's (Zoe) First Trinity Wand Experience


Post# 42684 09/02/03 (Zoe)

"I would like to tell you of my first day with a handful of TW's.

After a hellish week of inverted smog-like pollution that was being blamed on the fires in Idaho and Montana but suspicioulsy looked like a ground level HAARP induced whiteout and didn't smell anything like wood smoke. We all know that when there is that much wood smoke polluting the air you can smell the distinctive and unmistakable scent of wood burned. Nope. Nada. None. No smell. Just a rasping in the back of the throat and a burning in the eyes.

One day, all of the pollution was gone. Absolutely wiped out. There seemed to be a hint of the haze - but I have come to believe that haze was a result of everyone in the valley using their air-conditioners, overtime, to compensate for the sudden and oppressive humidity that appeared, quite literally, overnight. Now I want you all to understand that Utah is a desert state and 30% humidity is considered extemely high humidity. This day, it was over 50% - I was reminded of Georgia, South Carolina, and South Korea monsoon season humidity... I have no memory of it being so muggy in Utah. Ever. And I haven't even described the clouds that were in the sky. Immaculate, fluffy, white/silver, HUGE cumulus clouds were climbing up into the stratosphere. They were grand! A sight for sore eyes, to say the least. They were so stunning, pure, REAL clouds that I was having a hard time working - I kept staring at them out my window, just drinking them into my eyes. Yum.

I was pondering the sudden change in weather and remembered that I was expecting 6 TW's in the mail. LOL. Could it really be? Really? I had to find out. I went to the mail drop and checked the mail. Sure enough those 6 TW's were there. As the package was being handed to me the comment was made, "This is sure heavy!". All I could do is grin and say, "It sure is, isn't it." Since I had other things to attend to I stuffed the box with the TW's under the passengers seat and drove home. That evening my ex and I decided to go get some dinner at my favorite Croatian sidewalk cafe and drove downtown. Upon getting downtown, we saw that there was a free outdoor concert going on in the town square called The Gallivan Center. Instead of the Croatian cafe we decided to get dinner at one of the booth's at the concert and see who was playing onstage that evening.

We purchased dinner from one of the Thai booths and sit down on some steps to eat. I had a good view of the south and east portion of the valley. This whole time, the cumulous clouds I witnessed in the late afternoon had gathered and colored themselves a menacing gray/sliver/blue. The wind picked up considerably while we were finishing our meal. As the winds began to pick up I heard the distinct sound of helicopter blades whirling through the air. Curious, I thought. It is far too late in the evening for a traffic helo to be circling the city. Then I noticed it was specifically circling The Gallivan Center and outlying blocks where I had parked, with the 6 TW's, still in the box, under the seat. The helo was soon joined by two fixed wing planes that begin to circle as well. Curious, I thought, two planes and a helo.... Soon after, the main band got on stage - and we found out that the band playing that night was Buckwheat Bandicoot (sp?).

The wind blew and blew and the clouds threatened. Then I spoke it. "It will rain." No sooner had I said it that the first few drops began to fall. The wind stopped. The rain fell straight down.

The rain that fell was glorious. BIG fat huge rain drops that splashed across your face from cheek to cheek as it hit your forehead. Raindrops that were so big and fat and full of water they seemed to bounce when they hit the ground. And the lightening. Oh, the lightening. What a display. It was in direct competition with the concert. If you looked closely at the quality of the lightening you would have noticed that there were different colors of lightening. There was white, blue, yellow, green, and purple - not loud colors more like pastel colored lightening, faint and imperceptible - but against those black clouds, if one was paying attention, you could decipher the different types of colors. Better than any light show at any Pink Floyd concert.

The reaction from the people around us was varied. A select few grew sour and couldn't leave the place fast enough hunched under whatever they could put over themselves to protect them from the pure, bright, cleansing rain. Those that found the rain delightful turned festive and most took off their shoes and danced in the rain induced puddles. The whole atmosphere of the place was completely transformed. It went from a ho-hum, free concert into a full-fledged festival. People were laughing and smiling and dancing in the rain. Probably something they have not done since they were very little - when it used to rain like that. Before HAARP and chemtrails. People didn't seem to mind their best clothes were getting drenched as they upturned their faces to catch rain drops on their tongue or jumped in puddles. I wept because I was so happy to see everyone jovial and at play, again.

It rained for about 30 -40 minutes with the magnificent accompanying sky show - curtsey of Mother Nature - having been released from HAARP prison after so many years.

Zoe formerly in Salt Lake City and now in Murray, Utah."

Post# 42689 09/02/03 Captain_Dragon_Farstar (Al)

"Six Triniti Wands seem to be the magic number, the 'critical mass' you might say. Everywhere I have sent that many, rain has fallen. Whatever has had a hold on the rain seems to be broken when six of these little babies are gathered in one place. Reasons for that are too lengthy to enumerate right now.

But give me a few days. I'll make up six just for you. Start picking out places to deploy them.

I want pictures of you dancing in the rain.