Cbswork and Sedona, Arizona


Post# 20119 02/18/03 Cbswork

"There is so much about Sedona, that one doesn't really know where to begin.

First, its one of the few places on the globe that have TWO interdimensional portals, side by side. These were taken over by the machine in 1983, a base built in Boynton Canyon, and the Masters of Wisdom then and there started establishing their centers there, and from that year onward, Sedona became a keyword for anything New Age.

Ring some bells?

Anywayz...prior to that time, the Mason established their power grid hijacking in '58, until such a time as it could be fully exploited many years later, which it was and is. Most of the town is full of mkids, now, and their groups, stores, and there are more spooks per capita than in Virginia.

Sedona also has a few underground bases there, with tunnels going to Area 51, Mt. shasta, and China lake - including a new tunnel to DenverIA.

Now I know all this because my "Teacher" shifted his base of operations from Agoura, ca to Sedona, in 1982, at the base of Oak Creek Canyon, where I spent many summers serving the GWB as seer - see, the palm of my right hand has the birthmark of the oracle, a five-pointed star made up of the natural palm lines (not upside down, sorry to disappoint everyone) - Edgar cayce is said to have had it, as well as Jean Dixon. Of course we were hijacked too, cuz, black magicians can't see beyond the astral, and they needed pure little "love and light" angels to do their seeing for them. The only happy use for this "gift" in my life, has been serving this group. The rest...very ashamed. But who knew? When we asked our "teachers" about crystals, they pointedly kept us from looking in that area, often scoffing aloud, "crystals are pretty rocks for children, pay them no heed." When we asked about the Native Americans, they scoffed, "dead atlantean races lost in black magic, pay them no heed." After leaving the order, I found the opposite to be true in all respects. No wonder they didn't want us looking there.

Pretty heady stuff back in the day. Generals, celebrities, and UN delegates all wanting to see the future, they created behind humanity's back.

BTW, those portals are closed now, thanks to the very small array. That leaves one other portal left - yellowstone. Then that's it for the north american access points, dracs and greys. We've shut them all down. Node 8 needs a good butt-whacking, considering that the original mission there went awry with lamo gifts, but as is often said,

Our operators are standing by, by god."