Cbswork and Prison Planet Earth


Post# 24772 04/01/03 Cbswork

"Why not. It's still monday, to me. The following may upset some folks. All apologies.

The moon is artificial. The GWB's teaching has that the moon is the actual original earth, of which failed and was destroyed, this new Earth (ours, right now) was the second Earth, for the continuation of our evolution.

Well, they that's only part of the story.

First, there is a RING-PASS-NOT (RPN)on this globe. You cannot leave the planet, by normal means, if you are human. Probes, anything non-human, can. The Van Allen Belt not only is a protection, but IT IS ALSO THE PRISON WALLS. With guard towers, just like a prison.

The Moon is where the Warden (matrix controllers) live, move, and have their being. The earth is a prison planet.

This RPN is in full effect, physically, astrally, mentally, intuitionally. All of the subtle bodies are restricted within the walls. We NEVER went to the moon. The Apollo missions were a hoax.

But The Thulist/Nazi/Illuminati in the Antartica enclave finally established INTER-DIMENSIONAL relations with those entities who could and often did, move in and around this RPN. But, it was and is, a one way street. If you Leave You Cannot Return. This ends your path for all time, because you BROKE OUT OF PRISON BEFORE YOUR SENTENCE WAS UP.

There are photographs taken by the Mariner/Mars series, clearly showing Panzer Tanks with SS insignia on them. Go to Mars, die on Mars. Forever. No coming back home to learn and grow, so you could leave HELL.

Now, we have the TR3B, which can travel to Mars in a few dayz. But they found once they leave the RPN, no ship could return. It's a death/suicide mission, manned with MK folks and droids, who are already...well.

Waste the Moon, Prison walls crumble. BUT...there are principalities who will do everything in creation to stop that. For, you see, even the universe needs a prison, for all us ne'r do wells.

We are all serving a sentence. That lasts millions of years, and hundreds of lives. Until we learn cooperation, love, and freedom, from the inside out and fully tested under the most severe conditions.


But check it out. Do your own thinking. Dowse, pray to Hank, whatever. But in the end, once you see it in that light, all the pain and suffering, from the nastiness of birth to the painful horror of death in its many guises.

Now Evil loves the prison, cuz all those lost souls still functioning under the frequency that got them sent here in the first place. This is why evil has access to this planet - the original sin is one of separativeness - choosing self over the many. Its when we fully and under every possible circumstance, prove ourselves worthy to go to whatever home we might of came from, are allowed to leave.

And Evil loves this place. Because its the one place in this part of the galaxy, where it can practically reign in all its so-called...glory.

The moon is hollow and is, in fact, one big guard tower."

Post# 27147 04/19/03 Cbswork

"I'd like to meet the Human Being who can pass the physical (Van Allen Belt), astral, mental, bhuddic, monadic prison wall around this planet. From what I know about it, if one could manage it, it was a one way street. And everything I've seen over the years that allegedly was from beyond that, always involved mediumship and channeling, with the vessel totally unaware of the source of their material, cept through talking boards - the worst kind of psychism on the planet - or through possession, ala Ryerson. Always, these men and women were unconcscious and had to take the source on faith, without doing it in real time, aware, and fully conscious - which is the difference.

Not even the vaunted NSA and their hybrids floating in salt tanks in total darkness have ever penetrated beyond this wall, and these beings were born and bred, just for this one purpose. The Thulists who worked dark magic via ancient Vril ceremonies were able to split, but never return. They ended up disembodied for eternity. What a fate.

We certainly won't have to wait very long, as whatever this powerful energetic source is, is coming to our theater and is about to play some kind of spell-binding show for one and all, very soon.

Expect to see this spun in a control way, with all the holographic deception tools developed over the years being put into use, so that the human race is yet again "deceived." Can they pull off another deception, make it seem not what it is, hide it from us, and all that?

We're about to find out.

I actually welcome it. Everytime the nazis of our era think or treat with this subject, they are shaking in their boots. This is a good thing. It scares them. They should be. They've been slaughtering humans for energy and power for far too long and it MUST STOP NOW. Come what may.

Anything, IMO, that will stop the charade of darkness, even here in prison, is a blessing - even if it means we have to stop living in these bodies for awhile until a new and more wiser humanity can spring up in place of this current horror we call civilization."