Coastal Trinities 07-16-03

Post# 36538 07/16/03 Dor2Or (Jon H.)

On Friday June 27th, on the advice of Lorae Ireland (S.A.P.S. Force Multiplier CaptainMcGoo) I gifted Port Hueneme. She told me there was a nasty underground submarine/alien base just south of there. She told me to use a Cluster Buster (ClB), so I used 2 just to be sure - one regular ClB and one Trinity. Afterward Lorae told me the place blew quite spectacularly.

I asked if she had any other nearby target for this device in mind and she mentioned that the Channel Islands needed some, that these islands were once a part of ancient Lemuria. She suggested taking a boat out there but conceded that putting some Trinities off shore might work too.

So tonight I hit Ventura, Santa Barbara and Gaviota, giving each spot its own Detonator Trinity.


Minutes after I dropped the first one off the pier in Ventura I was buzzed by a fast, low flying blue and white commercial-looking chopper. Confirmation!

Nothing obvious at the other two spots, but that could be because I'd already placed single ClBs nearby before today.

Also, the water systems for Ventura and Santa Barbara are now juiced with Medicine Wheel water.

More to come.