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"A dear friend of 25 years and who has some hhgs, related this to me last summer, after having lived in SLC.

She worked for the big cable company out there, but there's was the kind that you get those little dishes to put on your house and on your tv? Whatever. Anyways, the building she worked in had secure sectors, much like in a military base, where only certain people have access to certain things.

One day, the door of a hallway was open to the main secure sector and, being who she is, she walked down the corridor and happened to look in one of the open rooms.

In it, was a wall of small 9 inch monitors. On each monitor, was someone's living room. And what was being said.

It was all being sent back to the company, via those little boxes they give you for your tv.

She was caught and fired.

Two weeks later, she was found on the side of the road, with a broken back and no memory of the event. She is still in braces."

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"Phones are area microphones - ALL PHONES - that are digital and not the old rotary kind. They - including local law - can get routings to any field office or laptop from the telcos. Any, ANY phone is a mic. Hung up, off the hook, whatever. The switches inside are no longer analog (with actual circuit breaks caused by a separation of contact points) but digital.

Same with the cellphone. Even if you power it down, it is still pulsing its locale twice a minute. The president of Motorola, in 1992, stated in congressional deposition, that ALL cells have built in transponders in them (its how they work to begin with) and many's the time law-dogs have busted folks for "doings" just by listening to their phones in the house, WHILE THEY ARE HUNG UP!

The lesson?

Do as I've been doing since 1997. Physically unplug the phone from the wall. ALL phones, when not in use. Make the bastards work for their intel by planting bugs. A former FBI guy once explained to moi that most phones pick up sounds within a radius of 300 ft. So, even the phone in the back bedroom, can be used to stealth a confab in the living room...or outside on the lawn.

My cellular? Always off. Plug in the batt and take a walk, when I want to call someone."

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"DJ: I left out sooo much detail regarding my friend. You're not going to believe this, but she reports that several SLC police, prior to the back problem, gang-raped her, beat her up, and she spent some time in a hospital getting fixed. After that, the back thing happened to her. She moved back to California and was the first person to gift Hesperia with hhgs, right above San Bernadino County, in the mountain passes, July last year.

She's a fighter, but she's left the fight to get healed. It will take years, they really scarred her, deep, on the inside. The gang rape was something for the books. And cops wonder why citizens instictively tighten up when they appear...

In both occassions, the idea was to kill her, but in each case, she lived.


The thing is, unplug the phone when not in use. Make them work for their intel. Cable TV? physically unplug the cable that comes from the wall. Get rid of their spy-box.

I mean really...why on earth would your cable service be so valuable to anyone, that they would knowingly allow active survellience in their own living room - and they PAY FOR THIS?

It has been documented that there are over 30,000 FEMA/FEDERAL survellience cameras on Manhatten Island alone. In LA, over 120,000 have gone up since 1998. Computers man and control these, using FRCS (face recognition software), and they - using those little damn white boxes on the freeway they stick under the way-point signs, to track every car made EVER since 1984.

When I drive in LA, its sunglasses on and visors down.

Make them WORK for their intel, sez I. Never give away your freedoms without SOME kind of fight, even if a token one.

If everyone did these minor things, it would shut down half of the survellience in this country over night. But of course, that would take a hip population, and most think these hundreds of thousands are for..."traffic."

At the intersection of Huntington and Garfield, there are 23 cameras on that one corner.


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"And the first thing the rebels should do, when things go dange, is take out the cameras with shotguns. Take out the beast's eyes, its Ahramic false-light.

It's absolutely the first wave of defense, make the enemy blind.

Remember that..."