Cbswork on the Govt Fire Op


Post# 47766 10/28/03 Cbswork

"I've been using the device for three days, pulling in moisture. But, scanning the thing last night, found that everywhere we put in heavy concentrations of hhgs/tbs in the last two years, have all gone "up in smoke." The fires have de-orgonized our labors.

Can't have that heart center working properly, eh boys?"

Post# 47847 10/29/03 Cbswork

"Some thoughts on the SoCal fire...some homework to turn in, here.

It was our turn.

It was a series of set fires, first. John Lindsay was the man in charge of the operation.

If you'll notice, ALL the mountain communities all over the Continent have been, since summer 2000, erased. Mountain communities have homes deep in the woods, away from command and control centers and make instant enclaves of survival and resistance. Once these communities are burned out, the Feds arrive, declare emminent domain, make the area BLM land, and disallow the owners to rebuild or create so very many obstacles to rebuilding, that most just give it up, take their insurance money, and get going. Which is the goal.

The SanTanas (as they are actually called, not Santa Ana winds) come in late August, Early Sept. Since forever. You always knew summer was over, because the SanTanas came in at the end, right before the Equinox of Fall. You could nearly set your calander to it. This biz about these being Santanas is a load, esp coming as it does in the last week of Oct.

We had our Santanas in early sept, all of two days of it, instead of the usual 4 - 7 days.

Whoever set these fires, save for one that had been going for a few weeeks, knew these were coming. These winds were arranged, as they were in January of this year. The bulk of these fires were set the same day.

Now, this erases the mountain home communities surround ALL of Southern California, not just LA. And, they are setting more fires. Many street reports of seeing firemen setting new blazes where there would be no need for a backfire twenty miles away from the blaze!

Each year, they burn out the mountain communities, in rotation.

Fire elementals...well, next post."

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"Ten bucks sez these won't be contained until all their objectives have been reached. Many people in the last ten years have made the move out of urban areas and into the highlands of their respective locales. These locales, all over, have been systematically erased, redesigned, and any building that is new, is with the blessing of covert players, planting new seeds into burn out area.

The latest spin this am is they are overwhelmed because of heat and wind. No wind anywhere for two days. They ARE LYING. Check local wind readings - 3 - 5 MPH. Nothing at all. But the fires grow and burn.

If you look at the big picture - America - is slated to fall. Part of the global plan: make the USA to appear the Beast. It does act that way, according to scriptural outlines. Village Idiot plays his part, everythign ugly comes from here - by design.

They are doing everything - including the camps, ovens, Homeland Security - to make the USA "appear" like just another version of what happened during the 3rd reich."

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"Have to HAVE fire insurance when you live in the mtns, to maintain the home loan. that aside...


Look in my files of the Arson suspect image the cops are flashing all over the video. Look familiar?"

Post# 47866 10/29/03 Cbswork

"It's a perfect pencil drawing of our fearless leader, Don Croft. Dead-on match.


Now, they are arresting all kinds of patsies for this. But the idea of using just this one image, over and over again, is to induce hate and loathing of this image, which they have radionically set against him. Then, millions send their emotional ire to the man.

The image goes into long-term memory...when the trap is finally sprung, they have an instant public court of millions who, for some reason, "just know he's guilty of something." Of course, they planted the seed, for cultivation later. They did the same thing with McVeigh, months before that mess in Oklahoma."