Cbswork on George W. Bush


Post# 47154 10/22/03 Cbswork

"It's like the darkness reaching out for the darkness. Who could tell the difference?

The village idiot cannot even conjugate compound syllable word structures, much less anything that remotely resembles authority or control. No...when they get their celestial alignment, he goes.

A ritual slaying along the 32nd parellel, within 100 miles.

See, JFK was killed at the nation's solar plexus (first time in print, to my knowledge), Dallas, TX. Which gave the dark ones in DC more power - they literally hijacked the King's chi or Soul Power, by making the slaying at the Solar Plexus of our nation.

Any time they kill a king, of any real spiritual weight, it is always in one of ANY nations lower triad centers. Witness Di at the P alma tunnel, site of French/Euro slayings since Mary Magdallene took root there in Southern France. The key is, is Bush a King? If not, then he can be taken at any of the seven centers of this country with the same esoteric results.

Bush is not a king. He is a shell. A doppelganger. No real individual spirit, as like so many humans, not really alive, but a walking, talking creation of BLack Mass ritual of the Incubi. He is a creation.

Say that again. He IS A CREATION. Not a true, human soul living out an incarnation. They literally have a robot with no real mind, nor higher self.

Doesn't matter where or when or how or why. It's all a misdierect. They set him up to be taken as the anti-christ (one of many "anti-christ diversions going right now - Blair is another, and so on.""

Post# 47155 10/22/03 Cbswork

""Wait a minute, dorkboy, if he don't got no mind, how can he talk or think?"

Because, we have a lower and higher mind, or mental body. Just like our 7 center spiritual bodies, so is the mind.

With creations, droids, biotechs, ritual sucubus and incubus situations, where there is no higher self, then all that remains is the lower mind, connected to the lymbic part of the brain. Without a higher mind or mental body, no contact nor expression in the cerebral cortex, where higher things relate to the various systems within the body.

No higher mind, no creativity, no inspiration, no sense of right and wrong, no nothing.

This is what cloning creates, a shell or shadow of a human, without a Spiritual Self or Soul to guide and direct the struggling Human soul during incarnation. Such things literally have a goofy expression and are often, frankly, stupid.

Plus, watch the VI when he speaks. Looking left and right like some moron listening to the implants in his lobes, as he recites word for word, the words of others. And the President of the USA.

He won't be missed."