Cbswork and the Body Elementals


Post# 37184 07/21/03 Cbswork

"Fear: in essence, IMO, is the frequency sent via each elemental that gives our bodies their life-form, to the human Master, so it will obey the body emitting that fear and not the soul.

Physical fear: Our body has an elemental, sub-conscious, that exists to keep that body intact. This elemental has a name. Instinct. When the human soul is born, its three bodies of expression each are built by a permanent seed atom (all life-form data, including dna, et al). At birth, each basic seed atom is inhabited by an elemental, that builds the body. Any time the body/elemental feels threatened, it sends out a number of signals. To the gonads, brain, adrenalin, all the glands, which then send out signals of their own. A real chain of command.

When it senses physical danger, you get a bit of a tweak on it. Heightened hearing, visual acuity, muscles tighten for action, and a "gut feeling." These are aspects of the physical elemental using fear. Commanding one's fear is simply acknowledging these normal signals and not letting it throw you off balance. Once the human soul becomes aware of this, the Higher Self starts throwing all manner of tests, to see if the attainment and perception is real. Until you can walk across a four-inch ledge, over a dam wall face with a drop of several hundred feet, with a guitar in one hand, and your water bottle in the other, to the center of the dam, sit on the ledge, and play the guitar. As an example, as it worked out for me one fine day many years ago.

Fearless, for me, is simply saying, "Hey, I recognize you sense danger in this thing, but we won't let it get in the way." Or, "I see you telling me something, but I must be stronger than your signaling station - its interfering with the moment at hand."

As it happens, because the fear signal is such a basic lower freq, it is often used to control, by darksiders. It can take the normal signal and add all manner of thoughtforms, emotional freakozoids, and then you have this big, quivering mess - which is you, stopping forward progress. Once you let the elemental do your thinking and reacting, (by letting the fear signal replace your balance)then, this becomes?

...a doorway into you, as you have then and therefore, given it permsission over you.


Or not. Who cares..."

Post# 37186 07/21/03 Cbswork

"The elemental isn't conscious like you or me. Its SUB-conscious. You can't relate to it with words or negotiation or whatever. It is a sentient life form that "senses" through the various systems and centers in your body. This is how it knows things before you, when danger is nearby. It hears farther than you consciously realize. Sees farther...smells for miles...and so on.

It also is the agency within that lets you know when the good is going on around you to, and points it out to you, more than it ever does the fear thing. For every FEAR vibe and body reaction, there are zillions of positive physical things it also tunes you into.

But, when it transmits the fear freq, just be firm within yourself, and that signal, once the elemental is assured from all sensors that it has been received and acknowledged (unless there are constant new threats simultaneously emerging, as a soldier on a battlefield would expect to receive during a fire-fight), will subside. And the moment you physical elemental then becomes aware that the human Master (we ARE the Higher Selves of these elementals), it will allow you to take even more control back in the future, knowing headquarters is in good hands. Then, it becomes your partner. Instead of working in confusion and misunderstanding, you can actually get them to PLUG YOU INTO ALL THE stuff it senses, and then...

...the world opens up for you.

You feel the earth take a breath, one day out on the water. Pretty cool."

Post# 37190 07/21/03 Cbswork

"Every body has an elemental up to the causal body, the body in which the human soul resides. The human soul, then, becomes the elemental of the "causal" body.

We, the human soul, have a Higher Self. A real Self. That Divine Spark of Spirit. Espiritos. Divine Breath.

We, are the Higher Selves of our collective elementals, and there are three.

The sum-total of these three, are known, collectively, as your doppellganger. Or body double."