Cbswork and the Etheric Realm


Post# 6880 10/27/02 Cbswork

"As I understand it, pure orgone or etheric energy, the force, is a frequency our planet and its natural inhabitants simply thrive upon. For us, its a positive, life-enhancing thing. But, to us,solar radiation is a killer. We have the Van Allen belt and the ozone layer as natural protections against those frequencies.

Now, reptoids and that kind of space predators, come from worlds and solar systems, where their polarities function to the opposite spectrum than ours. What is energizing for us, is depleting for them. That's why they are doing what they are doing to our world, making more like their own.

The problem is, their environmental needs are harmful to humans. In fact, their very presence is harmful to humans. They use our blood and amniotic fluids for survival in our world. For spiritual power - much like joy, love, and creativity is our inner springboard to growth - theirs is fear, hatred, lust, and all the other negatives.

We are simply two species that weren't meant to be share the same worlds, given that for one to survive, it must consume the other. That being said...

The reptoids, in conjuction with the more financially powerful elements of our government, are working hard to bring parity for the reptoids, at the expense of human beings. Which naturally sucks.

Etheric energy generators, or HHGS, act like master environmental controllers. That's actually not very true, but it simplifies much. Let's just say, that our world is inhabited with hundreds of different species who live, move, and have their being in pure energy. These entities, rods, sylphs, fairies, salamandars, et al, are co-creators with mother earth. They function to help the mineral, animal, and human kingdoms work together, mostly sight-unseen. They create and help the growth of small plants, direct rivers, stop earthquakes, or make them - as needs be - under the direction of ENORMOUS solar entities that literally float above forests, oceans, mountain ranges, etc. These beings are hundreds of feet tall, and could be rightly called the Boss of elementals, sprites and all that. They do the directing and supervising of their bazaillions of minions.

So, merely planting the hhg is all humanity has to do. Really. The elementals, rods, whatever that accompany hhgs, that work with the energy, that heal the planet, that hide the hhgs from prying eyes, that do it all, do it under a grand guidance.

Our part is getting the device - our karmic responsibility in this, cuz we allowed this to get like this - and once we do that, they take over the use of the energy, the healing of water tables, mineral areas, forests, gardens, and people.

Just plant the thing. Throw the TB. Get it out there. They're waiting. In fact, operators standing by, takes on a whole new perspective, once you understand the etheric world and its denizens."

Post# 56372 02/04/04 Cbswork

"Negative ectoplasm comes out looking, etherically, like a sickly lime-green color, the same as uranium isotopes. See, the colors change.

A heart color on the etheric level (indigo) becomes green on the astral, blue on the mental, and gold on the Intuitional planes. THis is also why, the centers move, from body to body. Your heart is located in the middle of your thorasic cavity, but on the etheric body, its between the shoulder blades.

Green on the etheric indicates a type of frequency most often associated in the historical metaphysical record (see the studies since 1875) with mediumship, black magic, and radiation poisoning.

The reptoids I've seen, Dark lords I've seen, all radiate a lime-green etheric energy.

Check it out.


Post# 56373 02/04/04 Cbswork

"And further, because there are 7 sub-divisions on each plane or dimension of existence, each of these "subs" also have a different color then the sub above it or below it. The highest frequency on the physical plane, which has 7 subs

4th etheric
3rd etheric
2nd etheric
Monadic etheric

Is electric indigo.

Inanimate objects emit, on the 4th etheric, a greyish etheric web. For humans, its cobalt. For animals its a reddish/blue, almost violet.

Did a chart thing once for the school back whenever which was six feet by four feet, showing all the links in color and their freq codes, and center relationship. Its parked in Sedona at the "Monastery."

Anything etherically lime-green on the 4th etheric is the neg. The dark side. A freak creation or DISTORTION OF THE ENERGY FREQUENCY ENVELOPE OF THAT MATTER when interacting through the light spectrum as visited upon the optic nerve.


Post# 56374 02/04/04 Cbswork

"And when you go out into the driveway, when you describe your car, a white Ford nightmare,with cheesy plastic side-stripping, a dinged right rear qtr panel, and mud all abouts the bottoms, that's what you see. That's the visible world.