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Post# 47346 10/24/03 Deanna (Sobell)

"When I realized a few weeks ago that I could muscle test and see immediately what types of energy were being put out by what towers, etc, I was a little awed by the results. I found that as I was riding along running errands that negative energy was coming from those big brown interstate billboards, the golden ball flag poles, towers, an amazing array of antennas, fast food joint signs and buildings, Wal-mart signs and buildings, Exxon, BP, Shell, Amoco signs and buildings, etc. This was amazing to me as before I had been stumped as to how to tell, really tell what energy was coming from where, and was it busted or not. The enormity of the problem started hitting home with me. Only three towers registered cell only. Two of those were at cell phone stores. The other was one I had psychically pulled up by the roots to the control room months, maybe even a year ago. I was a little overwhelmed by the realization that no matter how much resin I poured over the next few months, I could not get everything covered by the winter solstice, noted as very important by our dear ally dorkboy.

Well, I understand my restored authority in Christ, and how much more multiplied powerful it is by having others standing with me. The Word says "If one can put a thousand to flight (evil spirits), two can put ten-thousand." Following that logic, three can put a hundred-thousand to flight, four a million and five a billion. See how the authority multiplies when those who have asked Christ into them stand together by faith?

Several months ago, cbs (dorkboy) mentioned in the "Reptoids, what would you do?" thread that certain prominent poli.s were protected by some deep evil that looked like a reinforced soup-can of energy. He indicated he could not get through the energy and that the energy would follow you home. At that time, I knew WildWest was standing with me every day, not only in prayer, but he has an amazing network of CBs that he psychically connects together for healing the planet and protection. I exercised my authority over those soup-can entities and commanded them to convert to good or depart the multi-verse. There was a sense of evil coming at me that day and he prayed for me and called the energy of his network to protect me as well. He wrote that he had sent a bubble of protection to me. I said "By faith, I receive the protection that Gary has prayed for me." and went to sleep. In the wee hours of the morning, I sensed a dark tentacle coming into my home. It was wavy but well defined, just not solid. It kind of reminded me of an octopus' tentacle the way it moved so fluidly. As it got close to me, it aimed directly at my solar plexus, in about the middle of my front torso or near my belly button. When it got to about 6 or 8 inches from me, it hit my wall of protection. As it passed that plane, it disappeared. It continued pushing it's tentacle towards me, but had no ability to hurt me, it simply disolved. After a few seconds, it backed away and left. I went on to sleep and the next morning, took authority over it and all like it and commanded all of them to convert to good or depart the multiverse, in Jesus name.

Knowing that experience was real, and potentially deadly, I felt more secure in my authority over evil. Since then, I read Mark Hooten's explanation of Mini-Me's and how they are designed to raise the vibration of any spirit that goes through it. Since about August, Naphtali had begun standing-in-agreement with us. Since then others have joined with us as well. We are a believers collective.

So... on Monday night, October 6, 2003, I started praying over the towers. The prayer goes something like this : " By faith in Christ, I take authority over the negative, harmful energies coming out of towers all over the globe and througout the multiverse. I take authority over any and all entities and spirits behind them, and all who would come after them to take their place; I break their power and presumed authority over humanity and bind and gag them from succeeding in their goals; and command them to go through a mini-me and convert to good or depart the multiverse, now and forever, in Jesus name. I take authority over all humans and aleins, rank-n-file, top-to-bottom, front-to-back, left-to-right involved with any such program and break their supposed authority. I break their power and bind and gag them from causing harm to humanity. I send the golden light of Christ through them and command them all to convert to good or die, in Jesus name. And if they choose to die, I give them a chance to go through a Mini-me and convert to good, in Jesus name. I break the power of such machinery to harm humanity, and command them not to work ever again, in Jesus name." The next day, I noticed a difference as I was driving around. The ambience felt better. I started checking towers. They are on. They are turned up to maximum. But, they have no ability to harm anyone. I tested them all the way to mother and daddy's house, about 80 miles away when going for my sister-in-law's memorial service on Thursday. They were all busted.

I say these things in first person because they came out of my mouth, but I'm not foolish enough to think that those who stand with me are not involved or that the Holy Trinity is not involved; really I should say "We" prayed these things.

Since then, we have prayed similar prayers over power plants, power substations, high-power lines, microwaves, m-c freqs, haarp, gwen, elf, vlf, terrorists and those behind them, plans for newkelar war, and martial law, underground bases, continental chakras, earth ley lines and vortices, echelon (and all manner of snoop and poop agencies), disease, growth hormones in food, controlling humans through food and water, politics, judiciary, legislative, administrative sections of government and int financial systems and thoughtforms. We've prayed it over thoughtforms related to greed, jealousy, envy, hatred, all manner of meanness, poverty, dependence on the government, selfishness, self-centeredness, division and resentment. We've prayed it over inmates. We've prayed it over m-c victims asking the golden light burn away any Wernicke's Commands or other controls in them. We've prayed it over agencies and entities behind such programs and broken their power to do such atrocities ever again. We've prayed it over everything and everyone who has or would ever attack any member of our or any other forum. We have prayed it over market manipulations and corporate deceit. We've prayed it over greed; corporate run government and world government thoughtforms. I asked about my dowsing and found that my answers were sometimes wrong because of my own desires or because I was deceived, so we've prayed this prayer over that as well. We've prayed it over addictions to pornography and pedophilia and that whole industry; over gambling and that whole industry; over alcohol and tobacco and illegal drugs and those industries. We've prayed it over the victims of those industries and called the captives freed from the thoughtform that they must have this or that to go on. We've prayed it over secret gubmnt, secret orders, secret organizations and those who think they have the right to run the multiverse and all their plans. We prayed it over our v p, over the dark prince, over Satanism, over Satan herself, and over the Satanic trinity as described by cbs. I've prayed it over all the demons (that were) in hell and all the lost souls that wander(ed) the earth as well as those (that were) in hell. We've lifted this prayer over many other issues as well, just can't remember them all to list.

Since Tuesday morning, October 7, 2003, I don't even get a positive read for negative energy when a microwave is turned on and running! Nothing registers from tv, or radio or any tower either. I sense an enormous amount of freedom in the spirit world..and so the physical. I have, through these prayers felt shards of spirit tear off and leave me. My brain has gradually come under my control since then. It is a good feeling to enjoy a sense of complete control over myself. I hope you have sensed it as well.

I am expecting to see the headlines changing for the better.

On Friday night, October 10, 2003, in the wee hours of Saturday morning, my sister-in-law visited. I felt as if I sat up in bed, but knew that I was still laying down. Weird. She hugged me and said "That's my sister-in-law, ya'll!" I hugged her back while realizing she was not alone. There were others there. Many others. Those closest to me were people I remembered from my childhood who passed away in years past. Beyond those who had been closest to me were a crowd of people I didn't know. I was delighted to see everyone but kind of stumped as to why they were here. I asked if my miscarried children were there and immediately felt the warmth of hugs and kisses from little ones. That really was very nice. Then, something was wrapped around my shoulders. I looked up and into the face of Christ. He had wrapped a robe around me and placed a crown on my head. He had a huge, loving smile on his face. I said, "Lord, I'm not worthy of such a crown. I could never wear it, you take it instead." I sat there looking down at this crown in my lap dumbfounded. What had I done? I had said some prayers and was delighted to find such excellent results, but it seemed there was much more to do before accepting any sort of accolade; and even then a few short prayers don't seem worthy of such esteem. Besides, it felt like there was so much still left undone. Eventually, I layed back down in my body and finished my sleep. It was an amazing, amazing experience. Of course, some of the items I listed above have been prayed over since then as well as many more, like psi attackers, hackers, and the plan to feed the beast as well as the thoughtforms and forboding about possibilities. So, yesterday, I started saying "By faith, I stand in agreement again with all the prayers that we have lifted since October 1, 2003." Immediately, there was another surge in the spirit.

"Fear not."

"Politics is a means of preventing people from taking part in what properly concerns them."
Paul Valery (1871-1945)"

Post# 47597 10/26/03 Deanna (Sobell)

"Thank you all for your kind, supportive response. It was not an easy decision to post something so strikingly personal.

Kininigan, I'm not sure what you mean by Ehteric Christ. He looked the same as the first time I saw him back in the '70s. Pretty much like a handsome man that you can reach out and touch. Not at all the emaciated, long-haired, bearded image we usually see. And his robe had color to it. A dark blue on one side and predominantly white on the other, I think. Shortish darkish hair, beautiful skin and kind eyes. And a huge, perfect, kind smile. Edit: And yes, I did feel a tingle. The kind of tingle I always feel when I pray and get it right. Felt a very strong sensation of a tingle/spiral when I prayed over DNA activation week before last (around Oct 15 & 16). That tingle was in the center of me and not up the spine though. Usually, it rolls across my body like goosebumps. Endedit.

Catalytic, standing together by faith is pretty simple. I find most things related to true spiritual Christianity (as opposed to theologic Christianity) are just that: simple. So, every day, we say "Father, by faith in Christ, I stand in agreement with everything (fill in name) prays today." Personally, I say this same statement every day about all the members of the prayer group, all the ministries that have been important to me through the years, all my family members immediate and extended. Then, whatever any of them prays on any given day, has my backing. So, we become a spiritual collective, and our authority is multiplied according to the scripture. Such is the beauty of the "body or bride of Christ" in the earth.

Coupling that with the knowledge that if we have invited Christ's spirit to split and live in us, we have, therefore, had our "authority over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth" redeemed for us by accepting Him as sacrifice, scapegoat and high priest for us and becoming born of the Spirit, or born-again as it were.

Realizing that authority exists, brings with it the sense of responsibility of duty to humanity. It is from that alone this type of prayer springs forth. Joining a spiritual collective with others who believe the same boosts the amount one can accomplish. I must say it feels REAL good to know that I am no longer fighting against the tide of evil in this world alone, prayer wise. To know there are others who are as aware (or more) than I am of the manipulation and abuse of humanity and who are willing to stand by faith in agreement with me every day of their existence on this earth fills me with a sense of deep gratitude, appreciation and love for each of them.

I suppose the decision to post this late on Friday was the correct one, as witnessed by the sky full of fake cts yesterday. Because I knew they were imitations, they didn't phase me at all. But I did lift another prayer over the whole program.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.

May God watch over and protect you all!

"Politics is a means of preventing people from taking part in what properly concerns them."
Paul Valery (1871-1945)"

Post# 47896 10/29/03 Deanna (Sobell)

"Thanks for posting that Drew! What a beautiful confirmation. Here is the prayer I sent you:
Since you still see some nasty towers, try this as an experiment. Pray this : 'Father, by faith I stand in agreement with everything Deanna and the prayer group has prayed since Oct 1, 2003, and I expect to see the results clearly in these towers that are bothering me as well as every tower in the multiverse, now and forever, in Jesus name.' Then immediately check out the towers that you are concerned with.
Of course the "expect to see results" can be modified to suit any portion of whatever is listed here that has been prayed over.

We have also, today, prayed over the pic of Don and cbs and related negative thoughtforms, as well as calling rain to So Cal, and broken-n-bound the nasty imminent domain thingy and thoughtforms around it. Muscle testing indicated some malevolent spirits behind the fires which have been prayed over as well as any human manipulators taking advantage of the situation.

"Politics is a means of preventing people from taking part in what properly concerns them."
Paul Valery (1871-1945)"