Cbswork Outs the Agents/Explains Bad Guy Scheme


Post# 18027 01/30/03 Cbswork

"I'm so shocked...right.

Cloudbusters get attacked again by Rense and Co, today and tonight. Lorie Kramer - self-professed champion of the chemtrail movement - has an article up, decrying cloudbuster technology, a transcript of TJC's plethora of double-speak from the last show.

To drive the knife in even further, Rense is having at us again tonight.

My thanks to Andy, for quickly moving on Lt. William Bell (Piztengriisphincter)on the CIA board. Kicked him right where his nuts used to be. Thanks Andy. Quick work and glad someone did it.

Still think CTTUSA is the real Deal? Still think Rense is on humanity's side?

Is the coffee brewing yet?"

Post# 18442 02/02/03 Cbswork

"When I say Bell, I mean that whole show, Coast to Coast..."

Post# 21103 02/28/03 Cbswork

"The thing with agents are, is that we very often like to watch them work, before dropping the hammer. The best teaching experience is real world, like the attacks here. Here you can see how the beast works and how they modify their approaches based upon how well their tactics are perceived.

After the first clearing out work, the chaos and bickering vanished.

But the sphincters dropped them in with the old emotional tag - first posts being "help me! Help Me! I'm being attacked." Most of this fell on deaf ears, cuz by now, the player's radars are much improved and having a good supply of orgone around, tends to wash out emotional appeals. Discernment, good radar, and a clearing up of the old aura and mind, made these undoable.

Then, they used "blind-side" techniques. Come in through players indirectly, then onto the board itself.

The latest assaults since the solstice has been NLP and variations on that theme. Using that mind control technique to control your thinking and how you feel about things.

And sometimes, they use combinations, like NLP, with Emotional Blather, with a half-hearted, vague, and small effort gifting report that reads like the lie that it is.

But, by and far, their greatest doorway here, through players and dilletants alike, is with anger. When you are angry, your heart, throat, head, and anja centers all close up and your solar and sacral centers open up, all fiery red. And then...they're astral specters are in your head, giving you a "someone" to hate. And before you know it, one minute you are a person's best friend, and the next, you are slandering them openly and publicly to anyone who will listen."

Post# 21435 03/03/03 Cbswork

"The agent thing is a real problem. It's that way, because we are working with "free energy" devices and each new invention and mod, gets us closer to the next logical step. And they fear that. The evidence of their laying waste to free energy movements of the past are well documented. This isn't paranoia, its a painful fact of life.

Its such a big problem that the DOD gives all their employees a three week crash course in Counter-Intelligence.

In our situation, we have angered the:
and all the lesser alphabet soup agencies and new age front orgs.

And they are sending in their ugliest and meanest, and best and brightest, to do this movement in. You can see it all around you. Rense, having his third go at the doctor in less than six weeks - a first, even for rense.

They've tried it all.

They even got an foreign office intelligence agent here named Lance Thorogood. He has a license to kill. He completely screwed over one of our team and turned him into a monster - brainwashing and two new implants.

We've done our very best to keep the issue of agents from being an issue. Sure, we let a few on for learning experiences. Most show their hand, by supporting destructive energy flows in a sarcastic fashion.

95% of them never get on. We don't search out by names, or who they knew, or what they did. We OBE the connection back to their locale and tag the router. There is no list of names or any of that. Most of the agents create aliases they never use. These are swept off the board, before they are ever activated. And every time, the router is sitting at some cubicle at Pearl Harbor, or Langely, or Bragg, or dozens of other places, even Norad. That DNS is then blocked, no more access THROUGH THAT PRIMARY ROUTER. Every thing is double checked, double blind.

When I go and see someone and find they are wearing a uniform, I tag their name and rank, right off their blouse.

The hardest part, was removing the LTCs who were planted here last year and last summer. We've gotten rid of all but a few, cuz they are fun to watch and they know we are watching and they keep their presence here very minimal.

To counteract this, they, starting in September, starting coming in through the majors via email. Fact. They then befriend and make newer friends, all off the board. Now, that can't be stopped or controlled. Its up to each person to assess anyone who comes at them by testing their sincerity within the confines of their heart. If you are damaged goods, your radar may not work so very well. That's life.

And there's tons of other detail. When mil or Feds are made, I get what I get to some friends I have who can check out my research with their friends still in law enforcement and the military. Then, a week later, I get their service record and pic. Dead on match.

Agents are real. If you understood the types of personalties they recruited for this work, you'd realize that these people are the literal scum of the earth. They really are. They sold out for a few sheckels and will be terminated when no longer useful. By the time these agents realize they've been had, the guns are already being pointed at them. Its just the nature of the machine who employs them. It constantly feeds on its own.

Remember, you/we are all on the cutting edge of something new in our time. Plus, we have something right now the world sorely needs...hope. We have a way - not THE way, who knows what that is - but a way out of the madness.

It's why we have people like swerdlow, rense, constable, and many others trying to destroy this movement. Its why they spend a ton of time trying to kill off this board. Its why they are sticking implants in everyone to control THEIR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS.

The same people who decry agents as paranoia are the same people who would tell you Satanic Ritual Abuse is a false memory syndrome. It's complex, but its designed that way to be complex. I would suggest you all might do some online reading about COINTELLPRO and read the stories therein. Agents of Influence are the most dangerous, but so far, none have got that close yet. They still try. They come at the doctor each and every week.

But then the universe gave Don a Carol, before his Great Work.

The best thing we can do, is ignore the attacks and keep making and giving away (selling them, too, as dictates in your life) these orgone creations. That's what they want to stop and that's why they put in people who are thread killers and all that, and who manipulate others into something they really are not, as people.

I have a little rule I go by:

Whenever I am attacked, I double my efforts.

Think about that. When I first started gifting, it was a little here and there and when I felt like it. Now, we are factory of orgone, hundred a week at least, every week. Every time someone came at me or attempted something on me, I bought more xtals and resin.

Use their tactics against them. They have to be made to see that trying devisive crap here only increases action in our group.

Summary is...there aren't really that many agents on the board who are active, less than five, three even. They try to put people on every damn day...but they are even slowing that down, or wait until our defenses are down, or...come at you in email and try to be your new best friend.

They always go for the weakest links, who need the most healing. Almost always, if you are a chronic toker or abuser of substances, they're coming at you. I've got no problems with someone who smokes grass occasionaly or if its b-grade (mex) or has a beer now and again. But if you are going through an eigth of chronic a week or two six packs a day, you are easy prey for these vultures. Your radar cannot be trusted, nor can your dowsing. So...

Remember they have profiled each and everyone of us. Our strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, and when the computer spits out "best-way assessment of contacting the target" they will come at you. If you have a CB and are gifting, this has already happened. FACT.

The more aware you become, the harder a target you become. That's when the machine brings out its Black Ops arm of the NSA and tells the AirForce to take a hike, cuz its taking over ops on you. Wackenhut, USAF Intell, Defense Intelligence Agency(DIA) and the CIA all take a back seat to the NSA, when ordered. That's when Honeypots and others come in, like LTCS and Mkids.

Like I said, its complex."

Post# 21641 03/05/03 Cbswork

""Why have they not killed us yet?"

Damn good question. I ask it quite often, myself.

Its not like they can't arrange it, cover the press, and make sure its swept under the rug with minimal fuss, they can. They openly whack people all the time and in your face. In fact, some of my cop friends openly wonder that same question right to my face.

It's not like they haven't tried, either. We all have our stories. All of us.

We're still here. So far.

I don't know the answer.

Any one figure it out, let us all know."

Post# 21719 03/06/03 Cbswork

"I haven't been to a borders for about 4 years, so i don't know what kaka is out there now. I'm sure its more of the same, earthchanges, aliens, roswell, and the GWB in every flavor they have.

The stuff on has real high level data, but that's the point. Get you in with facts, but you find you are in a windowless room with no exit sign. RMN gets lucky once in a while. Rense is...well. Bell...same. Hoagland, desensitization and the rule of in your face, he openly gives out the play, cuz the rules sez they have to. That's why the internet.

Everything is out there. It has to be, or they half to knock off half of what they are doing. Then, that gives everyone a personal choice: Beast, No Beast.

And with all that knowledge of reality, you have to make a thousand decision a day, flouride or no, soda or no, rancid fries or no, Twyman or no, Nasa and Masonry or no,

And so on."

Post# 33942 06/26/03 Cbswork

"Masonry is alot like a rose...very pretty rituals in the blue lodge, very inspiring. But, beneath the rose is the thorns, and those thorns run all they way down into the ground.

Then you move onward, into the red lodge, then then, you're theirs.

After the 18th degree - the rose croi - the heart center rituals end, and the solar plexus one's begin...then sacral.

Be careful."

Post# 34428 06/30/03 Cbswork

"Scientology...what a bummer. ONI funded and controlled, Mkid populated, and Clearwater is where they train their very worst to be desensitized to human suffering, at the hands of the abusers.

It's kind of like Masonry in many ways.

First, you get in the blue lodge and its all good. Same with Sci, its all rosy, about clearing low-grade engrams from your aura (does work, on some levels), and taking charge of your life.

Then, you go to the next level.

That's when the insertion of mind control steps in and takes over, a slice at a time. By the time you may get where you might want to be, you are dead broke, alienated from all life, and under the worst kind of cult "group-think" imaginable. If the MC doesn't take, you are disappeared. If you make waves, you are killed.

This is a prison planet."

Post# 34435 06/30/03 Cbswork

"Well, when you get into the Bailey archives and such like, from the early 20th century, many movements were created, with very good entry-way realities, that led to dark conclusions. All followed a master plan.

The aliens are coming, but each group got to give it a different name, cuz the brotherhood knew that not every Indigo person coming online would respond to the same thing, and in the same way.

So, they created MANY groups, that appeal to different ray temperments.

If you look Very Closely at the founders and main players, they all have a military/occult background, and usually, not a very pretty one. LRH was ONI. He dallied with Jack Parsons and Crowley, but he took his orders, and he performed well for the CIA and ONI.

All of these groups were experiments - social - to perfect human slavery, so that the slaves were not aware of the slavery. To that end, we have Guru MA (EC Prophet), Dianetics (LRH, ONI), Jim Jones, the Moonies, et al. These were all creations. Each chose different locales and different levels of esoteric knowledge (low-grade occultism), and different ray expressions. It worked. Ken Keysey (merry Pranksters, CIA) did the hippies movement, with Leary and others...

Each was successful in various areas. These successes are now being built into standard school curriculums. Homosexual identity themes to the very young, to confuse at an early age, their self-idendity and fracture their inner SOUL promptings towards social norms, etc. Group think, over the individual - now in place. Not talent nor attainment, but self-esteem. Building goal models on the least talented and least able, and forcing DOWNWARD compliance by the group. The social Bell curve has been turned upside down.

There've been failures. Guyana, WACO, many others.

Ever the point? Fracture your lower mental body, so that..."No Sense, Makes SEnse." Charles Manson quote.

Remember, all of this has been on the books for hundreds of years. The Dark Lodge goes back into the darkest of antiquity, and it has been in control of this planet for 26,000 years. That's a long time, and they don't want to go without a fight, because "going" for them means dissolution as a soul spark, because they no longer have a Higher Self - any of them. They keep their existence intact as conscious units, through ritual, sacrifice, and feeding off the endless misery of this planet. When that spiritual food supply dries up, so will they."

Post# 34531 07/01/03 Cbswork

"Oh...Bush senior is a 33rd degree. I know this because we were down in San Diego manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy years ago, doing a passing for someone (moving into the 2nd degree) and Its on their registrar of masons. So is cheney and Ollie North, Powel, etc.

Actually, thinking about it, most of that list is wrong. All but three were/are masons.

There are ALWAYS two branches of Masonry - not talking about York vs Scottish Rite - but the exoteric vs the esoteric.

I was initiated into the esoteric/magical order, and its the one branch there IS NOTHING about on the web, and you cannot find these lodges and their orients, in any yellow pages.

"They" approach you.

Now, when I left (bwuahahahahahahahaha!) I was secretary in office (exoteric) of the western United States Branch of this order, which received its charter from Le Droit Humain, in Paris. This order goes way back........and I took the registars logs with me, showing EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO ATTENDED THIS LODGE, AND THEIR SIGNATURE INTO THE BLACK BOOK, SINCE 1922.

Now imagine if I published that registrar.....

The Freemasonry you see is a culling pool. That branch, that everyone bitches about. If you are drawn or forced (want to be a cop? Have to join the order) because from this pool, they draw out what they want. The rest are left blind to the realities of the True Order.

I also have with me, the accoutrements of the order. The original square and compass IN PURE SILVER AND AGES OLD, and the initiation ritual dagger."

Post# 34532 07/01/03 Cbswork

"Oh yeah...and in the fake exoteric order, you can be entered, passed, and raised in one afternoon. In the esoteric order, it takes 14 years. It was for me. I had to MASTER each degree, on the physical, astral, and mental planes.

In the fake one you ALL read about, you can be "made" a 32nd degree in short order. In the esoteric branch, it takes 21 years.

The 32nd degree, the consistory, runs the org. The 33rd, is the magi who weilds the power.

There are 7 33rds, one for each jurisdiction, in the True Esoteric Order. When one dies, a new one is created. Most of them are well past a hundred years of age, and many, much older than that."

Post# 34542 07/01/03 Cbswork

"Totally on the side of human freewill and freedom. Every time.

That's why I left...all those esoteric orders I was raised in.

And I know where they are, what they are, and how to take them down. All too easy, actually. Ifn' you don't mind being shot at from time to time, or having your tires slashed so they explode on the freeway.

They're their boots...their little aura reader boy has left the fold...Rosicrucian, Masonic, Arcane School, Bailey group, the U.N., Meditation Groups for the New Age (MGNA), Theosophy....Illuminati.

You can bet that nice letters from the president are no longer coming to my home, the last few years, to be sure. If there's an enemies list (there is), you can bet my name is on the top one hundred, somewhere"

Post# 34574 07/01/03 Cbswork

"No, if I started publishing my insurance policy, they would send a team in and kill my whole family, me last, watching the others go first. That's what they do."

Post# 36607 07/17/03 Cbswork

"Whitley is Agency, through and through. Contract agent, since 1967. He wrote and directed, several documentaries for Kenneth Anger (heir to Crowley, so he sez) and hung out with good old Charlie, in San Fran - 1968. He made three pro-satanist documentaries for the Church of Seth.

In his bio on the book WOLFEN, first edition, he clearly states he has worked for the CIA, past and present.


Fast forward. Then comes his abduction books. And then Art Bell, another mil intel boy.


He's a paid disinformation agent and LTC. FACT."

Post# 36614 07/17/03 Cbswork

"Whitley, never leave the agency. They are all government shills and liars."

Post# 36719 07/17/03 Cbswork

"Swerdlow's intel is pretty good, but its all second hand. He has a good mind, but he's not what he appears. Neither are Rense and Bell...

Look...that's how they got all of can't trap spiritually advanced souls with lies - at first - you have to give them the goods. Masonry works like that. The blue lodge - the first three degrees - is all heart center and love and light. Then, after the fourth, the energies and rituals start DOWNWARD.

Same with Theosophy, Bailey teachings, blah blah blah.

But once you are in, then all manner of weirdness starts up. By then, you are one of the faithful, you don't see it, for the general population. For those that can see and are able to use their higher faculties, they keep you in a state of seclusion from the main body, and make sure your diet is all heart, love, and light - so you can be used.

You know them by their works: Rense, TJC, Swerdlow, Bell, Hoagland, Streiber, all paid agents of the man. Check it out. Do your own thinking. Listen to your heart.

Then act decisively."

Post# 36809 07/18/03 Cbswork

"Because you need to APPEAR to be different flavors: It's all about personality rays.


Very short thing on this.


Each body is under a certain ray frequency. For most people, they have either 1st ray or 7th ray bodies, physical. The astral body is a ray type, same with mental, causal, atmic, and so on.

The blend of the three lower bodies, plus the soul (causal) creates a chord, a set of frequencies that produce a new ray - the ray of the personality, which is the sum-total of all these bodies, the light and radiance of the centers, etc. This is the you, the world sees and knows.

These frequencies indicate attraction types, in time and space. Some like Rense, hate Bell. It's about sympatico frequencies, types of subliminals and tones being trasnmitted along with the broadcast, etc.


For example, I have a 7th ray, physical body. Al, yours is a first ray body. the doc is a first ray body, Carol's is a 7th ray body.

And in each incarnation, these ray types change. I have a fourth ray, mental body. Last time, it was 2nd ray. Each ray type expression affords different experiences and perceptions to occur, that otherwise would not be the case.

This is why the so-called BS nonsense about spiritual leaders and advanced this or that is just PURE CRAP. In my next life, I may dig ditches for a living and have the gifts of a flat-lining zero, if that's what's needed to move the human soul forward.

Spirituality, as its understood, is under the delusion you always exceed and pick up where you left off last. Not so. I've seen some advanced souls, who were working at gas stations, when in their former lives, they were great Heroes of Freedom and attainment. The Higher Self blocks out these attainments, so that in the given current incarnation, a lesson can be learned. The gas station attendant needed to learn HUMILITY and pay off some rather nasty stuff sitting in his ancient past.

Hope this helps.

Remember. This is just a post. No more, no less, and certainly NOT any more insightful than what anyone else has to say.

For the record."

Post# 37609 07/23/03 Cbswork

"Yeah...Preparation H-HG


Dom: The temptation in the wilderness makes sense now, but not then as now. What I mean is, it makes sense to try and dissuade the task at hand. That's what they do: bribery.

"Take the envelope, Mac, ifn' ya know what's good for ya."

In '87, it made sense then. But not now. I was already a trusted devotee and seer - deep inside and since a kid. I could see a test of resolve then. But now, looking back at that time (Harmonic Convergence, the AEG 25th anniversary (which I got to play some classical guitar for the Masters and the gang), it doesn't fit.

There are still a great many things to be resolved about it all. But, having been separated from it all for a number of years, the tactics of how they lure people in make perfect sense.

Like with Drunvalo. He's not going to get you with a boatload of lies. WOn't work. he'll give you the basic play of things pretty straight. Then you are in and a "true" believer. After a longer or shorter time of testing the truth against your own perceptions, you lax your standards of testing. "All his other crap was true, why not now?" Kind of thing.

But, Drunvalo openly admits that his teachers are Masters Of Wisdom, GWB. He, in his own words, admits that he works with the CIA.

The CIA...well.

There's even more to the guy, but I'm not going to slam him. He has that coming. Like with L Ron Hubbard, the dumped women are going to start going public and there will be hell to pay, when that happens."