes connection, I realized that I needed to handle that in someway. But how? I decided to go get them in my sleep because of instinct I suppose. And when I found them, I used my faith to bind the blocks and break their power; along with any beings associated with them, etc. When the commands were exposed, I sensed a jumble of words in the center of my brain. Again, I bound them and broke their power (with words) but this time, instead of commanding them to leave the universe, I imagined a holy flame (pale golden with a pink hue) burning them out of my mind. For the next 24-48 hrs, I felt like I had a whole like an apple core in my head.

Another example would be the evil corrugated cans of evil protection around certain prominent "people" on this earth that was written about in the Reptoid threads. When I saw there was some evil protection, I knew that as a Christian, I have authority over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So, in bed that night, I simply said "By faith in Christ, I take authority over all the evil surrounding and protecting any person on this earth. I further take authority over all entities, spirits and people behind the protective evil, rank-and-file. I break their power. I bind and gag them from protecting people and from causing harm to any other human. I command them all to convert to good or depart the universe, in Jesus name.

Shortly thereafter, I sensed a tentacle of darkness poking its way through the fabric of time and space and hunting for me. It came into my bedroom and wiggled and squirmed down towards me. It started probing near me at my solar plexus. There was a bubble of protection around me that is there by my faith and by the prayers and orgonite creations of myself and a friend in this forum. When the finger of darkness entered that bubble, it dissipated. It seemed to reach in far enough to maybe even reach my spine. I could sense the darkness and its shape and I could sense the change as it entered the bubble around me. It just disappeared. The entity realized there was a problem so it pulled back and went away. Only to have me take authority over it and command it to depart the universe.

It was only mentioned once in a small post that the protection was gone. Probably the person who wrote it doesn't even realize how the evil was dispensed with. My personal sense is that every time I pray such a thing there is less and less evil around to deal with. My environment feels much lighter and freer, and I hope everyone here has the same sensation.

I guess I said all that to say this: I don't have all the fancy tools people here do, but I do have my faith. And I figure if that is enough to get me through swimming with aligators, having my neck garroted and slit (both to the spine), and being shot several times, it is good enough for this work. How you pray and the words you use are programming your mind and heart. If you think you have wernickes commands (or programmed alters or information) hiding in your mind, you have complete control over getting them out. Especially if you are born again. If you are not, use these tools to deal with them. I have no doubt they work, I just can't afford any. After reading cbsworks excellent essay on Colors, Chakras and Dowsing, I am not sure that I know enough about or that I am mature enough about chakras to handle any of these tools for healing work; but I know I can use my spoken word and restored authority.

That said, I can add this. A few weeks ago, I realized that someone was either being misused or was misusing others in this forum. Naphtali wrote me that she knew of a situation in which if someone wanted to put a curse on someone else they would draw a box and put that persons name in it, and that was happeneing here or so I believe. So, I prayed over that situation. I bound and gagged the person causing the problems from ever harming any on in this group again by themselves or by using others. Immediately I got the psychic impression of a man with dark hair and glasses being bound and gagged, as if with duct tape. For about the next 48 hrs, any time I thought of that man, I could see him in my mind's eye as plain as day, sitting there bound and gagged. At approximately the 48 hr mark, I "went there " in my mind. The man was deceased. I was a little confused and mortified as what I had done was a spiritual thing and not at all physical. From that point on, for the next 48 hrs or so, every time I "went there", he looked worse. If I had any doubts before about these tools, which I don't think I did, they would have evaporated then. See someone turn to ashes like in Raiders of the Lost Ark and you'll have the same feelings, I'm sure. I don't know who did it or what they did, but this person is no longer a threat to any one here, that i know for certain.

Your main concern seems to be can these tools be used against us. Since no weapon formed against me shall prosper, I have no fear of that. I think we have to submit ourselves, in some way to allowing that to happen. And even expressing the concern could be considered such. But further, Don said many times that he and Carol tested these tools until they were satisfied they could not be used to harm before they released them to the public. There are also other energies that can be added to stop energy from being hijacked and to protect from negativity. Like rose quartz. I hope that after the white paper that cbswork is compiling is published a lot of these types of fears can be allayed. And, I hope you stick around to see it when it is published.

I also hope that no one here thinks this is an attack on them or their beliefs. Moonreaderman has specific beliefs questions and I believe specific answers are called for. I'm not bashing your belief or unbelief in the same God I believe in, so don't bash me for taking the time to help a friend.

"Politics is a means of preventing people from taking part in what properly concerns them."
Paul Valery (1871-1945)

ps: Here is one more example of faith that I remembered last evening and thought I'd share today. Once, I was in the ocean with a friend. We weren't really minding the crowd and didn't notice the commotion when a school of sharks headed our way. I can't hear well anyway. So there we stood the tide going in and sharks heading our way. I backed slowly out of the water but my friend didn't move back with me as they should have and their feet got stuck in the mud. Other people were there but were just staring helpless. I waded back in and helped unstick my friends feet. Then as we were trying to be still and not get bitten, we both got stuck. Sharks started swimming between us and the beach. Not good at all. One of these animals was about as big as a bus. I helped my friend work their way out. Now I was stuck in rising water. Finally, I got the idea to talk to the water. I said something like "Ocean, I take authority over you and command you to recede to low tide again, in Jesus name." Then I said something like "Sharks, I take authority over you and command you to leave this area and go back to where ever you came from, in Jesus name." The sharks left and the tide began to recede. It was about to pull me back as the pull was stonger, and I was more tired than I had anticipated. I spoke again and called that large shark to come lift me up and put me through the breakers. It did so. The folks on the beach were looking at me in terror as they watched it approach. But my legs were stuck and it was get some type of help or drown. I don't think they understood or they would have helped. The shark swam up, lifted me by the backside on his nose from the mud and swam forward to push his nose and me through the breakers. I slide off his nose walked up a few steps and turned around and thanked him. Now, this may sound like a fish story to you, but every year on the radio I here "On this day in 1985 there were two low tides at Hilton Head." and I smile."