Television and Evil


Post#47674 10/27/03 djembemon

""...big brother really caring about the quality of picture on the boob tube."

That's correct. Big Brother could care LESS about picture quality but cares greatly that your mental clarity and natural function be routinely interrupted by more 'regularly scheduled programming'. You'll also remember that the new digital tv was first instituted on a wide scale in Japan, and it was GW Bush's father (elder Bush, while then President)) who signed into law the decree that the US television system would be mandated to a digital switch by the coming of the new millenium, or else broadcasters would loose their expensive (and very lucrative) broadcasting licenses.

Push came to shove so to speak, and the rush toward media conglomeration was on.

The ability to insert VAST quantities and differing types of digital information in the 'blanking' and 'data' areas (yes, these are the actual technical terms) of a High Definition digital television image is unprecedented in human history, but I don't believe that's what CBs is talking aobut here. He really is referring to something very similar to SkyNet:

Sentient machine (logical, non-intuitive) intelligence lacking heart energy (soul life). Non-human. In short, devastating in potential if it takes a dislike toward human life.

For me, the more sensitive I become, the less television I can watch. The negativity tends to seep in WITH THE PROGRAM -- whatever it is that I happen to be viewing at a friend's house (since I don't have cable or dish tv). When I'm more sensitive, I pick it up to the point of being able to determine that it's attempting to deliver murderous or suicidal impulses to various people in the room -- yes, as if it were a truly sentient entity and was 'playing' the subconscious psyches of everyone in the room against one another for it's own amusement. It's a difficult sensation to describe, but it's as if an alternate-universe version of a digital video game were were being played simultaneous with 'normal reality', and every human being in the room were a board piece.

Ahramin in action if you will. Very scary, deluded, potentially dangerous stuff can happen in people's subconscious minds while they're otherwise passively involved this trance-like state watching television.

No matter what is being watched, from ballgame to commercial to sitcom to drama it makes no difference (odd point -- the only exception to this experience for me seems to be cartoons -- anyone with a thought or observation as to why this might be so?). When I'm in a relatively insensitive mood I feel uncomfortable watching network or cable tv, but when I'm sensitive it's just absolutely emotionally unbearable, and that sensation itself doesn't change UNTIL I REMOVE MYSELF FROM THE SOURCE (essentially, turn the tv off or leave the room -- recharge my natural energy).

For those of you who have ever used or enjoyed essence of hemp, think of this sensation I'm trying to describe as the common case of 'paranoia factor'. Now multiply that sensation several times and imagine an 'absent-invisible-silent' moderator from the underworld inaudibly and inaccurately narrating various distorted life scenes for everyone in the room while they are otherwise 'hypnotized' or preoccupied watching the images and listening to the sounds (audible cues, sound effects being buttons if you will) playing across their tv screens and you'll begin to understand what some people experience whenever they're watching network television in a sensitive state, with other people present in the room.

And yeah, if you imagined it as being well past 'uncomfortable' then you've got it. I'm certain the condition described, when sublimated by the individual (for who wants to believe in a devilishly clever, anti-human version of SkyNet palpably roaming through their homes and minds via the digital distribution network?) is responsible for a great deal of individual chronic depression and pharmaceutical drug dependence as in: drug a person 'down' enough and they'll be capable of watching anything without discomfort, and thereby take their 'programming' without fuss.

And yes, the confusing part for me in the past is that I would get confirmations in the form of other person's inappropriate behaviors or uncharacteristic comments WHILE WATCHING SEEMINGLY INNOCUOUS TELEVISION PROGRAMS, and would not know what to make of this 'disparate information' (see my post # 47330 , though this is only one instance of what's spoken there). All the while I was audibly picking up on bizarre subconscious 'conversations' among and between these same individuals just prior to their abberrant behavior or outburst.

Talk about a mindf""k. After decades of these types of bizarre experiences with network television, I've only recently understood that these weren't delusional hallucinations but rather direct sensory experience of real phenomena and subsequent bahavior (on the part of affected persons) in the 3D world.

The confusing part is that most Westernized people seem to really enjoy watching television. I know I did, at least until somewhere around the late 1970s though I will occasionallly see something now that doesn't affect me in a negative manner. The other interesting notion is that people who work in television are generally those who are most immune to it's negative side effects -- either PJ or self-aware, self-moderated individuals. Whatever the reason, most of the folks working in television are relatively smart people who consider themselves to be 'well informed' regardless of other personal circumstances.

Of the general viewing population, usually PJ people and addicts of all kinds seem particularly susceptible to the negative effects -- hence the need for our cultural machinery to create more PJ people and addictive behaviors among the population at large. Aware or sensitive people can be affected in numerous ways, from self-sabotage to depression to carrying a near-constant victim mentality. Marshall McLuhan tried to warn us about this decades ago, and yet the technology has only progressed since his now seemingly simplistic yet still very true observations about the negative effects of using television as a sole informational source -- since by definition television is one of the WORST sources of information a person can have, if informational accuracy and memory retention are at all relevant.

McLuhan would probably flip at the notion of Ahrimic overlays embedded in conventional television encoding while at the same time I doubt he would find the revelation surprising. Why? Because it's the same entities / agencies pushing for 'standardization' that were behind getting people AWAY FROM READING newspapers during the 1960s and 70s and watching more television in the first place.

It's also those same entities and agencies which have been actively cultivating fields of 'couch potatoes' from a once highly-literate society of well-read, well-spoken individuals who could at least express themselves in complete sentences and have lives 'outside the tube', lives which were measured in real physical experiences and not the result of shared cybernetic simulations.

BTW, "shared cybernetic simulations" is yet another clinical definition of the collective mental state created by people habitually watching televised programming: that of having a 'simultaneous shared experience' with someone else, though in reality the only shared experience was the watching of the program itself -- all else about the 'shared' aspect being fictionalized at best, and 'fictionalized' because THE EXPERIENCE DID NOT 'HAPPEN' IN ANY WAY TO THE VIEWER and yet, as MacLuhan warned, the viewer actually went through a physical process of neurons firing in their bodies and brains AS IF IT HAD BEEN A REAL INCIDENT (read McLuhan for a thorough analysis of this phenomenon).

Another word for the delusional state describing the sensation of a commonly shared cybernetic simulation with other (absent) viewers would be that of 'vivid hallucination'. The reason we BELIEVE these vivid hallucinations as real however is because WE CAN GO OUT ON THE STREET IN MOST ANY CITY IN THE LAND AND SPEAK WITH OTHERS ABOUT THESE SAME HALLUCINATIONS (programs) -- and to our surprise and enjoyment, these near-total strangers will be able to recount details of the program similar to those we ourselves 'experienced' while watching.

In a word, 'hallucination' (something which did not happen, or does not exist).

In short it's a false sense of 'community' and the near-total hijacking of a culture's collective dream energy, since watching television creates very much the same physical states that a person experiences while actively dreaming. And I'm pretty sure I don't have to get into any discourse on the secondary meanings of "regularly scheduled programming" with most of the people at this board.

Reading can't do that for a person, since each person get's to paint their own 'visual picture' while reading. But television can, and since 'seeing is believing', television is also incredibly hypnotic in it's affects on people of all pursuasions and from all walks of life.

"Thinking outside the box" could just as easily be describing someone shutting off their television set. Life doesn't happen on a screen -- unless of course you're talking about a soulless, collective AI artifice with semi-sentient capability.

Witness the election of Herr Schwartzennegger to the highest post in the state of California: What exactly are Californians trying to tell the rest of the world about their willingness to embrace cybernetic dominance via willingly being 'governed' by the lead actor in the Terminator movie series? Are we not asking for trouble?"

Post# 47681 10/27/03 Cbswork

"In the Terminator series, Skynet becomes self-aware. In reality, Ahrimic consciousness takes over ELECTRIC FIRE with its own cold, logical consciousness, pushing out the proper custodians of that, elementals and the like.

And this consciousness pervades every computer, power line, TV, Survellience Camera, et al. The more systems it connects into, the more fuller its incarnation on the physical plane.

The Luciferic densifies into a human form. The Ahirmic densifies into a non-human form.

This is the first time - speaking of the three anti-christs - that Ahriman can densify beyond carnal sedimentations and statis. In truth, the first two were aspects, but not actual incarnations of the One Dark.

Densification, as it relates to consciousness and form, deals entirely with expression upon the physical plane. As we all, when we are born and our personalities "emerge" and take control of the form for the coming life experience.

Sol/Sun has tried to stop this. It tries to send liberating frequencies here. Then HAARP and Chemsoup of a kind kick in and its all lost, except in those areas where there are cloudbusters.

What DJ mentions regards digi data is completely accurate. But the real danger, as he also points out, lies in the "quality" of the animating consciousness BEHIND that TV or Radio signal, which is, well, the Beast.

Turned off the TV in 1987 and never looked back."