Cbswork and Zapping Implants


Post# 37558 07/23/03 Cbswork

"Zapping implants in the brainpan ala Dorkboy.

Get thee hence to yon hardware establishment and go thee in. Purchase yon role of duct tape, 1" width, o' traveller. Acquire or even perchance, dig up thusly, one cap worn by the players of baseball. Line thy headband with a string of magnets (neo mags dude.) Place even then upon the crown, underneath with said tape, yet more mags. Wear thy cap with pride and concealment, knowing the devices of agency are being removed as wouldst a dog wouldst remove his fleas.

Go thee in Peace and prosper well in thy good works.

And tell others."

Post# 37563 07/23/03 Cbswork

"8 pts of the compass. N, NW, and so on. Headband.

4 for the crown, centered and mutable/equidistant spacing. Let your heart guide you on spacing for the mutable cross.

North side past the cranial terminator at the pineal. South behind the pineal.

For the neck, use a bandaid, with one underneath, to go in stealth mode without the many asking, "what the heck are you doing, dude?"

We found the above method nukes THEM ALL. Eyes, ears, the works."

Post# 37568 07/23/03 Cbswork

"The pineal sits dead center in the brain. Looking downward and facing forward on any given head, there exists two lines, separating the lobes and the forward and occipital sections of the brain. The terminator is the ear to ear invisible line, as it might run across the top of the head. Like the sun, creates a "terminator" of daylight that shifts constantly, as caused by rotation. The terminator on a human brain does not move.

Forward from this terminator, our mags are placed, northside inward.

Behind the terminator, reverse to southside inward."

Post# 55804 01/27/04 Cbswork

"This thing came from a gift I was making for Dor2or.

Take a rack of 1/2" Neodymium magnets and affix with expoxy, four Tibetan DT xtals - the skinny angel-hair like crystals that chime nicely. These are aligned to North on the rack of magnets. After this dries, wrap with copper wire, at 26.5 half inches and affix an amethyst on the south base of this core.

From the Top View, it should look like a rifle barrel with four points meeting at just beneath the contact surface of the top magnet. Dropped in Titanium and Copper, with the core flush against the top of the mold, pointing down. Add 1/2 ounce ofpowdered kyanite, para-earth, Sally Water or any charged water, and an 3D SBB coil to help drive the healing energy through the magnetic field of the magnets.

Wingsoflight likes it and so do the other boys. We noticed a lessening of the severity of reactions in the locale of implants. The rashes have stopped, after implant killing.

BTW, a nice half inch neo, placed directly over the implant location will do the same thing. THis is an over-kill design, cuz the magnetic field off a rack of neos is pretty heavy. I've already killed one TV, a radio, and a hard drive with these - just by being a dork."

Post# 56769 02/09/04 Cbswork

"Get a rack of neos today, if possible. I'll get you an implant killer, on the house, off to you by the am. Make a neo hat, with a dozen neos from RevTed or wherever. Wear it for twenty minute intervals for a six hour period - repeat each day.

That's the first step to freedom.


Post# 56771 02/09/04 Cbswork

"That's twenty minutes on, then forty minutes off. You don't want your brain and esp cerebral cortex in a constant tesla magnetic field. It will unhinge your etheric wiring if you wear it for too long. WARNING."

Post# 56772 02/09/04 Cbswork

"When someone wears a neo hat design, like we use, you'll notice a stiffening of your upper body after twenty minutes. This is the beginning stages of magnetic overdose in a One Tesla field. This is also basic medicine. Be very careful where it concerns your brain out there." 06/09/04
Article: "Conjunction to Solstice - June 2004"

A common video implant in people is right along the eye-lid of either or both eyes. A black dot, right above the lashes. Or, a series of them. Found FOUR on one person, left eye. These implants not only transmit, but affect YOUR ETHERIC VISION. Now, we use electric current with ELWs to remove them. You hear an audible popping sound, as they explode in your epedermal layer. They feel like little pieces of popcorn, exploding.

So, what you do is take about 52 inches of some heavy copper wire, make a twisted pair, 2/12". The twisted pair makes a loop at the end - connect that to the tip of your Tesla Coil. Then, take your ELW or a friends, and then, from the base of the loop at the Tesla coil, wrap CW until the two tips are equally spaced, pointing in the direction of the wand. Then, set the amplitude on the coil to the person, in most cases, use your intuition. Wearing rubber gloves, then have the person sit in a plastic chair, with rubber soled shoes, and then proceed to just touch the areas around these BLACK DOTS ON YOUR FACE - new moles, overnight, like that. They actually pop under your skin - you can feel them going off under your crowns and molars - I had two in my left jaw. New technique. Share it.

Now, this proves implants, cuz you can feel them exploding under your skin, and they never pop twice. You realize your face had the most, mostly cameras and audio. THat's also one of the big reasons for keeping my public contact down low - every person coming through my door is loaded with electronics, mainly in their faces. However, given i have the coil, i'll try and clear as many people as i can, while it can.

You also realize how very many dentists are coverts working for the Agency, when you find that every place you've had dental work in the last five years "popped." Dude..."