Laozu and Charged Water Orgonite


Post# 45233 09/27/03 Laozu (Kelly)

"Made some more water TBs and, at Don's request, used five different types of water:

(I) first generation Medicine Wheel Water from Sally ;
(II) water which had been left for two nights in the center of a Medicine Wheel at Carol's friend Linda's place;
(III) water which Don had run through a copper coil twisted around a twisted animal horn [six hours old];
(IV) same as (III) only just one hour old; and
(V)distilled water I ran through a copper coil just previous to mixing with the resin.

Used TAP Marine Vinyl-Ester Resin. To one cup of resin I added one capful of the hardener and one fluid ounce of water. The cap is the cap on the TAP hardener bottle, which is about the same as a cap on a pint bottle of drinking water such as you get at the supermarket.

Following are the results, where the rating scale is the same I have used before in this thread:

(I) [20];
(II) [20];
(III) [9];
(IV) [15];
(V) [17].

Although (I) and (II) are the same, I should note that two days after removing the water from Linda's medicine wheel, the charge in the water itself (not mixed with orgonite) has lessened considerably. The water I obtained from Sally seems to have about the same charge as when I obtained it about a month and a half ago. I would be interested to know how long she keeps the water in her wheel"

Post# 45476 09/30/03 Laozu (Kelly)

"Like the people at S.A.P.S. I'm only making TBs with water now.

My experience thus far is, that except for Sally's Medicine Wheel Water, the charged water I have dealt with loses much of its charge with passage of time (some a few hours and some a few days). And this includes 2nd generation Sally water. When put in pipes with orgonite at the ends, or pipes embedded in orgonite, the water seems to need daily agitation to continue to add power to the mix (again with the exception of first generation Sally water).

But charged water mixed directly with the resin seems to retain its charge, even if not periodically agitated, and this includes water charged by running through a coil, or charged in other Medicine Wheels.

Or so I have found to date."

Post# 46424 10/13/03 Laozu (Kelly)

"The vortex on the Snake is still strong, but seemingly not stronger than the last time I posted. As with the vortex on Moscow Mountain. It seems however that the vortex at Steptoe Butte is strengthening. Possibly its potential was greater than the others, and it is gradually reaching it (as the size of the hole in an earth dam increases with continuing flow).

On the last day of September I planted a new CB (poured the night before) in my back yard, near some pines. This one was the first one I have made with water mixed in the resin. Looked like a bucket of suds with six big straws sticking out, but has quite a positive feel to it.

Within 5 minutes there came an elemental into its "waist" or orgone generation area, and a deva appeared nearby about the same time. Within ten minutes it was working with DOR swirling down from the top and POR coming in along a curved half-"swastika" centered at the base. I have never "seen" a deva come to a new CB so rapidly. And a flock of migratory birds flew by, low and directly over the CB.

When I returned about an hour later it was working rapidly, faster than the other CB nearby, and two other entities had drawn close, about six to eight feet tall. By the morning of October 1, the number had increased to six.

Tonight the number of these supernumeraries had reached at least 19. None is a negative entity, the majority are a bit sad, and a few are quite positive. In China I had heard of entities associating themselves with spots where qi came down from the heavens to "advance" themselves. Carol tells me that sometimes entities will go to a positive point for purposes of ascension. But at this time I cannot say the cause of this phenomenon.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Sweetreeing and Messiahmews at a CB construction party. Built a second CB with water in the resin, but it didn't dry soon enough to dare bring it home. Hopefully will get it sometime within the next week or so, and will see if it attracts a similar coterie."

Post# 48907 11/09/03 Laozu (Kelly)

"Resin-Runner sent me some Willard Water to try out, and it arrived Thursday. I'd never heard about it before, and so asked him what it was, and did a search on this forum for it.

In Resin-Runner's post #47531 he says: "Willard Water is a Catalyst Altered Water containing colloidal minerals derived from lignite (soft coal)."

In post #46271 2tuff gives an information source for it, and Raypsi speaks highly of it in #46240.

Anyway, all I really know about it is that when I made some HHg's Friday with the diluted water mixed with the resin, the result was considerably more powerful than any I had made with other charged waters. Took them over to show Don and Carol on Saturday, and Carol told me it felt about twice as strong as any of the others she had seen before.

Of course they are new, and one must wait to see how they wear with time."